Hervey Bay Visitor Guide

A go-to, quick click guide for all your travelling, accommodation, and information needs. We’ve made it easy for you to find what you need.

If you’re wanting to take the kids to the park or nearest movie theatre, or if its something sweet you crave then looks no further.

Have you come to visit Hervey Bay and decided you’d like to stay a little bit longer, than we can point you in the right direction from camping to resort style and bed and breakfast.

Want to take a trip to go whale watching during whale watching season but don’t know where to look, we got you covered! We have created the perfect guide for all your needs.


The website is run by myself Daniel Clarke, I’m lucky enough to have been living in Hervey Bay, for 29 years so I’m classed as a local I have seen many changes over this time. I have been running websites since early 2000 and also have a tech business in Hervey Bay.

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