What Airlines Fly Into Hervey Bay?

What Airlines Fly Into Hervey Bay

Visiting Hervey Bay is quite an adventure for visitors! Beautiful seascapes, landscapes, islands, wildlife, etc. attract thousands of visitors every year.

Tucked along the northeastern and eastern coastline of Australia, Hervey Bay is a cluster of seaside villages with gorgeous surroundings, all ample for exploring.

When considering a trip to the Hervey Bay area, it is important to know the best way to get there. This is particularly true of its airlines and knowing what airlines service Hervey Bay!

The local Hervey Bay airport is serviced by the following 5 airline’s Qantas Airline, Emirates, Sunstate (QantasLink), Eastern Australia Airlines (QantasLink), and from overseas Air New Zealand. You can now fly directly into the Hervey Bay airport and enjoy shorter stopover times when travelling.

How Many Airlines Fly Into Hervey Bay?

There are two airports associated with Hervey Bay, recognised and owned by the Fraser Coast Regional Council. These airports include Hervey Bay AirportOpens in a new tab. and Maryborough AirportOpens in a new tab..

Maryborough Airport is primarily used for medical services, training, and freight transportation. The Hervey Bay AirportOpens in a new tab. is a bigger airport and supports airlines flying into its location.

But what are these airlines? Below are the known airlines to fly into the Hervey Bay Airport. The main 4 are airlines are Virgin Australia, Qantas, Jetstar and Air New Zealand. Local flights are by (Lady Elliot Eco Resort Charter Flights)

Maryborough Airport
Maryborough Airport

Airlines That Fly Into The Hervey Bay Airport

These airlines are known to fly into Hervey Bay and Lady Elliot Eco Resort Charter Flights is specifically for flying to and from Lady Elliot Island itself.

While the Hervey Bay Airport underwent a substantial makeover in 2005, the airport is still considered more of a local airport than being an international one.

Flying East To West

Can You Fly To Hervey Bay?

While it can be possible to fly to Hervey Bay, most of the flights that are associated with the airport are flying out of the airport. Lady Elliot Eco Resort Charter Flights does fly to and from the Hervey Bay Airport, with a limited schedule.

Generally, there are three flights in and out of the airport. Most other flights go to Brisbane, which is approximately a 3-hour drive, 244km, away from Hervey Bay.

Does Virgin Fly To Hervey Bay?

Virgin Australia can fly to Hervey Bay Airport. This airline is mostly known for flying out of Hervey Bay Airport. Virgin Australia services from Hervey Bay to other parts of Australia are the best way to fly with Virgin Australia.

Qantas Hervey Bay
Qantas Hervey Bay

Does Qantas Fly To Hervey Bay?

Qantas is a popular airline in Australia and is known to fly all over, including to Hervey Bay Airport. Moreover, they are known for flying out of the Hervey Bay Airport.

While they are known for flying out of the airport, Qantas stands to be the main airline that flies to Hervey Bay. Aside from Qantas, the Lady Elliot Eco Resort Charter flights are the other main airline that goes to Hervey Bay.

While this isn’t a large airline, it still is a source of flights into the Hervey Bay Airport.

Can You Fly From Brisbane To Hervey Bay?

Yes, you can fly from Brisbane to Hervey Bay Airport. Qantas is the specific airline that offers flights between these cities. Qantas is also referred to as QantalinkOpens in a new tab. or Sunstate AirlinesOpens in a new tab..

The cost of a trip from Brisbane to Hervey Bay Airport can cost about $193 AU. This price reflects a one-way trip. There are direct flights from Brisbane, taking about 50 minutes that can cost around $193 (price date 7/10/2023)

Prices reflected are subject to change depending on the time they are booked.

Can You Fly Direct From Sydney To Hervey Bay?

Flying direct is always convenient as it means there are no stops between the initial airport and the final destination. When flying from Sydney to Hervey Bay, Qantas is the best choice.

While there are flights to Hervey Bay Airport through Qantas. The flight choices vary from 1 to 2 stops with various time frames for the flights.

There now are direct flights from Sydney to Hervey Bay, the 1 or 2-stop flights are decently priced. Once again, prices can change depending on the time of booking.

With this in mind, the prices of the flights can vary from $300 to $554 one way (price date 7/10/2023). These flights can vary in time frames as well, but it is still worth it to travel from Sydney to Hervey Bay in this manner.

Herveybay airport
Hervey Bay Airport

Hervey Bay Airport

With the reconstruction of Hervey Bay Airport, it became more of a departure airport than an incoming one. Even still, as previously stated, Qantas is the airline most known for flying into Hervey Bay.

While the reconstruction brought on more space for departures from Qantas, Lady Elliot Eco Resort Charter Flights, And even Virgin Australia, there were other upgrades made to the airport facility as well. Below are the key features of the Hervey Bay Airport!

Features Of The Hervey Bay Airport

  • Food Cafe – From coffee to baked goods, guests can find a suitable snack and caffeine to boost any trip!
  • Visitor Centre – This is a hub of information for those looking to explore the Fraser Coast Region and Hervey Bay itself.
  • Baggage Trolleys – These are free to use for all guests.
  • Lost Property Office – Those inquiring about lost properties during flights can visit this section of the airport.
  • ATM Facilities – Guests can have access to ANZ ATM within the airport terminal.
  • Parent’s Room – This room offers nappy bins and changing tables for parents to take care of their babies. It is specifically located in the Disabled Toilet in the departure lounge.
  • Free Wifi – Wifi is an important part of today’s modern society. Having access to Wi-Fi points is extremely important and this airport does offer free wifi for its guests.
  • Meeting Room – For those who need to host a meeting at the airport, this meeting room is suitable for up to 12 people.
  • Car Park – The airport offers public car park facilities as well as long-term parking right on site.
  • Car Rental – Those guests needing to rent a car can do so at the airport as well.

Those departing from the airport will find this airport quite accommodating for its guests. Moreover, when using Qantas, flying into Hervey Bay is just as possible.

Whether it is flying in or out from the Hervey Bay Airport, there is plenty to enjoy while at the facility as well within Hervey Bay itself.

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