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Fraser Island has many beautiful lakes, and this is one of the biggest draws for visitors to the island. One such lake is Lake Wabby which attracts many visitors every year.

This gorgeous, tree-lined paradise has a lot to offer and in this article, we are going to share with you all the information you will need for your visit to this beautiful body of water.

Lake Wabby Information

Lake Wabby, as we mentioned in the introduction is a lake which is lined by lush greenery, and this perfectly complements the green hue of the lake itself.

Many of the lakes on Fraser Island do not have the correct conditions for life to thrive, however, Lake Wabby could not be more different and so far, 13 species of fish have been discovered in its depths.

Going down as far as 12 metres at some points, Lake Wabby is the deepest lake on Fraser Island.

One of the other notable things about this lake is that with its location which is directly next to the Hammerstone sand blow, the lake will eventually be completed covered by the sand which is slowly moving into it.

Although that won’t happen for a long time to come and so for now, the lake is an ideal spot to relax and take in the amazing surrounding scenery.

The lake has an interesting half-moon shape which sets it apart in appearance from other lakes on the island and one of the most special things about this lake is that it falls into two lake types-a window lake and a barrage lake. This is the only lake on the island which can lay claim to being two lake types in one!

Where Is Lake Wabby And How Do I Get There?

Lake Wabby is located on the east side of Fraser Island in the south and can be found right next to the Hammerstone sand blow. The lake can be accessed via what is known as the Lake Wabby walk.

This walk is around 4km in length and takes visitors through the dense rainforest on the island and finally ends up at the lake where visitors can take part in many activities.

There is a car park located around 2km from the lake and visitors can take this shorter walk in order to gain access. However, if you would like an even shorter walk, there is the option to park up in the Look Out Car Park and walk the short 450m distance to the lake.

If you are driving to Lake Wabby from the ferry which lands at the most southerly point on Fraser Island, you can get there by following the 75-mile beach up to Eurong Resort where you can access the hiking trail from the One Tree Rocks Camping areaOpens in a new tab..

From this location, you can expect the walk to take around 40 minutes.

What Is There To Do At Lake Wabby?

It would be very easy to spend an entire afternoon at Lake Wabby and there are plenty of things that you can do to stay entertained here. If the beautiful scenery wasn’t enough, visitors can take part in any of the following activities.

One of the most well-loved things to do on Fraser Island is to take part in a spot of wild swimming and Lake Wabby is no exception to this rule. Visitors have the opportunity to swim in the only lake on the island that houses fish and it has been seen that some of them are more than happy to interact with swimmers.

Taking a refreshing dip in this beautiful lake is sure to be amazing but when the honey blue-eye happily swims around your hands, it is an experience like no other.

There is, as we mentioned the chance to go hiking here and a walk through the stunning rainforest which lines the lake gives visitors the chance to really get back to nature.

As with many places on Fraser Island, Lake Wabby has some beautiful scenery which simply has to be appreciated and it would be a crime to come here and not spend even just a few minutes breathing in the incredible views.

On the north side of the sand blow, there is a lookout which provides some amazing views across the lake and beyond and this is a very popular spot for visitors.

If you want to come here to simply relax, why not find a comfortable spot on the glorious white sand, sit back and read your favourite book?

For early risers, the mist rising off the lake in the early morning is certainly a sight to behold and getting here early means that you will avoid the crowds.

If you have an interest in wildlife, Lake Wabby will not disappoint. The area is home to dingoes, many species of fish and some wonderful species of bird making this an ideal location for anyone looking to spot some animals in the wild.

Things To Keep In Mind When Visiting Lake Wabby

Whilst Lake Wabby is a relatively safe place to go, there are some things that should be kept in mind when coming here.

  • Over the years many tourists have brought along their bodyboards to slide down the sand dunes of the Hammerstone sand blow. However, there have been many injuries over time and so it is now recommended that you do not take part in this activity here.
  • If you are planning to swim in the lake, it is requested that you do not swear bug spray or sunscreen as this may damage the delicate ecosystem of the lake.
  • Due to the depth of some parts of Lake Wabby, it is advisable to supervise children and be cautious in these deeper areas.

Fraser Island Tourist Spots

Lake Wabby is one of the most renowned tourist spots on Fraser Island and this comes as no surprise. The freshwater lake has an amazing green colour which, when placed against the white sands makes for some stunning scenery.

There are plenty of things to do whilst here including taking a dip in the only lake on the island capable of sustaining life. Accessing the lake does require some effort but it is completely worth it to visit a lake that isn’t going to be around forever.

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