12 Things To Do In Rainbow Beach

rainbow beach things to do

The main attraction that draws visitors from right across Australia and the world to the area of Rainbow Beach is without a doubt, the breathtaking foreshores. With 23 kilometres of curved beach to explore by foot or by 4×4.

Looking out upon the stunning open waters that await you, the ocean allows for excellent swimming, surfing, boating, sailing, skiing, snorkelling and of course, fishing! You will also find some kayaking and dolphin tours of the beach.

Even though this particular destination has a curved style bay like the beach, it still draws lots of tourists who love to stay here just for the surf conditionsOpens in a new tab..

Waves are a daily part of your experience when visiting glorious Rainbow Beach. You can find out where is Rainbow Beach? here.

Bring your surfboard and enjoy surfing these amazing waters that reside right next to world heritage listed Fraser Island. If you’re new to surfing why not try out the local tours that teach you how to surfOpens in a new tab..

Swimmers are well protected with the local surf lifesavers on patrol advising you to always swim between the flags to protect you from any unwanted rips in the waters.

Boating enthusiasts will absolutely love visiting the open waters of Rainbow Beach. Perfect for a day out fishing or a quick trip over to Fraser Island which is a short 10 minutes away.

1. Go Fishing In Rainbow Beach!

Some of the species of fish that you can expect to find in the waters of Rainbow Beach are, SnapperOpens in a new tab. and Sweet lipOpens in a new tab. – which make for terrific eating whether you pan-fry or cook in the oven whole.

Red Emperor, Parrot and Pearl Perch are caught quite regularly, along with Amberjack and Mackerel fish.

There are many good types of fish well worth fishing for in the area that make for delicious eating afterwards.

Don’t worry if you aren’t a boat owner or you have actually never fished prior, you can book a chartered tour where experienced fishermen will take you out and show you around their vessel, where to catch the very best fish and what types are in season, along with showing you all around the area.

These chartered tours on offer can be booked out rather quickly, so be sure to look them up and make your reservation in advance.

2. Take A Tour Of Fraser Island From Rainbow Beach

World Heritage listed, Fraser Island is so close to the beautiful Rainbow Beach that you will literally feel as if you could walk there!

Being the closest land destination to magical Fraser Island makes this place very popular with tourists and backpackers as you get two places right at your fingertips to explore in one stay. The best 3-day tours are found hereOpens in a new tab..

Ferry transfer to and from the area on a ten-minute journey over to Fraser Island across the waters.

Imagine stepping off Rainbow Beach and ten minutes later stepping onto the world-famous island itself!

Once you are on Fraser, you can expect to enjoy everything that you have already heard about.

The wildlife you can expect to encounter, as well as wanting to take many photos for keepsakes. The very popular dingo has long inhabited the island and has become a trademark of Fraser.

These beautiful creatures may appear just like dogs, but you must always remember to keep your distance and observe from afar.

These animals are wild and are use to roaming their own environment for food and water and the public is warned against feeding them in any way. Another popular sighting that visitors enjoy photographing is the Kingfisher bird.

These beautiful birds live on Fraser Island and are pretty sighting when seen. Their colourful feathers make them stand out and photographers love capturing these creatures in their own habitat.

If you are looking at staying on Fraser for an overnight or longer stay, there are plenty of ways in which to lay your head at night time.

You can choose to stay in the outdoors and utilise the camping areas available or you may wish to book in with one of the resorts the Island plays home to.

There are also ranger-guided tours on offer when staying at the resorts and this is where you can take a tour across the island and gain a vast knowledge of all facts regarding Fraser.

3. Whale Watching Rainbow Beach

Another very popular reason why visitors from all across the globe come to Rainbow Beach is due to the whales that migrate into the area between May and October.

These stunning sea creatures venture right up to Queensland to the warmer climates to relax and breed. This has always captivated the people and this is where “whale watching” took on a whole new meaning.

People from right across the world discovered these enormous creatures and wanted to see them for themselves in person.

Businesses with vessels that were equipped to take groups of people out upon the waters became in high demand and the whale-watching business was in full bloom.

Every year this becomes more and more popular with people of all ages flocking to these whale-watching destinations so they can catch a glimpse of these beautiful animals and if you are very fortunate, you may even get up close enough to touch these creatures.

4. Visit Seary’s Creek

Seary’s Creek is a well-known creek located on the way to Rainbow Beach. Part of the Great National Sandy Park includes somewhat 56,000 hectares of bushland and that includes Fraser Island.

This beautiful freshwater creek is known for its slightly golden orange colour, clear flowing waters, and sandy shorelines. Go for a swim or relax near the small waterfall! There are some small fish and an eel that are known to live in the waters too.

camping at rainbow beach

5. Annual Fishing Competition At Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach has long held the annual Mitsubishi Motors fishing competition. People of all ages can enter and visitors travel far and wide to take part in what Queensland considers, one of the best competitions in fishing.

Not only can anyone enter, but there is a whopping $100,000 in prizes up for grabs during the eight days of fishing throughout the competition. Entry conditions are available online.

6. Visit Rainbow Beach Pubs, Parks And BBQs

Feeling peckish or hungry? There are some great places available to go to and enjoy a simple snack or a big belly feed when you are in Rainbow Beach.

Beautiful local fish served up in a delicacy of meals for you to try, or perhaps you prefer your fish served with good old-fashioned chips and salad!

The choice is yours and the choices are endless! Sit amongst the locals who visit the famous pub that overlooks the beaches of Rainbow and learn a bit about the heritage of the area and what makes living in a place like this so special.

Recreational parks are nearby if you have kids who want to run and play and there are plenty of areas for adults to sit and watch.

BBQ facilities are near the foreshore for those campers who are staying in the nearby caravan park and wish to enjoy the outdoor cooking style.

Or perhaps you have just visited the area for the day and wish to stop by at the local supermarket and grab some items to enjoy over the local BBQ areas around Rainbow.

7. See The Colours Of The Beach From Carlow Sand Blow

If there is one absolute ‘must-see’ when you are in Rainbow Beach, it has to be the Carlos Sand Blow.

These enormous cliff-like features have become an interesting feature of the area and their colours and transformations have visitors admiring them as well as taking hundreds of photographs daily.

You can access these dunes via a short bush-style walk to the cliffs.

Once you are upon these dunes, it is easy to see why this could possibly be the most spectacular place in the world at that very moment you see it all for yourself. 360-degree views of the landscape.

Breathtaking views of Fraser and Rainbow. Views are so perfect that you cannot help but capture it all on your camera whilst standing there.

This tranquil, peaceful spot that nature has transformed for your enjoyment is truly one of the loveliest places you will stand in the entire world.

Take your family and your photographs. It is very well worth it all.

However, if there is one absolute “must-do” attraction that is the entire reason why people of all ages and from all across the world, love coming to Rainbow Beach, it is this:

Rainbow Beach is visually beautiful. It is a place quite simply like no other. It takes you away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life. It creates peace within your soul.

There is only the amount of noise you wish to allow in. You can do as much or as little as you wish. It is a place where the whole family, of all ages, can enjoy being together.

There are scenic spots that are heaven’s way of reminding you why you are alive and why you have visited this majestic area.

The beach, when seen for the very first time, will really take your breath away. It is not like any other beach.

It is stunning from left to right. You can smell the sea air, hear the waves crashing upon the white sands and see the lush green landscape rustling nearby.

People, for many, many years have enjoyed camping and 4×4 along these magnificent shores. Possibly making it the best reason to come to Rainbow Beach. Waking up, whether in your tent or 4×4- and opening your eyes and senses to such beauty.

“The blue waves meet the white sands meet the green landscape”.

8. Go Horse Riding On The Beach

A unique experience that can be found on most beaches around Australia is taking a horse ride along the beach. Not only is it an enjoyable experience for the rider but for the horse as well. A surreal experience as you gallop along the sands and crash into the water and waves getting a spray of saltwater.

This is most definitely one adventure you will never forget and will want to do again. It is advised that you bring a good hat that fits firmly on your head for when you let the reigns loose signalling to the horse it’s time to break free and feel the wind blow in your face.

Also, have plenty of sunscreens as the sun in Australia can be a bit harsh sometimes.

9. Surf The Waves In Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach is definitely a spot you want to consider taking your surfboard as the waves here are mint. If you’re a beginner don’t worry Rainbow Beach has you covered for that as well. With many surf lessons on offer, you are sure to sharpen your skills or have a good go at a new sport or hobby.

Many surfers will flock here as Rainbow Beach sits on the Southern side of Fraser Island giving you good land breaks and offshore breaks. Whereas the opposite is to be said if you were to try surfing in Hervey Bay.

Although on a good southerly, you may have enough waves to try out body boarding or boogie boarding.

Most surfers choose to go surfing right off the main beach to the northern side of the entrance as it produces the best waves but does still be mindful as there is a small rock reef on that side. It is advisable to wear a wetsuit if surfing in this area.

10. Diving And Snorkeling Wolf Rock

Wolf Rock is considered to be one of Australia’s best diving spots, but only for the experienced diver due to its complexity and at times low visibility being around 5- 50 meters. These tall volcanic rocks that form the reef area bring in a large abundance of sea creatures.

Some of the creatures come for many reasons, whether it be to breed, eat or clean themselves you are sure to see plenty of sea life here year-round. The most notable creature you are likely to see is the grey nurse shark which frequents the area year long and calls it home.

If you are wanting to experience Wolf Rock you may go along with the charter group Wolf Rock Dive Charters, but again, you must have a minimum qualification to join in on this experience of Open Water Diver, BSAC Sports Diver or CMAS.

With all this in mind, it is one experience you won’t forget as a seasoned diver.

11. Poona Lake And Freshwater Walking Track

Situated only a short 12-minute drive outside of Rainbow Beach is the Beautiful Freshwater Poona Lake. To get there you take Rainbow Beach Road towards Gympie and turn off at Freshwater Road where it leads to the Freshwater Lake Walking TrackOpens in a new tab..

To get to the lake you want to take the second turn off of the walking track, the first track will lead you to the campground track and Bymien Picnic area, and the second track leads directly to Poona LakeOpens in a new tab..

So many people travel here to see the abundance of rainforest, flora and fauna that surrounds the area. With the sandy banks that line this large freshwater lake, it’s no wonder people come here for the tranquillity.

It’s a 2.1-kilometre walk so keep that in mind before deciding to make the trek.

12. Dolphin Feeding Near Rainbow Beach

Heard of Tin Can Bay? This budding place is a short boat trip or drive from Rainbow Beach and is well worth the visit if you are in the area.

Tin Can Bay has grown vastly over the many years with many people moving to the area to live and work.

It is still regarded as a seaside village by the locals and you get that very “homely feel” when you are talking with them about how proud they are to reside in such a beautiful and peaceful place.

Something the whole family can enjoy when visiting Tin Can Bay is feeding the stunning dolphins.

Not many places in the world give you an opportunity such as this and you really want to take the whole family along to enjoy these wonderful moments together, Why not check out the other things to do at Tin Can Bay?

Every day, early in the mornings, down near the calm foreshores at Tin Can Bay, professional dolphin handlers are on standby at the same time for the appearance of two or three dolphins that come into the shores for feeding.

Here, you too can be a part of the action and get the chance to hand-feed these majestic animals.

Kids absolutely love lining up quietly to have their chance to meet these glorious creatures of our waters. And, it is fair to say the dolphins love it too!

They are friendly, playful, and peaceful and always manage to take terrific photos! So, bring your cameras and your smiles to Rainbow Beach today and take a look online at how you too can be part of the fun.

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