When Is The Best Time In Your Life To Travel?

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There are many factors to consider when deciding to travel. Your age, health, family, career, money, and your intention of traveling can affect when you choose to go on your trip. Let’s figure out when the best time in your life to travel is.

The best time in your life to travel is when you are healthy, have the money to do so, and feel like it will be a positive experience for you and your life. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what you do for a career, the best time is when you feel you feel called to travel.

Many people dream of traveling but are not sure when the right time is for them. Do they travel when they leave school, but don’t have much money? Or do they travel once they are older, wiser, and have more money to spend and perhaps take their children with them?

The Best Time To Go Traveling In Your Life

There are many aspects to consider when determining when the best time to go traveling is, but there are some key signs as to when it would be beneficial for you to go. You can go traveling at different times in your life, not just once, so know that you can do multiple trips to different countries and at different ages. 

Let’s dive into the main areas that you would want to consider before you travel so you can work out when the best time for you is. We will split these into two categories of traveling when young and traveling when old so you can see how the different aspects differ due to the general age that you go traveling. 

You can travel the world at any age, however, you may seek to have different experiences. There are both pros and cons when looking at whether to travel at a younger or older age. Let’s look into what these are and you can decide what suits you the best and resonates with you and your own life to determine when the best time in life to travel is. 

why do people travel
Travel When You Can

Traveling When Young

Life Path

Someone who is younger may not know what they want to study or what career path they want to go down. In turn, they may decide to travel the world and see what is out there once they leave school and before they go to university or start working full time. 

Young people may want to immerse themselves in all the kinds of experiences that travel offers them and figure out what brings them true joy, so then they have the knowledge of what they want to focus on moving forward.

They may come to realize what career they want, the lifestyle they want to have, and perhaps where they want to live.

Traveling can be an eye-opening experience and open young people up to have a wider perspective and not limit themselves to what they have been taught by their parents or by society.

Friends To Travel With

They may have a group of friends who also want to go traveling therefore it can make them more fearless and feel safer to travel overseas compared to doing it alone, although many do travel alone and embark on a solo journey. Often young people will stay at hostels to save on costs and this can be a great way to meet new friends with other travelers. 

Money And Health

Many young people do not have a lot of money to spare. This can make traveling for long periods more difficult to sustain. This also means that they may have to be very mindful of what they spend their money on and may have to miss out on nicer accommodation or having certain experiences that cost money to experience. 

This does mean that generally, the younger people travel and live more like the locals. They get to be immersed in the culture rather than feeling like they are a tourist in a foreign country that enjoys the luxury hotels, restaurants, and experiences. 

Young people tend to be in very good health. They are energetic and full of potential and possibility. They are fit and strong and can walk long distances and up hills. They may be able to swim and ride motorbikes and do all kinds of physical activity.

This is definitely a benefit when traveling, as nothing physical can stop you from enjoying an experience.

Flying East To West
Travel By Plane

Way Of Traveling

The time spent traveling as a young person may differ from that of an older traveler, as a young person may be more inclined to party, meet people, and experience more wild or dangerous opportunities. They may not be so interested in the history or in the more spiritual aspects that traveling has to offer.

However, no matter the intention for the trip, there is no doubt that there will be a lot of personal growth from the experience.

Some young people decide to travel and work overseas, which will enable them to travel for a longer period. They may do volunteer work in exchange for free accommodation, they may work online or do freelance work.

Young people tend to be more creative and interested in how they can make their trip happen in a more fearless and less strict way. 

Traveling When Older

Good Foundation

Traveling when you are older in age can be filled with wonderful adventures. You may feel ready to experience more of the world and have a good foundation of mental well-being, money, and seeking a more cultural or spiritual trip rather than high intensity, party trip.

As you get older, you generally have a career that you have worked in and have a decent income where you can have a sufficient amount of funds to pay for an overseas experience. You do not have to stress about running out of money or traveling on a limited budget. 

If you have worked in your company for a long time, you may be more likely to get time off or be able to work while you travel by working online. 

Travel With Family

Generally, if you are traveling as an older person, you are not looking to spend a year away, but maybe a month or two, especially if you have a house and kids. Therefore, this makes you fully enjoy the time off that you have if you decide to stop working at this time.

You may be someone who never wanted to travel when you were younger, but preferred to wait until you were older and could travel with your partner and children. Traveling with your family can be a great bonding time and learning experience. You get to make some amazing memories with your family.

Travel Slow

Slow And Relaxed Travel

Older people can have more health issues due to their age and if they have not remained active and healthy throughout their life. You may have to miss out on doing big, steep walks up a hill to see a sacred site or other activities if you don’t feel up to it, but there are still many more experiences to be had. 

It is also likely that missing out on certain things due to your health doesn’t even bother you, as you are more interested in experiencing the cuisine, art galleries, the beach, and more.

At an older age, you may just feel ready. You may feel like it is time to finally step out of your normal routine or comfort zone and do something different. You may intuitively feel called to travel to a particular country, or you may have always wanted to go somewhere and want to make it happen now.

Season And Time Of Year

You can travel the world regardless of the season or what time of year it is, but you may be interested in enjoying certain countries at a particular time of the year. Depending on the season and the weather, there can be different activities and experiences available. Such as snowboarding in the snow or enjoying the hot sun during the summer.

There is also the busy season and slow season. The busy season is generally during the summer or spring season and there are many tourists visiting popular tourist attractions. You may be someone that would rather travel during the slow season to avoid busy areas and the bustle of tourism

You may not mind the colder weather and want to enjoy the country or city in its most natural and organic state. Some cities close up some of their tourist attractions during the slow season due to the number of reduced customers, but you may not mind that. 

However, if you do want to travel during the busy season and enjoy the masses of people, then that time would be best for you. There are both pros and cons during the different times of the year.

Travel The Open Roads

You Can Travel Now

Know that you can travel now. As long as you have a passport and some cash, you don’t have to wait. It can be easy to put off traveling as we can have so many excuses, but tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. 

Don’t look back and wish that you had traveled and explored the world, instead book a flight and start now. It can be in one country or many countries. It can be for a few weeks or months. There are no rules to how you travel. It is all up to you. Dream big and go for it.

Make the most of this amazing opportunity you have to be able to explore the world.

Whether you travel around your own country or internationally, there are experiences to be had that will put you outside of your comfort zone and your regular routine. You can open up to different ways of living and being in the world.

You can meet new people and do things that you never would have done if you stayed in your hometown. 

Give yourself permission to do something positive and empowering for yourself. Free yourself from the perceived limitations that may arise when you think about traveling. If you are feeling the call to travel, then do it. You will not be disappointed!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When Is The Best Time To Travel If You Haven’t Traveled Before?

There will always be a first time when traveling. If you have a fear of traveling overseas for the first time, you could travel around your country first to see how it goes. 

You could then take a short trip to a nearby country so you feel safer compared to being on the other side of the world. You could also travel with a friend or family member if it is your first time and go to a country that speaks your native language. Don’t let your fears stop you from traveling.

2. Do I Wait Until I Am Older To Travel Or Travel While I Am Young?

You will never regret traveling, so if you are feeling the call to travel now, then go. However, if traveling really does not interest you, then later on in life may be better for you. Go traveling because you want to, not because it is what others want to do.

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3. How Much Money Do I Need To Go Traveling?

The amount of money you would need for your travels would depend upon how long you are going and where you are going. You will also need to consider if you like to travel in luxury or are happy to travel with the bare minimum. Budget travelers can live on around $50 per day.

Final Words

The best time in life is to travel when you feel the call to break out of your normal routine and exploring the world or a particular country would be a positive experience for you. You will have a decent level of health as well as money to support your travels.

Whether you are young or old, the best time to travel in life is when it calls you!

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