What Are Things You Don’t Know Until You Travel A Lot?

When you are an avid traveler, there are things that you learn that can not be known any other way. Do you want to know what they are? This article will dive into what you don’t know until you travel a lot. There is so much that you will gain from traveling and some may surprise you.

Things that you don’t know until you travel a lot include, how you can be smarter with your money and how travel makes you rich in experiences. You don’t know that you can have some of the best times of your life while traveling and you don’t need as many things as you thought you did.

Travelling can open you up to a new perspective on life as well as teach you so many things. As you spend time traveling, you will have so much more wisdom from all the experiences you have had.

8 Things You Learn When You Travel A Lot

There are many things that you just cannot know until you have traveled a lot. Traveling will make you realize so many things about yourself, about life, and about the experience of travel. 

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1. Your Perspective On Life Will Change

When you travel to a variety of countries, you will see how different people live, how they behave, what they believe in, and what kind of life they live. This will vary greatly from your conditioned way of life and you can begin to widen your perspective.

You may realize how blessed you are, how much you take for granted, how it is the little things that truly bring you so much joy, and how important relationships are. You may become more compassionate and understanding towards others and feel drawn to be of service in some way, rather than living life solely for yourself and your own needs.

After seeing how life in many countries can be a stark contrast between each other, you realize that we all walk different paths in life and we all do the best we can with what we have and what we know. You will think of all people as a part of humanity regardless of their skin color, religion, gender, career, and culture.

2. Travel Makes You Rich In Experiences

Traveling will give you experiences that you can never have if you remain fixed in one location. You become rich in experiences and value what you learn and experience during your travels. The experiences that you have in life become far more important than money and owning physical possessions. 

By being an avid traveler, you come to know what true richness is and know that you cannot trade your experiences for the world. No amount of money can ever match the experiences and lessons that you have gained through traveling the world. 

Instead of saving your money to buy clothes, cars, jewelry, and the latest digital device, you always ensure you are topping up your travel account because you make traveling a priority in your life. 


3. You Become Smarter With Your Money

When you travel a lot, you learn to become smarter with your money. You get to know how to get a bargain and where to go to get deals. You know if something is too overpriced and what a more affordable option is.

You may start thinking about how you can save your money for travel in new and unique ways that you have never thought of before. You may be more conscious of what you spend your money on and always have in the back of your mind that the $20 you are about to spend could pay for your hostel for the night.

You become smarter with your money as you realize what you truly need to live a fulfilling and happy life and what just isn’t important to you any longer. You can live without things that much of society believes you must have. 

4. You Don’t Need All The Clothes That You Have Packed

When you travel a lot, you realize that you don’t really need all the clothes that you thought you would need. There will be clothes that you never touch or wear. You only need to pack the basics and clothes that are comfortable and practical.

Think about what you want to travel in, what the season is where you are traveling, and what activities you might be doing, and choose your clothes from there. You don’t need a lot of options, just a couple, and you know you can always buy clothes during your travels if you need to.

Save room in your luggage for meaningful items and carry less weight in your bag. After you have packed your bag, it is probably best to take a few clothing items out, especially the clothes that you have packed “just in case”.


5. You Are Not As Introverted As You Thought You Were

When you are traveling, you will come to learn that you are actually not as introverted as you thought you were. Especially if you are traveling solo and do not know anyone in the city you are in. You will learn to ask for help from strangers and to talk to the locals.

If you are staying at hostels or on long bus trips, you will share a space with people you have never met but have lots to share about yourself and about your travels with. You will feel more comfortable the more you talk to people and realize that you do actually enjoy talking with people and having a deep connection with others that are on a similar journey.

6. You Can Make Friends For Life

When you have traveled a lot, you can make a lot of friends that you can call a friend for life. Even though you could meet someone during a visit to a country and come from completely different worlds, you can form a great bond and connection.

A true, long-lasting friend isn’t necessarily someone that you have known since childhood, but instead someone you can share great experiences with and be there for each other no matter how much distance or time passes. 

The people you meet when traveling will often be regular travelers just like you and are happy to have you stay with them if you are ever in their city. You can also travel together in the future if you want to go to the same place. You can truly make a friend for life from someone you meet on a life-changing trip.

7. You Can Learn Many Languages

You will be surprised by how many languages you can learn when you travel a lot. Even if it is just a few basic phrases that help you get around and be polite in the country that you are in. You may not remember all of them over time, but may stick with you and come in handy when you travel there again.

8. It Will Be Some Of The Best Times Of Your Life

Traveling around the world often will be some of the best times in your life. Before you have traveled or if you have only been on one trip, you will not realize the impact and the many special moments that can be had through traveling. 

You look back and it is the adventures and experiences you have been on while traveling which has been some of the best times that you have ever had in your time. It can be a mix of being in an ancient place, being surrounded by amazing people, personal growth, and experiencing a different way of life that can all add up to the special memories and best moments. 

Pre Planning Your Trip VS Going With The Flow

Is it best to plan your trip or just go with the flow and see where you end up? Things you know when you travel a lot is that it is good to have an idea of where you would like to go and what you would like to do, however, be open and flexible. 

Do not be too rigid with your plans as that can just cause stress because it is likely that there may be delays, you may decide you want to do something different or you may meet people and decide to travel with them which may differ from your original plans.

You could plan the basics, but don’t get caught up on the specifics. You want traveling to be fun and you want to experience the freedom that traveling offers. You can leave your fixed mindset and organization skills at home! You could book your first couple of flights and perhaps accommodation if that makes you feel more at ease, but go with the flow when you can. 

Instead of booking a bunch of activities to do, you could book a couple that you really want to do but also create space for some downtime to explore and relax and see where you feel guided to go

The table below shows travelers booking arrangements for the summer of 2021. The majority of travelers have not booked any part of their trip, while some have booked all aspects of the trip. A small amount has also been booked for lodging or transportation

Please note that these results could have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, where people felt uncertain of the future and therefore did not want to book anything too far in advance and instead see how things play out as time passed.

Traveling Booking Status Summer 2021
Have not booked any aspect of the trip57%
Travelers have booked the whole trip31%
Have either booked lodging or transportation12%

These results can indicate that travelers are more relaxed with the structure of their trips, they are willing to adapt and experience new places without being so rigid about the exact things they do. They want to travel and will do so regardless if they have things booked and all planned out.

Travelers could also be staying with friends or family and wanting to spend time with them rather than out exploring different cultures and activities, which is why other aspects of the trip have not been booked. Therefore, those who have booked the whole trip in advance may be doing the latter. 

Whatever you decide, whether to pre-plan and book your travel or to go with the flow once you arrive, enjoy your time traveling. After you have traveled a lot, you will come to know how you personally like to prepare for your trip and how you like to explore different countries. You gain knowledge and have the skills to be adaptable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should Every Traveler Know?

Pack your valuable items in your carry-on luggage so you can keep them with you. If your other luggage goes missing, then at least you have the most important things with you. Also, ensure you know what the conditions for your visa are so you do not get in any trouble while traveling.

What Is Something That I Will Miss When Traveling?

You will miss sleeping in your own bed. Often when you are traveling, you will sleep on uncomfortable beds or on a seat on the train, bus, or plane

You might not realize how much you will miss sleeping in your own bed until you sleep in a hostel or in the midst of traveling to another location. After some time, you may get used to poor bedding, but it doesn’t deter you from traveling.

Final Words

Things you don’t know until you travel a lot are how valuable experiences are over money, how more outgoing you can be, and how many great connections you can make with others. You will learn that only travel can give you a wider perspective and make you realize how much smarter you can be with money and more!

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