What Snack Is Commonly Eaten After A Chinese Dinner?

Finished with your Chinese dinner and want to grab a post-dinner snack? Well, you’re in luck because there are numerous snacks you can eat after filling up on Chinese cuisine. However, if you’re not used to having Chinese dinners, then hunting for the perfect post-dinner snack can become a real struggle.

The most commonly eaten snacks after eating a Chinese dinner are crunchy rice rolls, prawn crackers, baked sweet potatoes, stinky tofu, egg rolls, and a lot more! Since Chinese dinners are often low on proteins and fibre, they make you crave snacks or fruits an hour later.   

Unfortunately, you can’t eat all these snacks after having a Chinese dinner at the same time. Therefore, it’s essential to know what makes each of these snacks unique and delicious to choose whichever snack appeals the most to you. 

Typical Post-Chinese-Dinner Snacks

As we’ve mentioned, there are countless post-Chinese dinner snacks that you can consume. If you want to try something new, these snacks will bring you a joyful and tasty experience. 

Crunchy Rice Rolls

As you can gauge from the name itself, crunchy rice rolls are one of the several unique Chinese delicacies created from roasted rice. The rice rolls are roasted until they become crispy and then are coated with syrup. 

To top that off, most crunchy rice rolls are wrapped with sesame seeds. These ingredients make crunchy rice rolls a light yet sweet delight. They also come in various flavours, including apple cinnamon and mixed berry

Calories And Crunchy Rice Rolls

Those who aren’t in favour of crunchy rice rolls as a post-Chinese dinner snack often complain about the high calories in these snacks. However, you should not worry as this snack has several healthy variants, such as the organic crunchy rice rollers by Friendly Grains.

These non-GMO and gluten-free rice rolls make them the perfect low calories post-Chinese dinner snack!

Prawn Crackers

There’s a good chance you’ve had prawn crackers as a snack. You can serve prawn crackers both as an appetizer for a Chinese dinner or consume it as a post-Chinese dinner snack. This fan-favourite snack is one of the most famous appetizers in Chinese cuisine.

You don’t have to go out and buy prawn crackers from a specific store, you can get them at your nearest grocery store! Once you buy them, all you need to do is to deep fry them in oil for a few seconds and you are good to go. 

Baked Sweet Potatoes

There aren’t many things better than having baked sweet potatoes as a post-Chinese dinner snack. Sweet potatoes are considered to be a superfood on multiple levels. Not only are they highly nutritious, but they also fulfil nearly half our daily vitamin C requirements

Not only are sweet potatoes simple to find and store but they are also a breeze to cook. Make them after a typical Chinese dinner and have a delicious treat! 

Unfortunately, however, many people often mistake Yams for baked sweet potatoes. Even though it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference, the two are entirely different things. 

YamSweet potatoes
Rough dark brown skinSmooth orange or reddish skin
Pale, White fleshOrange flesh
Neutral flavourSweet flavour
Originated in AfricaOriginated in South or Central America

Stinky Tofu 

Don’t scroll past just because of their name! Stinky Tofus are one of the most popular staples of Chinese street food and are incredibly versatile as a snack. 

The process of fermenting stinky tofus varies from one street vendor to the next. The tofu is steeped in fermented brine and traditionally cooked with fermented milk, vegetables, and pork. 

Vendors can offer the tofu in several ways once it has been adequately fermented, including grilled, stewed, roasted, boiled, or deep-fried. In general, stinky tofus have a dual texture that is crispy on the outside while being hot and mellow on the inside. 

Why You Might Not Like Stinky Tofu

Despite their unique and flavorful texture, you may require some getting used to the fermented odour that these bean curds emit. The brine in which the tofus are steeped in is fermented for many months, giving stinky tofus their signature smell. 

Egg Rolls

Egg rolls are incredibly famous across Chinatowns all across the globe. Unlike the savoury spring rolls, egg rolls are crunchy and sweet cookie-type delights. 

Chefs frequently create them with eggs and sesame seeds. However, several variants of the original delicacy are available today, including Mediterranean and Thai versions. 

Egg rolls are also commonly referred to as “love messages” and are especially famous during the Lunar New Year season when food plays an important role in festive celebrations. Because of their wonderful taste and significant cultural importance, you must try this snack at least once in your life


What Snacks Should I Avoid After A Chinese Dinner? 

Although you might want to grab whatever’s available, it’s best to avoid snacks that are high in calories right after you’ve had a Chinese dinner. These include potato chips, pretzels, and granola/cereal bars. Most of these snacks contain high sugar and have no added nutritional benefits. 

What Are Some Famous Chinese Snacks?

If you’re looking to grab Chinese snacks after a Chinese dinner. Some famous Chinese snacks include Sachima, a famous pastry fried in hot honey, and Latiao, a type of spicy gluten made in dried, spicy sauce.

Are Chinese Snacks Healthy?

Chinese snacks are famous for their incredible flavour and taste because they’re relatively healthier than your average sweets and chips. Baked sweet potatoes, rice rollers, and stinky tofus have great nutritional value and are a joy for your tastebuds. 


From stinky tofu to egg rolls and prawn crackers, you can have tons of delicious snacks during or after your Chinese dinner. Not only are they some of our favourite snacks, but they also provide a lot of nutritional value to your body.

So what are you waiting for? Choose a snack and get ready to eat


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