What Is There To Do In Hervey Bay At Night?

Sunset From The Esplanade Hervey Bay

If you are visiting Hervey Bay and want to make the most of the local nightlife, there are plenty of places to go. With great places to eat and many lively bars and pubs, you will not be disappointed with the choices here.

Why not take a night walk along the beautiful Urangan Pier and see the waters of Hervey Bay glisten from the lights hitting the water, plus the sounds of the waves hitting the beach it’s a must-do experience.

Or head down to the boat harbour and sit next to the rock walk and just take in the views of the water overlooking Fraser Island at night.

Dining Out At Night In Hervey Bay

Whether you are looking for a family-friendly eatery with home-cooked food or a more high-end restaurant, Hervey Bay will have something to meet your needs.

There are many beautiful beach-side bars and restaurants, giving you the opportunity to take in the beautiful Queensland seascapes whilst enjoying a great meal.


Family-Friendly Places To Eat At Night

If you are spending an evening out with the family, especially if you have children, you are going to want to find a place to eat that will provide an atmosphere and a menu to fit your group. Hervey Bay has some great places for this.

  • Santini Pizza E CucinaOpens in a new tab. – If your family are Italian food lovers, then an evening meal here is ideal. The pizza is made with a traditional recipe, making it appear as though it came straight out of Italy and the spacious dining area is great for those with children.
  • The Hervey Bay RSL – With its own kid’s club and great meals you can’t go past a meal at the RSL.

Grown-Up Places To Eat At Night

For those who are looking to find somewhere a little more mature for their evening meal, there are many options to choose from. From seafood to pasta, meat to vegetables, Hervey Bay is a great choice.

  • Cafe TapasOpens in a new tab. – This quaint-looking, brightly lit cafe is perfect for a romantic evening out or as a place to meet with friends. The basic tapas menu is complemented by an excellent cocktail menu and this is all served in a cheery environment with friendly staff. The decor here is also something that is definitely worth seeing!
  • The Beach House HotelOpens in a new tab. – The hotel houses a popular restaurant and bar and often gets very busy during the evenings, showing how great it really is. There is a bistro menu and an excellent selection of alcoholic drinks, including a wonderful cocktail menu.

Pubs And Nightlife Of Hervey Bay

No nightlife experience would be complete without trying out one of the many bars and clubs that Hervey Bay is home to. Whether you are looking for an upbeat evening of dancing or a quiet bar where you can relax and chat, there is something for everyone.

While you are in Hervey Bay you will see there is not a lot of nightlife, mainly there is just a handful of pubs and clubs open to have a quiet drink and enjoy a night out with friends or family.

  • The Bayswater Hotel BarOpens in a new tab. – This highly recommended bar is perfect for anyone looking to have a few drinks in a modern and relaxed environment. Friday and Saturday nights see live entertainment between 6 pm and 10 pm giving you the chance to dance or simply chill out to some live music.
  • The Beach House HotelOpens in a new tab. – We may have already discussed this venue for its wonderful food but it is also home to a great bar as well as a gaming room with slot machines and keno. The friendly atmosphere is ideal for a fun night out and this is a popular choice for both visitors to Hervey Bay as well as the locals.
  • Bay Central TavernOpens in a new tab. – This modern tavern is great for anyone looking for somewhere that does live music in a relaxed atmosphere. The tavern houses a restaurant and bar as well as a sports bar with indoor and outdoor seating areas. A great place for a drink and a catch up with friends.
  • Torquay Hotel Hervey BayOpens in a new tab. – This well-loved bar offers an amazing selection of delicious cocktails and is excellent value for money as well meaning that you can spend the entire evening sipping on a cocktail without breaking the bank. The atmosphere here is relaxed and laid back and should you get a little peckish, they offer a very good choice of snacks and meals.
  • Craignish Country Club HotelOpens in a new tab. – The choice of wines here is astonishing and is the ideal evening location for couples or groups of friends. On Friday evenings, there is a raffle that brings in a lot of people, so be prepared for it to get busy. However, the crowds are worth it and the venue is run by very friendly staff.
Hervey Bay At Night

Out On The Town In Hervey Bay At Night

If you are out on the town in Hervey Bay at night, there are a wealth of great places to eat, drink or dance the night away.

No matter whether you are spending the evening out with family or friends, alone or as a couple, the bars, restaurants and pubs here truly come alive at night and deliver an evening out that you won’t forget in a hurry.

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