Double Island Point

Double Island Point

Double Island Point is a beautiful place to visit all year long. The sea is crystal clear, the shore is covered with white sandy beaches, and there is gorgeous scenery whichever way you look.

Dolphins and whales can even be spotted from the shore and the historic lighthouse is a must-see. If you are interested in visiting Double Island Point, read on for more information about this wonderful place to visit in Queensland, Australia.

If you are planning on heading to Double Island Point, either for a day trip or for a camping trip at a nearby campsite, you can read below for tips to plan your visit to the beautiful Double Island Point!

Where Is Double Island Point?

It is part of the Cooloola Recreation Area and the Great Sandy National Park located at the southern end of the Wide Bay Burnett region of Queensland. Double Island Point is located south of Rainbow Beach and north of Noosa.

Why Is It Called Double Island Point?

Captain CookOpens in a new tab. was a British explorer who sailed past the area in 1770. named it Double Island Point “on account of its figure.” Despite its name, Double Island Point is not an island.

Instead, it is a long sand island that is split with two large dunes, that when viewed from a distance, can look like two separate islands.

Rainbow Beach To Double Island Point
Rainbow Beach To Double Island Point

Can You Drive To Double Island Point?

It is possible to drive to Double Island Point in a 4WD vehicle. The ride only takes about 1 hour from both Rainbow Beach and Noosa when the tide is low. Before you drive there, you will need to get a beach driving permit (more information on that is below).

Before you head out to drive to Double Island Point, make sure to remember to check the tidesOpens in a new tab., because Double Island Point is not accessible during high tides.

If you’re about to take a caravan along the beach to Double Island Point it’s best to get to know the area first, There are no main camping zones in this area, Although close by at Little Fresh Water Creek is the next zone for camping keep in mind this area offers no amenities.

Phone Service And Reception At Double Island Point

Due to its location right on the tip of the ocean, the area does not get a lot of phone reception it can be hit and miss in this area, If you really need phone service it would come down to if your mobile phone provider has coverage in this area.

Double Island Point driving
Double Island Point 4WD Driving On The Beach

Do You Need A 4WD To Get To Double Island Point?

You do need a 4WD vehicle to drive to Double Island Point. Rainbow Beach has 4WD companies that allow you to take their vehicles onto the beach, You can hire a 4WD for a day or take your own vehicle on the beach, make sure to follow the normal road rules and stay safe.

You can get your 4WD vehicle onto the sand near a bend in the Noosa River and then start heading to Double Island Point and Rainbow Beach.

You need a 4WD vehicle because you will be travelling through areas of the forest as well as on dirt, sand, and gravel roads, and it is a fun off-roading experience if you are up for the challenge.

If you do not have 4WD, you can hire a vehicle to take you to Double Island Point. If you are up for a challenge though, it is possible to hike from Rainbow Beach to Double Island Point.

Be warned though, because hikers who have done this trail say that it is very challenging and you must be very physically fit in order to do it. You will have to carry enough water, food, and camping equipment for two days.

Additionally, most of the hike is on the beach (which is exhausting and offers little to no shade) or through the forest which is very buggy. This is a two-day hike- and you should be able to go about 29 kilometres on the first day, and 15 kilometres on the second day. It is definitely not a hike for the wary of heart!

If you are not up for the hike, look into a surf tour from Rainbow Beach or a kayak tour that will leave from Noosa or Rainbow Beach. Additionally, you can take a ferry across the Noosa River and then use a 4WD vehicle to get to Double Island Point.

Tide Times For Beach Driving At Double Island Point

Can You Get To Double Island Point With A 2WD?

With a 2WD vehicle you can drive as far as the beach access points, but you can not drive on the beach with a 2WD as they are not permitted on the beach. The only types of vehicles allowed on the beach are high-clearance 4WD vehicles or fully road-registered motorcycles.

The answer is no you can’t get to Double Island Point with a 2WD vehicle as Double Island Point is located past the beach access points where 2WD vehicles are permitted. From those points, you can walk, ride a motorcycle, go on horseback, get a ride with a tour company, or other 4WD vehicles.

Google Map Of Double Island Point

Can You Camp On Double Island Point?

Camping is not allowed on the beach running from Rainbow Beach to Double Island Point. Due to the constant change of tides, it is unsafe for camping, and also for the protection of the land. With that being said, there’s a camping zone between Noosa and Little Freshwater Creek that you can camp at.

To camp there, make sure you have purchased a permit well in advance (more information on that is below). There are also some hotels less than 20 kilometres from Double Island Point if you would rather stay in a hotel.

There are also campgrounds in the Inskip Peninsula which are located at the northernmost point of Rainbow Beach. Only a short 14-minute drive, depending on ferry traffic, to get there. It is a very popular area for camping and should be booked well ahead of time.

Queensland has around 525 camping areas in the parks and forests that are wonderful for people of all ages with the Cooloola Area being one of the most popular.

Can You Camp Anywhere On Double Island Point?

In short, you can not camp anywhere on Double Island Point as camping is strictly prohibited and you must choose one of the locations between Noosa Shire to Little Freshwater Creek if you choose to go camping. This means that tents, campervans, and caravans are prohibited.

The best area with the greatest access to Double Island Point for camping would be the 1.1km area at Teewah Beach marked as camping zone 1, this camping area is located within the Cooloola Recreation area.

Situated up behind the sand dunes with sweeping breezes and vantage points it is a great location for camping.

What Permits Do I Need For Double Island Point?

To get to Double Island Point, you will need a vehicle access permit. A vehicle access permit for Cooloola Recreation Area for a day costs $13.40 when obtained on the Internet and $20.25 when not obtained on the Internet.

If you are planning on camping in the area, you will need a longer permit. A permit for a week or less costs $34.10. A permit for a month or less costs $53.65.

A permit for more than a month but less than a year costs $270.00. Permits can be purchased online at in a new tab. or by phone (the number to call is 13 74 68) or by visiting one of the 37 over-the-counter or self-service booking counters located throughout Queensland.

If you are planning on camping near Double Island Point, you will need a camping permit. You must purchase and pay for your camping permit before you arrive at the campsite.

You can purchase a camping permit online in a new tab., or at one of the 37 over-the-counter booking offices or self-service kiosks, or by calling 13 QGOV (13 74 68).

It is recommended that you book your camping spot at least six weeks in advance, especially in high-demand camping areas or if you are planning on going at a peak time, such as a school or public holiday.

Camping fees are $6.75 a night per person or $27.00 per family per night. To receive the family camping rate a family group is defined as one to two adults and any children under the age of 18, up to eight people. Children under the age of five are always free.

Can Dogs Go To Double Island Point?

Unfortunately, dogs and other domesticated animals cannot go to Double Island Point. No pets are allowed in Cooloola Recreation Area unless you receive written permission (in the case of a service animal for instance).

You are not even allowed to travel through Cooloola Recreation Area with a dog in the car. If you want to bring your dog somewhere near Rainbow Beach, consider going to the designated dog beach. Teewah Beach extends from Double Island Point

Although from time to time there are reported sightings of Dingoes, these have not been confirmed and currently, there are no dingoes found at Double Island Point.

Double Island Point coloured sands
Coloured Sands on The Way To Double Island Point

How Far Is Double Island Point From Rainbow Beach?

The distance between Rainbow Beach and Double Island Point is 11 kilometres. Although it is not far, it will take an hour or two to get there since you have to go on many back sandy or dirt roads.

4WD vehicles can travel from Rainbow Beach to get to Double Island Point.

How Far Is Double Island Point From Noosa?

If you’re planning to drive from Noosa to Double Island Point it takes 2 hours to drive the 145 Kilometres to get there. You will need to be equipped with a high clearance 4WD vehicle if driving on the beach and have your permits ready and visible if stopped by Rangers.

Alternatively, you can drive fully licensed motorcycles which in itself would be an incredible experience to enjoy and out of the ordinary.

What Should I Do During A Day Trip To Double Island Point?

If you are heading to Double Island Point for a day trip, there are tons of fun activities to do! Here is our list of the best things to do while visiting Double Island Point.

Double Island Point hiking
Double Island Point hiking

1. Hiking On The Sand Tracks Or Forests

If you go to Double Island Point, it is a great place to hike. You can partake in a full day walkOpens in a new tab. starting from the historic lighthouse and following the old telegraph poles that are still along with the trees.

The Cooloola Great Walk, a walk of 102 kilometres up the coast of the Great Sandy National Park begins at Noosa North Shore and continues up to Rainbow Beach.

This hike is designed to be a five-day hike through rainforests, woodland, and the coast. On this walk, you will pass the Double Island Point LighthouseOpens in a new tab. which was built in 1884 and is still a popular place to visit when spending time at Double Island Point.

2. Visit The Double Island Point Lighthouse

The lighthouse can be hiked from both the north and the south side in only about fifteen to twenty minutes. From there, you can see Noosa to the south, Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island to the north, or look out to the sea where you might view dolphins or whales. These views are mesmerizing!


3. View The Whales From The Beach

Double Island Point is a great place to go if you are interested in seeing whales. The whale migration season is from June to October and during that time, you may be able to see whales breaching.

Double Island Point surfing
Double Island Point Surfing

4. Try Day Surfing At Double Island Point

The surf at Double Island Point is fairly calm, with a long and gentle break. This makes it the perfect place for beginning surfers to learn the basics and become more comfortable on the board.

The waves are some of the longest waves in Australia, which makes it excellent for learning to surf.

5. Kite Surfing

The inshore lagoon is a popular spot for kite surfing. A windy day allows for the perfect conditions to practice kite surfing, no matter what your skill level is.

6. Kayaking On The Beach

Double Island Point is a wonderful place to go kayaking. No matter which way the wind is coming from, at least one side of Double Island Point will have great kayaking conditions.

While you are kayaking, be sure to look out for wildlife! On most days you will be able to spot dolphins since there are several different pods of bottlenose dolphins who call the waters of Double Point Island home.

You may also be able to see sea turtles who can be seen feeding on the seagrasses by the rocks.

7. Try Double Island Point Fishing

At Double Island Point, you are able to cast a fishing line into the lagoon or the sea. You can choose to stand on the sand or the rocks to be able to fish.

Beach fishing here is also something many of the visitors choose to do. Throw a line off the beach and relax in the sun while fishing the day away!

8. Swimming At Double Island Point

The south side of Double Island Point is not patrolled by lifeguards, so you and your family must swim safely in the protected waters of the island. The water here is warm and a bright blue, making for a fun time swimming in the sea!

Try swimming close by at Rainbow Beach where to waters are patrolled by lifeguards.

9. Go Snorkeling At Double Island Point

Diving and snorkelling are simply magic and here you will see, Coral trout, turtles, giant clams, “friendly” reef sharks, Cod and many other colourful tropical fish and of course, there are the four volcanic formations.

Double Island Point Enjoy The Beach

The beach at Double Island Point is absolutely beautiful and you can spend time with your family playing cricket, football, Frisbee, or simply flying a kite.

You can also just enjoy lounging on the sand and working on your tan – just don’t forget your sunscreen because the sun here can be very unforgiving.

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