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Burrum heads

Did you know that the land is the traditional land of the Butchulla People? They named it “grey possum” a name taken from the Butchulla people meaning “Burrum’.

About 20 minutes from Hervey Bay and 4 hours from Brisbane lies Burrum Heads, an idyllic retreat for those who love water adventures. The town has become a preferred traveller destination and has its own share of beachside charm and a laid-back lifestyle.

For many years over 6 clans of the people were found along the shorelines, from Fraser Island and its mainland down to the Great Sandy Strait, all the way up to the tribal lands of Burrum Heads boundary.

Living off the land and banks of the local river they could feed on mud crabs, oysters and lots of fresh fish.

In 1888 this small town was known as a fishing village for the miners of the coalfields.

Later at this time the local township, the river mouth was named “Traviston” after a businessman who built one of the first homes in the area around the 1870s, In the later years after this date many houses were built for holidays along the beach front it was then renamed as Burrum Heads in around 1950.

You will find it part of the Fraser Coast Region, in Queensland, Australia. At the time of the 2011 census, Burrum Heads had a local population of just 1,737 people. Safe to say this is a small beach town with a quiet, yet sleepy feel to it… a great place to relax and get away from the busy city life.

Burrum Heads Accommodation

The accommodation types vary, depending on the needs and budget of the visitor. Some of the local accommodation establishments can offer you a campsite by the beach.

You also will find many unit rentals to choose from and even holiday house Accommodation, that can sleep up to 12 people making them perfect for any family getaway.

The type of accommodation that you get really depends on what you want and what you can afford. When you book your accommodation and have a pet make sure they are pet-friendly, and they have all the amenities that you and your pet need while you are away.

Most of the local accommodation establishments assure customers of good service and clean facilities when staying in this small town.

Your time at Burrum Heads should be a vacation, vacations have no room for headaches. So, it’s best to be sure about your trip, and have it well planned and thought out, as you are around 30 minutes to the next big city of Hervey Bay.

What Is There To Do In Burrum Heads?

  1. Go fishing
  2. Go boating
  3. Go Canoeing
  4. Walk the esplanade
  5. Relax in the parks
  6. Go swimming
  7. Visit the Burrum Library
  8. Kids can play at the skate bowl
  9. Build sandcastles
  10. Collecting shells
  11. Bird Watching over 90 species of birds inhabit the area
  12. Make Sand Castles

Burrum Heads Weather

The local weather is a good place to check if you’re thinking of doing any fishing or boating while on your break. If you are going boating make sure to check out the Tide times, as the tides can change quickly and suddenly, you will find the best weather informationOpens in a new tab. here.

There is not a lot of rainfall in the area, and the days are not too hot in summer making it a great place to stay.

Burrum Heads Boat Ramp And Lions Park

The new boat ramp makes for easy parking and easy access to the water! Lions Park offers a great area to relax with family, have a swim, go for a walk along the pathways, or sit on the many park benches overlooking the water.

If you have been fishing you can use the fish cleaning table provided then move your catch over to one of the BBQ areas and cook up your fish feast.

Best Local Fishing Spots

Burrum Heads is actually a fishing village than it is a tourist village, despite the plentiful beaches and open walkways available. You can easily access several of the best local fishing spots.

You can also join fishing tours or rent a boat to go on your own. Ask about the boat hire at the local fishing store for more information on how to arrange a boat. Likewise, make sure to talk to locals for tips before heading out on your own.

You will find many types of fish, including Mackerel that can be caught from the river in the warmer months, and also huge Whiting and Bream all year round, you can usually find Flathead at the beachfront.

Buxton Fishing Close By To Burrum Heads

One of the little-known secrets is that you can catch a nice-sized Barramundi around the rocks of the lower tidal reaches and also a Mangrove Jack.

Fishing is such a big deal in Burrum Heads that every Easter they hold the Burrum Heads Easter Classic Fishing Competition. Many of the local accommodation establishments are usually full at this time.

Be sure to make early reservations if you are joining the fishing event so you don’t miss out.

Bag and Size Limits are listed below, for more bag and size limits for other species, click here.

SpeciesLegal Size (cm)Take and Possession Limit
Mackerel (Spanish)75 min3
Whiting( Gold Lined and Sand)23 minCombined limit of 30 for both species
Bream(pikey and yellow finned)23 minNo limit
Barramundi60 min-120 max5
Mangrove Jack35min5

Google Map Of Burrum Heads

Burrum Heads Attractions

Even lazing around Burrum Heads is a good idea. The town is ideally situated such that it has a spectacular view of Hervey Bay, Woodgate and Fraser Island.

The beach scene is calming as well with the afternoon breezes making it a great place to relax. Even from your accommodation, you can take a relaxing walk along the coast. You might even get to take home pretty seashells and a fish or two if you’re lucky.

With just a short walk from your stay to the beach, you can enjoy watching pelicans frolicking around. There are also about ninety different bird species to look out for when at the beach.


If you are looking for whales, then Burrum Heads might also be your gateway to catching these beautiful giants in the wild. Several whale-watching expeditions are conducted from August to October.

Book your tour slots ahead, and make early reservations at your chosen travel provider.

Overall you will enjoy your stay here, and most likely come back again next year!

Swimming At Burrum Heads

Many people travel here for local fishing and to explore the 4×4 tracks nearby. Some even come to walk along the beaches or come for a nice BBQ along the shoreline, so you may be wondering whether it’s safe to swim here as well.

Burrum Heads is a safe place to swim, In fact, the clear waters here are what attract many people to come for a dip in the water. Burrum Heads is a quiet little town, you can be sure to avoid the crowds with the long stretches of beach on offer. Making a private paradise with crystal blue waters.

You can even bring your fur pet along to enjoy some time in the sun, come down and collect some cool shells strewn across the shoreline, bring your sun tent along and make a day of it swimming on the beaches of Burrum Heads.

Are There Sandflies At Burrum Heads?

If you ask the locals they will tell you that they have not experienced sandflies in the area. This is due to the high winds that are usually around Burrum Heads. With the wind, it deters the sandflies.

Sandflies usually only frequent areas that are calm and where they can build their nests amongst calm waters and mangroves or mudflats. If the wind or weather is too harsh they usually won’t be in the area.

So rest assured that if you come to Burrum Heads it is most likely that you will not be disturbed by the sandflies due to the environment.

How Far Is Burrum Heads From Hervey Bay?

Many people come to Hervey Bay every year either just travelling through or making it their holiday destination. Some are repeat visitors who have already seen what there is locally in Hervey Bay and now may want to use it as a hub to travel outside of Hervey Bay.

If you are doing so Burrum Heads is definitely a spot to check out and make a day of it.

Burrum Heads is a short 20-minute drive from Hervey Bay, being so close it’s no wonder why you should visit. With its pristine waters, great fishing activities and 4×4 tracks (where you can take motorcycles as well). Either load up the boat, kayak, or jet ski and have fun in the waters all day long.

So the next time you are in Hervey Bay visiting or holidaying make the trip to Burrum Heads, you are sure to not regret it. The perfect place to make many memories.

What’s It Like To Live In Burrum Heads?

Now you know Burrum Heads has great fishing beautiful Beaches, and many other little hidden gems of activities to do. But why do people choose to live in Burrum Heads? That answer is simple.

Burrum Heads isn’t far from Hervey Bay so it really isn’t far from major shopping. Living in Burrum Heads allows you the rural feeling while being close to necessities. There’s the closeness of the community where everyone is looking out for one another. Making it a top reason for people to live here.

With all of this in mind, it’s no wonder many locals choose to live in Burrum Heads and call it home.

What Shops Are In Burrum Heads?

In Burrum Heads itself, there are only a handful of shops, that include grocery shopping, pubs, a pharmacy, a medical centre, and a few bric-a-brack stores. Below we have listed what shops are in Burrum Heads and their location for your convenience.

Name Of ShopLocation
The Happy Abode (Gift Shop)Shop 2/47 Burrum St
A Taste Of Burrum (Fish and Chips Shop)51 Burrum Street
Simply Karma (Novelty Store)Shop 2/45 Burrum Street
Foodworks (supermarket)43 Burrum Street
Burrum Heads Butchery (Butchers)Burrum Street
Burrum Heads Pharmacy (Pharmacy)6/7 Burrum Heads Road
Burrum Heads Hotel (Pub)1 Burrum Heads Road
Burrum Heads Neighbourhood Centre3 Ivor Street
Burrum Heads Community Hall45 Howard Street
Burrum Heads Medical CentreShop 8 Corner of Ivor Drive and Burrum Heads Road

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