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Australia continuously proves to be one of the world’s most intriguing and beautiful places. Fraser Island, just off the eastern coastline of Queensland, is a historically renowned sand island. It is known for its diverse plant life and wildlife which has given the island its world heritage title.

This honorary title helps preserve the island’s natural aspects. Fraser Island is certainly known for its world heritage title as well as being the world’s largest sand island. However, there are other things about the island that attract tons of visitors every year! One of the most popular attractions on Fraser Island includes Central Station.

Central Station is such a beloved spot on Fraser Island because of its location. Tucked within the island’s ancient rainforest, Central Station provides visitors with an iconic view of what makes Fraser Island so remarkable. The rainforest on the island has been sprouting from the island’s sand dunes for many, many years, with some of them estimated to be thousands of years old.

They grow quite tall and thick, which has created a lush canopy throughout the rainforest. This incredible natural phenomenon is what gives the island its rich natural characteristics. Central Station is right in the midst of the beautiful rainforest making it an ideal spot to visit when on the island. However, Central Station is much more than just a designated area within the ancient rainforest on Fraser Island.

Central Station Walk

Fraser Island not only provides idyllic landscape and seascape scenery, but it also provides guests with the opportunity to explore what gives the island its beauty. Throughout the island, there are various walking paths that wind through the island’s rainforest areas and around the various perched lakes.

Central Station has a great walk that submerges guests within the island’s natural landscape. The walk itself loops into the Fraser Island Great Walk which winds visitors throughout the various landscapes that make up the island. The Central Station walk is a Grade 4 difficulty and is a one-way 10.5km trek. It is estimated to take about 4.5 hours from start to finish. Entry to the walk starts in Eurong from the sand track that is around the resort there.

Because of the extent of the walk, it is suggested that guests bring plenty of water, proper clothing, and a walking buddy. There is a lot to see on the walk including various trees such as she oaks, scribbly gums, and bloodwoods. Throughout the walk, the landscape melds into sanded dunes and trees which provides an ample view of the beautiful sights.

Central Station History

Fraser Island has an abundance of history which makes it an even more interesting spot to visit. The Butchella people are the original residents of the island. However, the Central Station section of the island has its own historical value. This particular area that is called Central Station used to be home to loggers and their families from the 1920s to the 1950s.

During that time, the area had several homes and even schools for the local children. Back then, the loggers were harvesting wood from the rainforest and it was simply easier for them to reside near their place of work.

However, logging was dismissed on the island to help preserve the remaining trees on the island. Considering Fraser Island’s status as a world heritage site, this was truly important as the trees and other natural aspects of the island could be protected.

Even though Central Station isn’t a logging community anymore, the area still serves as a place for people to observe the rainforest. Moreover, the area has a number of camping sites for guests to enjoy being in the great outdoors as well.

Central Station Map

Central Station Camping Area

The Central Station Camping Area isn’t far inland from Eurong. The camping area features tent sites and camper sites. The camping area is fenced in to help protect guests from the dingoes that roam the island. Even still, visitors should always be alert and aware of their surroundings. Even with dingoes on the island, camping at Central Station is a favoured activity for guests to Fraser Island.

There are around 40 tent sites and 15 camper sites within Central Station. It also features picnic tables, hot showers (pay-for-use), and flushing toilets. Because of its central location, the camping area proves to be an iconic way for campers to indulge themselves in the island’s landscape while enjoying the peacefulness of camping.

Moreover, the island’s bird populations are known to sing among the tree canopies adding to the allure of the landscape!

For safety reasons, open fires are not permitted within the Central Station camping area. This is due to the fragile nature of the surrounding plant life and various wildlife. Camping isn’t all about campfires and there are still plenty of ways to enjoy tent camping or trailer camping while at Central Station. Additionally, Fraser Island provides more than enough ample scenery to keep people entertained.

Camp check-in is 2 p.m. and check-out is 11 a.m. All trailers must be registered and only used within the designated, marked trailer sites. Booking can be done online and camping permits should be obtained prior to coming to the island. These can be purchased on Queensland’s government website.

Specifically, the camping area is located approximately 8.6km from the Eurong Township via Eurong Road. The use of a 4WD vehicle is always the preferred way to access key points on Fraser Island. This is because 4WD vehicles have the ability to navigate the sandy terrain of the island. Regular vehicles simply cannot handle the flexible sand.

The Central Station camping area can be reached by 4WD and guests should obtain a 4WD permit prior to visiting the island to legally drive on the island. Additionally, there are 4WD tours that guests can partake in that utilize Central Station’s camping area. It truly is the best way to enjoy the island’s gorgeous views as well as camping!

Central Station is just one of many historical and remarkable places on Fraser Island. It not only provides guests with iconic views of the rainforest on the island but also provides opportunities to relax and unwind in a tent or off-road camper!

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