Basin Lake (Fraser Island)

Basin Lake

Australia is an intriguing place to visit. From coast to coast there are numerous places to sight-see and explore, including Fraser Island.

Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island where lush rainforests grow right out of large sand dunes. While that is interesting enough to explore, the island also is home to 40 some lakes.

Each lake is more unique than the other and they all offer something special for their guests. Visitors to the island absolutely have to make a pitstop at some of the more notable lakes on the island!

There are plenty of lakes to explore on Fraser Island and knowing a little bit more about specific ones can help guests determine which one they want to visit first!

The Basin is a lake that isn’t as large as some of the others on Fraser Island but is known to be as deep as 8 metres. Even though the size of the lake is smaller, it is still a perched lake.

Perched lakes are lakes that “perched” above sea level by the formation of sand and organic matter. Fraser Island has many of these types of lakes due to the island being mostly comprised of sand.

The Basin is another exclusive lake on the island that has a secluded feel to it. Overhead sights of the lake show the lake speckled within treelines and various vegetation.

The access to the lake is through the walk that surrounds the area near the lake. Specifically, guests can find the lake stemmed off of the Fraser Island Great Walk, and reaching it directly is about a 500m walk.

This really adds to the adventure of going to the lake!

Like other lakes on the island, the waters are tannin-coloured. This means that the waters are a yellowish-brown or tea colour. While this seems strange, it truly makes for quite the sight!

The vegetation around the lake is what contributes to the water’s colour.

Google Map Of Basin Lake

The Basin Lake Walk

Many of the lake areas throughout Fraser Island have walking tracks around them or near them.

In the case of The Basin, its walking track is stemmed off of the Fraser Island Great Walk, a walk that stretches an impressive 1,840 square kilometres.

The Basin is one of many pitstops along the Great Walk, however, guests to The Basin will find that walking the lake’s walk is quite enjoyable all on its own.

The walk is about 5.6km in length and takes about 3 hours to complete. It is considered a Grade 4 in terms of difficulty due to the hilly portions of the walk so it does require some fitness level to complete.

The walk winds through the rainforest leading to the lake. Specifically, the walk can be best accessed if approached from the Central Station day-use area via Wanggoolba Creek boardwalk to the Great Walk.

From there, guests should follow the steep hill to flatter ground that is surrounded by scribbly gums and other various trees.

Following this flatter area after the hill will provide the best access to this secluded lake. The lake is regarded as a beautiful, hidden gem that is perfect for swimming and exploring the walk around it!

Because the walk is a return walk, visitors must enter and exit at the same point to get back on the walk and further explore it.

Basin Lake Things To Do

Each lake location around Fraser Island will showcase similar activities to partake in. However, each one does have slightly different adventures to embark on! Below are the top things to do while at The Basin!

Things To Do At The Basin

Go Swimming At Basin Lake

The Basin is a great swimming location for guests. It provides ample depth for diving right into the waters. The secluded location of this lake will make the area feel like a treasured oasis for visitors.

The tall vegetation around the shores of the lake even further provides this type of feel for its guests.

Like the other swimming lakes on Fraser Island, swimmers are not permitted to wear sun lotion or bug sprays before entering the waters. Because the lakes are perched, the waters are purer and their ecosystems are extremely delicate.

These products can pollute the water.

Take Many Photo’s Of Basin Lake

Fraser Island has photo opportunities all throughout but its lakes are possibly the best places to get a good photo!

The shiny waters, vegetation, rainforest backdrops etc simply make for an iconic photo.

Whether it is with a high-end smartphone or professional camera, The Basin is certainly a great place to get a photographic memory!

Explore The Great Walk On Fraser Island

Because the primary access to The Basin is off of the Great Walk, it could be fun to explore other parts of the Great Walk.

The Great Walk is probably the best way to explore Fraser Island and its key points of interest that are speckled further inland from its shorelines.

It is important to note that the Great Walk is extensive and shouldn’t be walked without proper preparation.

This includes having plenty of water, access to some food etc. Some stretches of the walk are more advanced and do take a bit longer than others. Consulting what area to walk first to is always a good idea.

Visit The Central Station Day Use Area

The Central Station day-use areaOpens in a new tab., also associated with the Central Station camping area, isn’t far from the lake.

In fact, since the best access to the lake starts at the day-use area, it only makes sense to explore this area as well! This area features flush toilets, picnic tables, and a small pristine stream.

Guests walking along the Great Walk will find this area quite exceptional as well. It is a great spot to rest and relax!

The camping area just nearby is a great spot to camp while visiting The Basin. Central Station’s camping area features hot showers (paid, bring coins $2.00), various tent sites, a payphone, and a dingo fence.

As with any camping on Fraser Island, permits are required but camping under the trees is pure bliss! The Basin is right up the Great Walk from this area so guests can camp and explore the lake as well!

Check Out The Wanggoolba Creek Boardwalk

Considering that access to the lake is by following the boardwalk to the Fraser Island Great Walk, guests will get a chance to explore this nifty boardwalk area!

The boardwalk is a Grade 2 walking track that stretches approximately 700 metres. Along the way, guests will walk through the rainforest, see various birdlife, ferns, and even fish and eels in the creek itself.

From the walk to the lake and the lake itself, the whole experience is truly remarkable!

Basin Lake is one of many exciting perched lakes to visit on Fraser Island. From the lake itself and its surroundings, there is so much to see and do in the area.

Fraser Island continuously proves to be an endless supply of beauty and naturalistic scenery!

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