Woodgate Queensland

Woodgate Beach

Woodgate is a striking coastal locality in Queensland, Australia. This beautiful 209.9km (squared or 81.0 sq mi) area is more specifically in the Bundaberg region. While it is not an overly large area, it still has lots to offer its residents and visitors. This ranges from exotic wildlife sightings to lovely beach areas!

Where is Woodgate Located?

A more specific look into where Woodgate is located in the Bundaberg region in Queensland and has two towns within its limits. These areas are considered to be Woodgate Beach which is off the eastern coast of the locality and Walker’s Point along the southern coast of the locality.

Most of Woodgate is a beached area, with over 16km of whitened sands and luminous clear waters. Its pristine conditions make the location a grand spot for tourists as well as residents.

For those visiting Woodgate, it is essential to know how far other popular areas are from this area. The reason for this is because the eastern coast of Australia is home to many wonderful spots to check out while on holiday.

Trying to fit in some other hot spots for seeing Australia to its fullest truly makes for memorable experiences. For example, Woodgate is approximately 344km or 4 hours and 7 minutes away from Brisbane, Australia. This is for those who would be travelling by car.

Another way to travel to Brisbane from Woodgate is by flying out of the Bundaberg Regional Airport for a 55-minute flight.

For those who are taking a long holiday, driving may be a good option due to all the sights to see along the way there during the drive.

Another popular spot along the eastern coast of Australia to visit is Bundaberg. If a flight is in store to Brisbane, the travel time from Woodgate to Bundaberg is only 43 minutes away (or about 56km). Even if there is not a flight being taken, that is a relatively short drive to experience another great city along this beautiful coastline!

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One of the most popular spots to visit is Hervey Bay. Hervey Bay is the prime location for whale watching, fishing competitions, etc. There are quite a few localities within the bay area to visit as well.

From Woodgate, Hervey Bay is about 94.1km away or just a little over an hour’s drive. Cruising down the Bruce Highway to get to the bay area is quite the adventure.

Visitors can see all Woodgate has to offer and then travel to the bay or one of these other great locations to really expand on this Australian trip!

How Long is Woodgate Beach?

Woodgate Beach is a long stretch of beach 16km in length. With so much space to explore, this leaves room for enjoying all that beach life has to bring. This includes fishing, water sports, swimming, etc.

More importantly, one of the biggest activities among Australian beaches is driving along the beaches in a 4×4. 4×4 driving is truly thrilling, especially along a beach shoreline.

Can You Drive On Woodgate Beach?

So can you drive on Woodgate Beach? Yes plenty of people drive on the Woodgate beach specifically, Woodgate Beach lies near the Burrum Coast National Park and driving along the beach is allowed from the Woodgate Beach township to Burrum Point area (Kinkuna section).

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It is advised that areas throughout all driving spots for the park and beach area can contain gravel even with most of the stretch containing sand.

Woodgate Beach Accommodation

When travelling to any place for a holiday or a few days even, it is important to know all the accommodation options available! Woodgate Beach has various options for its guests. Below are some of the top choices for staying in this coastal paradise!

Beach Hotel Located at, Woodgate Queensland

Caravan parks are a prime choice for accommodation along the coastlines of Australia. Woodgate Beach Hotel is a hotel that has been in the business since around 1989. They recently obtained new owners around 2014 that have dedicated themselves to reviving and amping up the atmosphere at this location.

While it started as a hotel, the new owners added a caravan park to the backside of the hotel, creating even more space for comfy accommodation.

The caravan park addition erected about 27 sites for those who enjoy an outdoor stay. The sites feature powered and unpowered locations as well as full laundry service. This addition really added more personality to the hotel site.

However, the hotel itself is jammed packed with lots to do besides a stay within its motel. The hotel offers keno, gaming machines, a bistro, and a bottle shop.

They also are associated with two music festivals on the beach, Country on the Beach and Blues and Rock. The celebration of music on the beach is a grand way to spend time at this location!

Another thing they are known for is their Fishing classic which is the first weekend in September. This unique experience at the hotel features contests to win a boat, as well as food vendors, live music and things for the whole family to enjoy!

Fishing is such a lively sport in Australia and brings lots of competitive fishers and lounging fishers as well!

Holiday Rental At 4 Whale Court, Woodgate Queensland

This rental property is a modern and stylish choice for accommodations in Woodgate Beach. The property is a house with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms that can hold up 8 people.

Families and large groups will find this house charming. It is spacious with an island kitchen bar and an open area to the living room. It is also pet-friendly (within the gated backyard) and features a 2 car garage. This lodging option lets guests enjoy the comforts of home while exploring Woodgate!

Shoreline Apartments, Woodgate Queensland

Apartments as accommodations have increased in popularity throughout the years and Shoreline Apartments is a grand choice! All of their apartments feature ocean views for a gorgeous way to wake up or end an adventure-filled day!

Apartment lodging creates a small, yet still spacious, environment for guests that provides kitchen use, living area, and dining areas as well. While a beach hour or Airbnb rental property is suitable for some, an apartment tends to be a perfect size for small groups.

These apartments are within walking distance to shops, restaurants, and the beach. The close proximity to all these things makes it a central location for quick trips to special local places all while still being close to the apartments.

This location prides itself on clean and luxurious spaces for its guests. These apartments feature things like full kitchens, patio access, carports, laundry, and clothesline.

Holiday Rentals From a local Real Estate in Woodgate Queensland

This company is similar to the Holiday Rental at 4 Whale Court location. There are various locations available for those going on holiday to choose from that include full use of a property.

They are a little bit larger of a choice compared to the apartment choices. They vary in price based on the exact location and size of the house. This form of lodging is generally associated with Airbnb services and on the rise for lodging options worldwide.

There are some other sites associated with Airbnb services like Simplicity apartments. Once again, these locations are becoming popular due to their resemblance to homes rather than traditional hotels. Or you could try one of the many Beach Houses click here to check current the prices on booking.com.

Beach Holiday Park located, Woodgate Queensland

This location is one of the highest-rated places to stay while in Woodgate. With over 9 acres of stunning landscape to explore, this location is the ultimate way to relax and enjoy a holiday to the fullest extent!

While exploring the landscaped areas, guests are immersed with wildlife as well. This includes kangaroos and birds like lorikeets and black cockatoos. It is always important to remember that while it is absolutely beautiful to see these creatures, kangaroos can be dangerous.

Therefore, it is important to keep a distance and not to feed them. But the blend of floral plants and wildlife makes a stay here exceptional!

One of the things that makes this area truly special is the amount of accommodation they can offer their visitors. There is no shortage of options for any need a customer may have.

More specifically, they offer accommodation choices like villas, cabins, powered slab sites, and beach houses. This wide range of options ensures any visitor can enjoy Woodgate to the fullest!

There is something for all tastes, indoor or outdoorsy people alike! Moreover, it is close to one of the most popular shopping eatery in Woodgate, the Serenity Cove Cafe. It is literally within walking distance from this accommodation and boasts some tasty burger choices!

Woodgate Camping Burrum Coast National

Camping is a way to enjoy the outdoors by being submerged in nature. A popular campsite is the Burrum Point campground. Burrum Coast National Park is not far from Woodgate and the Point is a favoured campsite. This campsite is only 7.4km away from Woodgate or about an 8-minute drive.

This location is for the true lover of the outdoors. It does require the use of tents. This rugged camping option gives way to exploration through the Burrum Coast National Park as well.

Another camping option is the campgrounds at the NRMA Woodgate Beach Holiday Park click here to check current prices on booking.com. To expand on this a bit more, the campground here has a few different options for camping out.

This includes powered slab sites and cabins. The powered slab sites are perfect for caravans, tents, camper vans, etc. They do have water access as well at these sites.

For the cabin option, there is one bedroom that sleeps up to 4 people. This option has a kitchen, bathroom, dining and lounge area as well as a veranda. The cabin is a very modern feeling location with its decor and overall look. This gives them a hotel-ish look while still being a campsite.

The Kinkuna Beach camping area on the southern boundary of the Burrum Coast National park is another great camping option in Woodgate. This location allows camping right along the beach area in the sand.

The use of 4wd is always recommended here. This rustic camping location will provide guests with a true outdoorsy feel to their camping accommodation.

These locations offer the best camping experiences when in Woodgate. They are suitable for seasoned campers or novice beginners and provide the ultimate camping accommodation!

If you’re still looking for more places to stay in Woodgate, click here for the full list of accommodation on booking.com.

Things to Do in Woodgate

While its population is quite small (only a little bit over 900!), this area has plenty to do around the locality and nearby. Below are some of the greatest things to do while visiting this seaside wonderland!

Visit the Beach at Woodgate Queensland

While this seems a bit obvious, and it is, the truth is that Woodgate Beach is one of the very best along the Eastern coast. Its beauty is remarkable. A day on the beach at Woodgate is a peaceful and relaxing holiday away from everyday life.

The small-town vibe and stunning beach fronts are captivating to all. Whether its a stroll up the shoreline, 4WD, swimming, or partaking in water sports, body and mind will be well-rested here!

Explore the Walking Trails, Woodgate Queensland

The foreshore of Woodgate beach is filled with wooden walking trails. These planks are perfect for a daily exercise routine or for taking in some gorgeous scenery from the surrounding landscape and seascape! One of the most travelled trails in Woodgate is the Banksia Track Trail Head.

Trail hiking is a great activity in this area with all its landscapes and wildlife to see. Often times these various walking trails are opportune times to see exotic birds and birdwatching is a serious thing in Australia! Guests are encouraged to pack binoculars to get some closeup views of some excellent birds!

Explore the Burrum Coast National Park

There is so much to explore when it comes to the Burrum Coast National Park. For example, near the NRMA Woodgate Beach Holiday Park, the National park is right behind it. This leaves ample opportunity for exploring the walking trails if staying at Holiday Park.

These trails are exceptionally special because they are known for their birds and birdwatchers get a big thrill here. The trails have a bird hide nearby as they are close to wetland areas. Guests birdwatching here can expect to experience some native water birds.

This national park is an astounding 86.87mi (squared), so finding something to do in the park is practically limitless. It spans over 4 locations just south of Bundaberg. This includes Woodgate, Kinkuna, and Burrum Point.

The Woodgate section has a boardwalk that crosses a swamp known as the Melaleuca. The plant life in this area that can be seen is cabbage palms along with eucalypt trees as well.

In the Kinkuna section, there are levelled sand plains, beautiful beach areas, and low coastal dunes as well. At Burrum Point, guests can camp in the great outdoors alongside nature.

This naturalistic paradise also features bbq facilities and a car park area, making it ideal for family events or get-togethers.

Visit the Woodgate Queensland Festivals

As mentioned before, the local lodging Woodgate Beach Hotel sponsors two festivals on the beach, Country on the Beach and Blues and Rock. Festivals in themselves are quite an adventure.

People are exposed to all sorts of musical talent all while enjoying the gorgeous backdrop of the beach. Festivals are a great opportunity to dive into the music scene and have some refreshments as well.

The Country on the Beach festival runs during the month of May and the Blues and Rock festival is usually in June.

Visit Woodgate Queensland local parks

While the national park is a sight to behold, there are a couple of local community parks that are nice for bbq facilities and relaxing. One of the greatest local parks to check out is the Woodgate Community Park.

This park has a playground and pavilions for family get-togethers. However, it is most notable for its World War 1 war memorial for the Australian Commonwealth Military Forces.

This beautiful three stone memorial has all the name etched among it from all the branches of the Australian Military that served in the war. It is a piece of history that is nice to admire and pay respect to while at this relaxing community park.

Try Swimming at Theodolite Creek Woodgate Queensland

The Theodolite Creek runs through Woodgate and is a popular area for kayaking and fishing. They are known for their shorebirds that frequent this location, but there are also the dangers of possible crocodiles.

With warning signs crocs in the area, it is advisable to be aware of the surroundings at any given time. The woodland surrounding this creek area provides optimal shade for those travelling along the creek.

Shopping in Woodgate

What’s a holiday without a bit of shopping? This small coastal town doesn’t disappoint when it comes to shopping options. There are 5 local spots to check out while in the Woodgate area.

  • General Store

This location is listed as a food store and also provides guests with a bite to eat. While the reviews are mixed, it still is worth a stop in to see a bit of local atmosphere to the Woodgate area.

  • Friendly Grocer

Grocery stores may not come to mind for some people when it comes to shopping, but they are essential for any holiday trip. In fact, this is especially true for those who are staying in apartments or camping sites.

It is critical to have access to fresh grocery ingredients when cooking in these locations. Friendly Grocer is an optimal choice for great groceries. They even offer weekly deals, so something is sure to be on sale!

  • Bootylicious

While the name of this shop may come off as strange, the clothing they sell is unique. For those enjoy floral prints, this shop has all the essential floral fashion. The floral colours are bold coloured and gorgeous for everyday wear!

  • Thrifty Link Hardware

This is not a run-of-the-mill hardware store! This exciting shop offers lawn and garden patio seating sets, DIY essentials, tools, and so much more. Their website even offers tutorials on DIY projects, making them especially great for encouraging their customers to expand on life!

Basically anything that is needed for a home project can be found at the Thrifty Link Hardware store!

  • Serenity Cove Cafe

This trendy location offers cafe goodies and shopping! Their store specifically has all sorts of convenience items ice, bait, snacks, petrol, souvenirs, and more!

Their food menu is quite expansive, making them a great stop for a bite to eat as well. They are known for their breakfast items and pancakes but most famously are known for their burgers.

Their burgers are flavorful and the cafe offers different types of burgers rather than traditional picks. These include burgers made from chicken, flathead, and fish!

  • Beach Toys

This quirky little shop offers the rental of items to use at the beach including kayaks, bikes, and paddleboards. They encourage guests to partake in the fun water activities in the beach waters.

They even suggest the use of their equipment in the Theodolite Creek, only a 23 minute to 44-minute drive (depending on the route taken) from the Woodgate beach area. This creek is known for its tranquil waterways and makes a perfect destination for paddleboats.

Restaurants in Woodgate

Finding a great place to grab a bit to eat is super thrilling while on holiday. While Serenity Cover Cafe is dishing up some drool-worthy burgers, there is another place in town offering up some delicious grub!

This is known as the Woodgate Club. Both of these restaurants are the only two directly in Woodgate itself. The other popular choice for eating is called “A Taste of Burrum” and is about an hour’s drive from this locality. However, some would say it is well worth the drive!

  • Woodgate Club

This entertaining location has more than just delicious food! It also provides guests with the ability to lawn bowl and to participate in casino gaming. They also are known for hosting wedding events for weddings along Woodgate Beach.

Their menu is comprised of tasty choices by the chef as well as coffee and desserts. Their buffet breakfast is a notorious choice as well. They also feature a steak night and a roast night for perfect roasted and grilled meats!

Other menu offerings from their cafe include burgers and fries, calamari, and various chicken and seafood dishes. No matter what is chosen, there is something for everyone!

Fishing at Woodgate

Woodgate, one of the small places on the map that many haven’t yet visited, but plenty of fishermen already have. This beautiful town is surrounded by the most majestic waters.

Clean, clear and full of wondrous marine life for you to enjoy. The boat ramp at Walkers Point is easy to access and will see you setting off to visit and explore some great waters.

Situated about one nautical mile from the sandy shores is where you will locate the artificial reef, with both markers guiding you in this area, visible. This fascinating reef produces some of the most desirable Mackerel, Golden Trevally, Cobia, Parrot, Squire, Emperor, Cod and Tailor.

As the reef is 8-10 meters in depth, it makes for ideal breeding grounds for all these types of marine life and a might good opportunity to enjoy a fish with an almost guaranteed catch!

Locals say that the southern end of the reef has always been a particularly better spot to fish, although you can enjoy good catches anywhere in this spot.

Along the northern end of Woodgate beach, you will locate a creek. Here you will enjoy catches such as Whiting, Flathead, Trevally along with Barramundi.

Venturing to the southern side of the beach you will come across another three creeks that run into the ocean and here you will enjoy catches of all types and sizes.



These interesting species are typically notable for their vertical stripes on their backs and tail areas. They travel up and down the coastline seeking out suitable environments for their breeding months and have a particular interest in migrating up and down the coast staying close to land.

These well sought after fish species are possibly most recognised for their high omega-3 benefits in humans when consumed and are high on the catch list of commercial fishermen.

Golden Trevally

Golden Trevally, or Trevally; as they are well known as, live in the tropical waters where climates are warm. They begin their journey into life resembling a bright yellow and black colour upon their skin to a more golden colour as they mature into adulthood.

Once they are adults they can grow up to 120 centimetres in length and weigh in at around 15 kilograms. They move around the waters in schools as juveniles and are most recognised travelling along with sharks and jellyfish.


This species of fish, also known as the & black salmon, can grow in length to a whopping 2 meters and weigh in at an astounding 68 kilograms. With their flathead and small eyes and brown in appearance, they are an interesting sight when caught.

The largest one ever caught on rod and reel was in Australia and weighed in at a staggering 60 kilograms.


A delightfully general small fish that fishermen have always found enjoyable to go and catch in the winter months. These schools of fish hover together and when you catch one, you can almost guarantee you can catch more. Delicious in taste, these small fish are filleted and enjoyed pan-fried.

With so much to explore in this small seaside paradise, it would make any holiday a special one! From great lodging to wildlife to tasty food, Woodgate and Woodgate Beach is ideal for any family or couple!


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