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Fishers should note that the size and possession limits are correct at the time of publishing this page.


For cross reference please see Size limits

The below charts are for Size and Bag Limits for Fishing in Hervey Bay only. These may also be out of date, due to fishing law changes please, call or lookup for more current info on sizes.

The following are the legal minimum and maximum Size and Bag Limits Hervey Bay.
Coral reef finfish bag and size limits*
SpeciesLegal size (cm)Take and possession limit
All cods and groupers38 minCombined limit of 5 in total of all cod species
Cod exceptions
 Camouflage rockcod50 min 100 max 
 Estuary codsee listing in following table 
 Flowery cod50 min 100 max 
 Greasy rockcod38 min 100 max 
 Maori cod45 min 
 Barramundi cod No take
 Potato cod No take
 Queensland grouper No take
All coral trout38 minCombined limit of 7 in total of all trout species
Coral trout exceptions
 Chinese footballer trout (blue spot trout)50 min 80 max 
All emperors25 min5 per species
Emperor exceptions
 Red-throat sweetlip38 min8
 Long nose emperor38 min5
 Spangled emperor45 min5
 Red emperor55 min5
All fusiliersNo limitNo limit
All parrotfishes25 min5 per species
All surgeonfishes25 min5 per species
All sweetlips
(excluding red throat sweetlip)
25 min5 per species
All tropical snappers and sea perches25 min5 per species
Tropical snappers and sea perch exceptions
 Crimson (rosy) jobfish and lavender jobfish38 minCombined limit of 8 in total for both species
 Chinaman fish No take
 Crimson seaperch (small mouth nannygai) and saddletail seaperch (large mouth nannygai)40 minCombined limit of 9 in total for both species
 Flame snapper38 min5
 Goldband snapper38 min5
 Hussar25 min10
 Green jobfish38 min5
 Paddletail No take
 Red bass No take
 Red emperor55 min5
 Ruby snapper38 min5
 Small-toothed jobfish38 min5
All wrasse25 min5 per species
Wrasse exceptions
 Hump-headed Maori No take
 Tuskfish (all species)30 minCombined limit of 6 in total for all tuskfish species
A closed season applies to coral reef fin fish. For a more information see the
Queensland – Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries website
Other tidal species bag and size limits*
SpeciesLegal size (cm)Take and possession limit
Australian bass*30 min2
 East coast58 min 120 max5
 Gulf of Carpentaria60 min 120 max5
Bêche de mer (sea cucumber) excluding black teatfish (take and possession limit of 0)No limit5
Bream (pikey and yellow finned)23 minNo limit
Black lipped pearl oyster9 minNo limit
Cod (estuary)35 min 120 max10
 Blue swimmer11.5No limit
 Mud15 min10
 Spanner*10 min20
Dolphin fish45 minNo limit
 Long-finned30 minCombined limit of 10 in total of all species
 Short-finned30 min
 South Pacific30 min
 Bar-tailed30 minNo limit
 Dusky (mud)40 min 70 max5
 Sand30 minNo limit
Giant trevally
 East coastNo limitNo limit
 Gulf of Carpentaria35 minNo limit
Gold lipped pearl oyster13 min 23 maxNo limit
Grass emperor (grass sweetlip)30 minNo limit
Grunter bream (small spotted and spotted)
 East coast30 minNo limit
 Gulf of Carpentaria40 min10 whole fish or 20 fillets
Jewel fish
 Gulf of Carpentaria45 minNo limit
 Silver45 minNo limit
 Black (east coast)45 min10
 Black (Gulf of Carpentaria)60 min 120 max5 with no more than 2 over 100 cm
 Black75 min10
 Yellowtail50 minNo limit
Large-scale sea perch (fingermark)35 min10
Luderick23 minNo limit
 Grey/broad-barred 60 min 5
 Spanish/narrow-barred 75 min 3
 Queensland school (east coast) 50 min 30
 Queensland school (Gulf of Carpentaria) 50 min 10
 Shark 50 min no limit
 Spotted (east coast) 60 min 5
 Spotted (Gulf of Carpentaria) 50 min 10
Mangrove jack
 East coast35 minNo limit
 Gulf of Carpentaria35 min5
Molluscs any—excluding oystersNo limit50
Mulloway45 min10
Perch pearl35 min5
PrawnsNo limit10 litres?
No more than 10 prawns with their heads or any other part removed, unless the removal was to process the prawns for immediate consumption.
 East coastNo limitNo limit
 Gulf of Carpentaria45 minNo limit
 King/Burnett (east coast)40 minNo limit
 King/Burnett (Gulf of Carpentaria)60 min5
 Blue/Cooktown (east coast)40 minNo limit
 Blue/Cooktown (Gulf of Carpentaria)40 min20
Snapper35 min5
Tailor30 min20
 72 hours or more on Fraser Island30 min30
Tarwhine23 minNo limit
 Silver30 minNo limit
 Jew38 min5
Trochus8 min 12.5 max50
Tropical rock lobster* (painted crayfish Panulirus ornatus)115 mm tail min
90 mm carapace min
Above 14° south lat.
3 per person/6 per boat
Below 14° south lat.
5 per person/10 per boat
All other Panulirus speciesNo limitAs above
Wahoo75 min10
Whiting (golden lined and sand)23 minCombined limit of 30 for both species
Worms (including part thereof)
 BeachNo limit30
 BloodNo limit50
*A closed season applies to these species. For a more information see the
Queensland – Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries website Size and Bag Limits for Fishing in Hervey Bay.
No-take species
Barramundi codChinaman fishHump-headed Maori wrassePaddletail
Potato codQueensland grouperRed bass 

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