Fraser Island Map

Fraser island Map

Leaving from Brisbane, head up 300km north to Hervey Bay QLD, Once you get there you can only access the Island by a high clearance 4×4 so please use a Fraser Island Map. You will find the best map for Fraser Island is from Hema we found ours over on click here for the current price.

Fraser Island is around 123 kilometres in length and covers a massive area of 166,038 ha, With this great amount of land to cover you will need to set aside a good amount of time to take in its landscape.

In addition to its European history which includes the colonial lore of Eliza Fraser, the 1935 stranding of the Maheno, and the Island logging industry that served to rebuild the London Docks after World War II and to line the Suez Canal, Fraser Island contains many remnants and landmarks of its Aboriginal inhabitants.

Sights like the numerous midden humps, the coloured sands of the Dreamtime, and the Stonetool Sandblow provide insight into the original Australian’s culture and lifestyle. Some of the best lakes for swimming in Australia are found on Fraser Island.

Of course, there is no time to visit all the lakes, but do try to see at least one of the lakes while you are on the Island. Lake McKenzie with its crystal clear waters is by far the most popular window lake. Basin Lake is just a brisk walk out of Central Station, and everyone loves viewing the turtles at this perched lake.

A trip to Fraser Island just wouldn’t be complete without a tumble down the encroaching sand dune at Lake Wabby, the only barrage lake in the region. Ask around. One and two-day tours can be arranged through the hostel of your choice or booking Agency, but most adventurous travellers always return wishing they had taken more time to explore the island.

World Heritage Listed Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island full of untouched beauty. It was listed as the largest recognized sand Island in 1992 with remarkable natural sand blows, headlands, and amazing freshwater streams.

With stretching beaches that go for longer then the eye can see, the coloured sands seem to form into small cliffs of coloured beauty.

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Ever-changing dunes, streams and dense forest clearly shows that the island is an unmatched example of the best kept geological processes on the earth today.

Over the vast years, the landscape has formed into one of the best places to camp and fish in the world, with its unmatched landscapes and clear freshwater lakes.

Fraser Map

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You may also try these other maps, The first one is the detailed park map, the other shows the walking trails, plus a conditions report map.

Fraser Map
Park map
Great Walk Fraser Island Map
Great Walk map
Fraser Walking Map
Conditions map

Great Walk, Fraser Island

Why not do the Fraser Island Great Walk? with a walking distance of around 90km, you will start and finish at a different point, to where you started from this is a one-way walk.
Time suggested: allow up to eight days of walking time, with some resting time.
Grade: Grade 4 walking track
Journey type: walk
Fall asleep at the end of each day, looking up at the stars, wake each morning with the rise of the sun and, fresh sea smell in the air for another day of adventure.

Fraser Island Access

Access is only possible by vehicular barges, aircraft, passenger launches, commercial tours or private boats and travelling on the island is restricted to 4WD vehicles only. Day tours are available on the island in air-conditioned 4WD buses, taking in the highlights of a rain forest, freshwater lakes and streams, sand blows, coloured sands, the Maheno shipwreck and Seventy-five Mile Beach.

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Transport yourself to another world, as Fraser Island is the experience of a lifetime.

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