Maaroom Queensland

Maaroom Queensland

Queensland, Australia is a hub of delightful seaside towns, each with its own atmosphere. These towns are specifically on the eastern coastline in the Fraser Coast Region.

The Fraser Coast Region is the coastline that faces Queensland’s Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island.

These towns vary in size and location along the coastline which makes them each super unique! One of those towns includes Maaroom!

Where Is Maaroom Located

Tucked away in the Great Sandy Straits part of Queensland are a string of seaside villages. Maaroom, along with its neighbours Boonooroo and Tuan are all relaxing and peaceful places to visit in Queensland.

Specifically, this area faces the southwestern coastline of Fraser Island and has exceptional access to the straits, which are about 70 kilometres in size and encompasses creeks and waterways that are known for fishing and boating.

Maaroom and its neighbours might be tucked away, however, they aren’t too far from places like Hervey Bay ( 52km away) or Maryborough (23km away).

Those staying in either Hervey Bay or Maryborough can take a quick trip down to this area for some quiet seaside fun!

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The Beach Area In Maaroom

While there isn’t a large beach area, there are sandy foreshores off the shoreline of Maaroom. Particularly, the caravan park in the town is nearby this area.

The sandy area is known for its playground and sheltered gazebo making it an ideal place for mid-day meals or for the whole family to enjoy.

The beach area, like other foreshore areas near the villages of the Great Sandy Strait, isn’t patrolled, so swimming isn’t usually suggested.

If someone is partaking in swimming, the waters are pristine but being alert is absolutely necessary! Taking a stroll along the sandy shoreline is a great way to really enjoy the area as well!

Things To Do In Maaroom

The whole Great Sandy Strait area is a cove of wonderful things to do. Below are the things to consider doing while visiting the coastal town of Maaroom!

Go Boating And Fishing In The Waters Of Maaroom

Much like its neighbours, Boonooroo and Tuan, Maaroom is a great place for fishing. Like Tuan, Maaroom has a nice boat ramp that is perfect for all-weather boats.

This even includes tidal access! The Great Sandy Strait area is a large waterway that includes various creeks and estuaries to explore while boating.

Boating is a relaxing way to head out fishing or simply spend time with loved ones. Fishing is highly recommended in the area and fish like bream, salmon, grunter, etc can be found in the water.

Visit The Tuan State Forest

Only a 21-minute drive from Maaroom, the Tuan State ForestOpens in a new tab. is known for its camping and its idyllic, naturalistic surroundings. From wildflowers to eucalyptus trees and more there is a lot to witness in this forest area!

Much like other areas in Australia, the forest is protected so no rubbish is allowed as well as no disturbance of the natural surroundings. Wildlife, such as birds, is another great reason to visit the forest!

Visit The Poona National Park

This is a 12-minute driveOpens in a new tab. from Maaroom and while it is much closer than the Tuan State Forest, it isn’t as easy to explore. Much of the area is protected due to endangered wildlife and even endangered trees.

There is no camping permitted here but fishing is allowed in the Kalah Creek. Photography is also encouraged and can capture some rare photos of endangered trees or wildlife.

If visiting the park, be prepared to remove rubbish and leave absolutely nothing behind in this incredible park area.

These are the best things to do while visiting the quaint town of Maaroom and are a fantastic way to really dive into the local culture!

Maaroom Accommodation Options

Travelling always requires a search for decent lodging. For Maaroom, there isn’t too much locally, however, Maryborough is a short drive away and provides some options to consider.

In Maryborough, there will be more motel style lodging options as it’s a bigger city than Maaroom and the other sandy strait villages.

While there isn’t much to choose from for accommodation, one of the most popular places to stay right in the town is the caravan park.

Caravan parks are well-known throughout Australia because they offer some camp-style lodging that makes for some incredible views of the surrounding areas!

The Maaroom Caravan ParkOpens in a new tab. has plenty of features to entice people to come for a stay! Below are the things that the caravan park offers!

Cabins and Caravan Sites – The cabins come in 3 choices: 1 queen with sofa bed, 1 queen with single bunks, or 2 single beds with single bunks. Cabins are self-contained, however, bringing your own bedding is required.

The cost for the cabins is about $90/night or $540/week (for two adults) and they do have air conditioning. The caravan sites are $32/night or $192/week (for two adults with an extra $10/night per extra person). These sites are perfect for those wanting to bring their RVs or caravans!

Tent Areas – Bringing a tent to the park is a true camping experience! Those wishing to set up the tent at the tent sites should contact the park for additional information on the cost of using this area.

Groceries – Basic groceries are available for guests as well as LP gas refills, bait and tackle and more.

Swimming pool – For those wishing to swim, the inground pool is a great facility to have access to! This is particularly true since the beach area isn’t quite suitable for swimming all the time.

These facilities make the caravan park a great way to relax in the town! Not only can guests enjoy the surrounding waters and boating experiences, they can also enjoy the caravan park itself!

Weather In Maaroom Queensland

The weather in Maaroom isn’t too far off from the rest of Queensland. The temperatures tend to be warm, yet still enjoyable.

The average temperature in Maaroom is said to be 26 to 31 degrees Celcius (from September to December) with lows averaging between 12 and 20 degrees Celcius.

The months with the most rainfall are said to be November and December and even January at times. Either way, the weather is agreeable in this small town!

The Great Sandy Straits is an iconic way to experience Queensland and this charming seaside village is a great addition to that experience. From boating and fishing to seeing incredible wildlife, the area has plenty to offer to its visitors!

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