Why Do You Have To Rent A Car At 25?

Your twenties are some of the best years of your life to travel to your heart’s content. However, despite having the time, money, and energy to expend, you’ll need proper transport no matter where you go. If you’re under 25, most rental car companies either won’t allow you to rent a car or will charge you very heavily.

So why must you be at least 25 or above before renting a car? 

You need to be 25 before renting a car for the following reasons: 

  • A lack of experience
  • Inadequate training
  • Reckless driving tendencies
  • Higher insurance rates
  • Age surcharges

Renting out a car under 25 years is tricky and financially challenging. 

While 25 is the minimum age to eliminate most of these extra charges and hindrances, you might not even be allowed to rent out a car if you’re under 21 in some places. Although this is to avoid accidents and insurance claims, it does not technically translate into being unable to rent a car.

Since this may be confusing to grasp, let’s delve deeper!

Can I Rent A Car Before 25?

Yes. Renting a car is usually possible in most places if you’re above 21. However, we advise against renting one before you are 25 because of the excess you’ll have to pay due to age. While it may not seem fair to many people with their hearts set on traveling, there are specific reasons behind these restrictions. Below are some of them. 

Lack Of Experience

Lack of experience will be the first hurdle you’ll face as a new and upcoming driver renting out a car. While you might have all the necessary documents, you need to get through the car rental agent before getting your hands on that car.

This is where many rental car companies may deny your request to rent out any of their vehicles due to your lack of driving experience.

Lack of experience can lead to several issues for you and the company. If you aren’t sure of road traffic rules, you might get into a traffic violation where the rental car will be tagged. In the best-case scenario, even if the car rental company agrees to rent their vehicle, it could attract heavy insurance claims to your contract.

Inadequate Training

Inadequate training behind the wheel is another reason car rental companies can refuse service. Like lack of experience, insufficient training means you have not received satisfactory training to drive, e.g., changing gears, reversing, or parallel parking.

These factors can influence your image in front of rental companies, hence rejecting your application.

There is no other way around it, as pristine driving combines proper training and experience on the road. If either of these is lacking, you become a liability to the company with their car, a risk they mostly are not willing to take.

You can still increase your chances of receiving a rental by getting verified via a reputable driving institute. This could increase your chances of getting a good car before you hit 25.

Reckless Driving Tendencies

It is no mystery that teens or young adults drive more recklessly than older individuals. There is some overspeeding to impress their friends with other cases of DUIs, which play a role in deciding whether people of a specific age group should be allowed to rent cars.

Even though it is not set in stone that every individual below 25 years of age will drive recklessly, rental car companies cannot vet everyone that thoroughly. Hence, they made it easier for themselves by imposing heavy fines on drivers under 25, dissuading people from renting cars before this age.

Higher Insurance Rates

If the company thinks you’re more of a liability than the average customer, be prepared to get hit with high insurance rates. This is a safeguard for car rental companies in case their car is damaged in an incident since younger customers are more likely to be involved in accidents.

However, it is a necessary precaution these agencies must take to protect their possessions without suffering from excessive loss. With this charge, you can opt for private insurance or reduce the existing package if allowed. You must discuss this and negotiate with the rental car agency to find out.

Age Surcharges

Higher insurance rates aren’t the only additional charges for young drivers. Many companies have extra costs if any person outside a particular age bracket tries to rent their car. This isn’t for any additional feature or service you avail of but simply because you’re too young to rent their vehicle.

You can’t do anything about age surcharges, as changing your age is impossible. Thus, we highly recommend staying clear of rental agencies with this policy, as age surcharges are some of the highest additional fees.

This could double or even triple your final bill, depending on how many days you expect to spend – that is something you need to work around.

It would help if you also remembered that sometimes, the better car you’re opting for, the higher age surcharges are placed. So even if you desperately need a ride, it is always best to go for a smaller, lower-priced car rather than one of those luxury cars that will cause you to break the bank.

Should I Still Rent A Car Before 25 If It’s Legal?

No. While this is a viable option in some states, we recommend against it. The main reason is the excess charges you’d have to pay for renting the car. It is unfair and counterintuitive to rent a car at higher rates than what older individuals pay, as there are many better alternatives.

It is wiser to save that money to buy your means of transport rather than waste it on premium car rental charges.

However, there are certain circumstances where this is not an option, and you must rent the car, regardless of the charges.

This is particularly true for young individuals going on vacation since they need some means of transport, eventually turning to these car rental companies. Otherwise, continuously arranging transportation for an entire group will become too much of a hassle.

Is This Age Restriction Valid, And What Are The Drawbacks?

Even if some companies might not explicitly state it, the cost of getting a rental car may be more than you’re willing to give. Let’s talk more about whether this age restriction is still applicable and the negative impacts it has on our youth’s opportunities.

Outdated Stereotypes

We agree that young drivers are less experienced; some haven’t even gone through the proper training to hone their driving skills. Yet, restricting all individuals under 25 from renting a vehicle without paying hefty fines is unnecessary.

Many young drivers possess the proper capabilities to handle a vehicle and should be allowed to rent a car easily.

They can also reduce incidents as many young individuals are less inclined to drive intoxicated, a significant cause of road traffic accidents. While proper measures, such as insurance, should be taken to ensure driver and vehicle safety, anyone with a license shouldn’t be banned entirely from availing of these services.

Advanced Driver Training

As more and more people require expertise in driving due to heavy traffic conditions, many drivers have started taking advanced driver training. This training makes individuals proficient in driving, sometimes even better than drivers older.

This reduces the proficiency gap due to the lack of experience and allows many people under 25 years to drive exceptionally well.

If these training programs are advocated more widely, rental car companies should relax their age restrictions and allow more people to rent cars, as it will also benefit their business.

Risk Factors Across All Ages

Many would argue that these age restrictions are in place because people under 25 are more likely to get into road traffic accidents than older drivers due to their lack of experience. However, looking solely towards age would cause us to neglect all the other risk factors that lead to higher road traffic accident rates.

These factors include DUI, overspeeding, and even losing consciousness behind the wheel.

These risk factors can affect people of any age and are not exclusive to only one age group. Overspeeding is frequently done by stressed individuals who need to get someplace urgently. Losing consciousness or simply dozing off while driving is commonly seen in aged drivers who often have a hard time trying to concentrate or stay focused.

This is why numerous risk factors are unrelated to age that many people do not consider while setting their restrictions.

Type of Risk FactorImpact of Risk Factor
Speeding4% increased risk/ 1% inc. speed
Driving Under Influence5x more likely than an average driver
Distracted Driving4x more likely than an average driver
Nonuse of seat belt/helmet40%-60% inc. chance of fatal injuries

Lower Productivity

This is one of the drawbacks we mentioned before that affects the entire population simply because people under 25 aren’t allowed to rent cars. Since many individuals at that stage cannot afford to buy their own vehicles, they must rely on public transport.

This reduces their motivation while coming to work and increases the number of absences in that age demographic.

If people with a license can rent cars independently, they can very easily rent them out until they save enough money for their own vehicle. These would ease their mode of transport concerns and allow them to take responsibility for their belongings much better.

The age restrictions also make it difficult for people to travel if public transport is inconvenient. Those needing temporary transport must search for other means as they cannot rent a car without going bankrupt.

Inaccessibility To Travel

Another disadvantage of these rental restrictions is how inaccessible traveling becomes to anyone under 25, especially alone. They must stick to public transportation or ride-sharing apps since they cannot rent a car without going off-budget. While these options can sometimes work out and are cheaper, they are unreliable.

This causes many younger individuals to detest traveling as they don’t have their own means of transport. The dependence on external factors while on vacation can off-put everyone’s mood, especially when the metro is late or they can’t find a ride on ride-sharing apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Car Rental Under 25 Years Cost?

While this depends on your location, it averages $25-$30 daily. However, you should remember that this figure can fluctuate among rental companies.

Can I Waive Or Reduce The Under 25 Fees?

Yes. Specific programs, groups, or organizations allow drivers to either partially or entirely remove the young driver’s fee. These include members of the military, government, AAA, USAA, and business travel.

What Is The Minimum Age At Which You Can Rent A Car?

This varies between 18 and 21 years of age. A few car rental companies will allow you to rent their vehicles at 18 years when you receive your driver’s license, but most will need proof you’re at least 21 years old.

Can I Add An Additional Driver To The Rental Car If They Are Under 25 Years Old?

Yes, it is possible to add an additional driver who is under 25 years old to the rental car agreement. However, rental car companies may charge an extra fee for drivers under 25 due to the higher risk associated with younger drivers.

Final Thoughts

Renting a car before the age of 25 can be challenging and financially burdensome due to the various age-related restrictions imposed by rental car companies. The reasons behind these restrictions include a lack of driving experience, inadequate training, reckless driving tendencies, higher insurance rates, and age surcharges.

While some places allow car rental for individuals above 21, it is generally advisable to wait until the age of 25 to avoid excessive charges and hindrances. 

Although age restrictions may seem unfair and based on outdated stereotypes, they aim to mitigate potential risks and liabilities for rental car companies. Encouraging advanced driver training and considering other risk factors could lead to a more balanced approach to age restrictions.

However, until then, many young travelers may find themselves facing limited access to affordable and convenient transportation options.

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