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There are two main marinas in Hervey Bay. One of the most popular marinas is the Hervey Bay Boat Club Marina which is situated along Buccaneer Dr in Urangan. The other marina is the Fisherman’s Wharf Marina which can be found along Boat Harbour Dr in Urangan.

Even though they are literally within minutes of each other, both facilities offer a great marina experience.

The boat club marina is a bit flashier than the Fisherman’s Wharf Marina. It features live entertainment, gaming rooms, restaurants, etc. For boaters who are simply seeking out a nice place to dock their boats, the Fisherman’s Wharf Marina is right up their alley.

The boat club is suitable for those who want more than just access to a berth for their boat. They can really become immersed in the local vibe of the area at the boat club marina facility.

Either way, both marinas are in the heart of Hervey Bay’s marina section and offer spectacular access to berths and open waters. Whether it is someone local wanting to use the marina or a visitor to the area, these marinas offer the perfect services.

The boat club marina even features laundry services, a boat fueling point, and a car park that is secured and safe. This does put the marina at the boat club a little above the Fisherman’s Wharf marina. It all boils down to what someone really needs out of their marina.

Hervey Bay Marina Map

Hervey Bay Marina Fees

The marina fees for the boat club marina and the Fisherman’s Wharf Marina vary a little bit. The boat club marina requires a membership which includes access to all their services. Additionally, this membership fee seems to cover access to the berths to dock boats.

The Boat Club’s fee for one year is $15 and a 5-year membership is set at $60. It is always best to inquire about any additional fees or changes in price before attempting to sign up for a membership.

The Fisherman’s Wharf Marina has set prices based on what size berth is needed. There are 138 berths available at this marina, so there is plenty of space.

The prices tend to be pretty fair but once again, it is always a good idea to check in and ensure that any prices are up-to-date as prices can be subject to change. Below are the common prices associated with the Fisherman’s Wharf Marina berths.

Berth Marina Fees For Fisherman’s Wharf Marina

Vessels Under 4.5m/16″ Wide, Ranging From Up to 9m/30″ to 18m/60″ in Berth Length

Length Of Berth RentalPrice
Per Day Costs$51 – $80
Per Week Costs$289 – $431
Costs for 1 month$630 – $1103
Costs for 3 months$1785 – $2730
Costs for 6 months$3150 – $4568
Costs for 12 months$5775 – $8610
Vessels Under 4.5m/16″ Wide, Ranging From Up to 9m/30″ to 18m/60″ in Berth Length

Vessels Over 4.6m/16″ Wide, Ranging From Up to 9m/30″ to 18m/60″ In Berth Length

Length Of Berth RentalPrice
Per Day Costs$90 – $119
Per Week Costs$504 – $646
Costs for 1 month$1103 – $1575
Costs for 3 months$3124 – $4069
Costs for 6 months$5513 – $6930
Costs for 12 months$10106 – $12941
Vessels Over 4.6m/16″ Wide, Ranging From Up to 9m/30″ to 18m/60″ In Berth Length

As these numbers reflect, there is an abundance of options for people to choose from. In addition to these price points per day, week, or month, the Fisherman’s Wharf Marina also offers a “live aboard” option which charges an additional $20 per person to their rates. This is ideal for those who want to live on the water at the marina.

While the “live aboard” option isn’t for everyone, it is a nice option to have. These prices tend to be pretty affordable for those wanting to make use of the marina.

Moreover, the marina (as well as the boat club marina) is centrally located, so it has access to the amenities in the surrounding areas. This specifically includes local shops as well as restaurants that cater to those who enjoy breakfast and lunch or a nice dining experience for dinner.

Hervey Bay Marina Berths For Sale

Typically, people opt to pay marina fees for the use of berths to dock their boats. While this is the most common way to use a berth, there are also options for buying berths outright.

These costs are generally quite a bit higher than regular berth fees. This is because the purchaser is assuming ownership of the berth therefore more money can be made in this type of transaction.

Currently, the Hervey Bay Boat Club and Fisherman’s Wharf Marina do not have any active listings for berth sales. However, other places in Queensland do and these prices can range from $10,000 to over $100,000 depending on someone’s specific needs.

To inquire about Hervey Bay marina berths for sale, prospective buyers should reach out to each marina respectfully to see what might be available. In due time, there are sure to be berths available for sale rather than just bought via marina fees.

That is why it is critical to always check back and inquire with the marinas about it!

Hervey Bay Marina Shops

The marina area in Hervey Bay has a few shops near the marinas but the most popular one is the Harbour Gift Gallery. This premier shop features handmade gifts from local artists. Moreover, this gift shop has an art gallery that features local artists’ paintings.

The Harbour Gift Gallery currently features artwork from 8 different local artists. What makes this art gallery so unique is that the artwork is done in a variety of mediums which really gives a bit of character to the displays.

There is artwork featuring acrylic work, oil work, pen and ink, charcoal, and more. It really is fascinating to see all the different styles of art come together in the gallery.

The gift gallery portion of this shop also supports local creative minds by featuring gifts that are handcrafted. There’s a little something for everything including gifts for men, women, children, holidays, and local trinkets.

In addition to also small candle shops nearby as well as the bottle shop that is located in the Hervey Bay Boat Club marina. While the options aren’t a lot, the options that do exist are what make the Hervey Bay Marina shops so iconic and truly unique.

Moreover, it is a great way to support local businesses!

Hervey Bay Marina Restaurants

The main restaurant that are in the marina area in Hervey Bay are at the boat club. The boat club has three astounding restaurants that draw in people with fresh flavours. These restaurants include Harbourview Dining And Lighthouse Cafe.

Harbourview Dining offers a variety of meats and seafood with delicious flavours. Some of their dishes include scallops, squid, pizza, and even schnitzel. Lighthouse Cafe has a menu featuring classics like breakfast, and fish and chips.

Hervey Bay Boat Club

In addition to these restaurants at the boat club marina, the general marina area has a few local favourites as well. These include Whale Bay Asian Cuisine, The Dock Hervey Bay, Cafe Balaena, and Smokey Joe’s Cafe. Each one has its own unique flavours that entice people to try the food.

At Whale Bay Asian Cuisine there are remarkable Asian dishes like Mongolian beef, prawns in sauce, crispy fried tofu and so much more. These Asian-inspired dishes are perfect for any time of day!

The Dock Hervey Bay is an iconic spot that serves up fresh seafood like scallops, prawns, Moreton Bay bugs, and oysters. Their delicious menu also features pork meatballs, Chinese pancakes, and even vegetarian dishes.

Cafe Balaena is the marina’s prime spot for brekkie dishes. From eggs benedict to full breakfast platters, there is an abundance of comfort breakfast foods here. The cafe also serves lunch classics like fish and chips, burgers, scallops, and prawns, just to name a few.

Hervey Bay Boat Club Food

Smokey Joe’s Cafe prides itself on offering competitively priced menu options that deliver big on flavour. Some of their menu items include pasta, scallops, crab tacos, and much more.

It is very evident that the Hervey Bay Marina has an abundance of delicious eateries to try. There is plenty of local flare in the food as well as freshness behind the seafood being offered. These restaurants are amazing to check out from visitors or those who decide to dock at the marinas permanently or quite frequently.

Between the Fisherman’s Wharf Marina and the marina at the boat club. Hervey Bay is home to some of the most iconic marinas in Queensland. These two marinas really showcase what makes Hervey Bay so great!

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