Things To Do In Hervey Bay

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There are is plenty of things to do in Hervey Bay and discovering all it has to offer is a once in a lifetime experience that cannot be matched! But where to start?

Hervey Bay feeds into the stunning Coral Sea offering some of the greatest ocean views as well. It’s calming and tranquil waters make it perfect for any tourist or resident to enjoy!

Australia has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. More specifically, Hervey Bay is a treasure cove of gorgeous views, sites and exciting wildlife to explore.

The Top 20 Things to Do in Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay is in Queensland, Australia along with the coast feeding into the Coral Sea. It is packed with exciting new things to explore and check out. Below are the top 20 things to do in Hervey Bay!

1. Go Whale Watching July through November

Whale watching is easily the most popular activity at Hervey Bay. During the peak season of whale migration, these majestic creatures guests can experience the gentle giants swimming and playing in the bay.

The bay has served as a resting place for whales during their journey which is usually July through November.

However, the best time to see them is considered to take place in early August through late September. This engaging experience has tremendously grown over the last decade or so.

Humpback whales are a naturally curious species and love to investigate their surroundings. There are plenty of tour boats that offer up-close encounters as these grand creatures swim close.

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They can difficult to see from the shore, so it is recommended for the best experience to book a tour boat.

2. Turtle Discovery and Cultural Eco Tour

Wildlife in Australia is such a treat for guests. There are so many species roaming the country that an opportunity to see them are everywhere! The Turtle Discovery and Cultural Eco tourOpens in a new tab. is another great program to engage in!

This exciting tour in Hervey Bay takes guests through the calm waters of the Great Sandy Marine Park. Here, visitors can expect to see gorgeous, vibrant coral gardens from a large, glass-bottomed boat. The clear and pristine waters provide an optimal view of the coral gardens.

This particular experience also allows for snorkelling. Guests who take the plunge will have face to face encounters with beautiful marine life they normally wouldn’t see.

The marine life that is likely to be experienced are turtles, dolphins, reef sharks, and even the occasional dugong. Nothing is more memorable than swimming among these magnificent creatures with the Hervey Bay Eco Marine ToursOpens in a new tab..

Hervey Bay Eco Marine Tours is open 7 days a week from 7 am to 7 pm. For any questions or inquiries, their number is +61 7 4125 6888.

3. Take a Stroll at The Esplanade

This area of Hervey Bay is a nature lover’s dream that sits along the waterfront area. It runs between the Urangan Harbor to Gatakers Bay at Point Vernon. At a stunning 17km, it is perfect for jaw-dropping sunsets or sunrises along its walkway.

Viewing the coastline and beach from the walkway makes any stroll through the Esplanade a wonderful encounter. Many guests use it as a means of exercise due to its length and views.

Exercising can be boring, but when there’s so much to look at while doing it the experience definitely gets heightened! The Esplanade is the perfect blend of nature, exercise access and even a taste of the city. It is in close proximity to restaurants and shops as well!

4. Reef World Aquarium and Shark Swim


While the sea offers a lot of marine life, visiting the aquarium is a great choice as well! For over 35 years, the Reef World Aquarium has been a favoured spot to tourists and residents alike and is fun for the whole family!

The aquarium is a step above other aquariums as it uses natural sunlight which is better for marine life. Overall, Reef World features many different species of marine life including sea turtles, tropical fish, sharks, reef fish, tube worms and so much more.

They offer interactive displays where visitors can feed the marine life and even touch them first hand with special touch tanks.

For the more adventurous guests, they even have the option to swim with the sharks! While it takes a bit of courage to swim with the various species of sharks at the aquarium, no diving experience is needed.

Reef World suggests that guests bring towels, know how to swim, and a camera for photo ops. They provide all the gear required for the experience. The environment is highly controlled and there is always a helpful staff member nearby.

For bookings or questions about the shark swim specifically, the number is +61 7 4128 9828. Their hours of operation are 9:30 am to 4 pm.

5. Explore The Safe Hervey Bay Beaches

Going to the beach is much more than just getting sand between one’s toes. There is so much to see and discover among the sands. Hervey Bay has some great accesses to the beach that are great for swimming and exploring all of the beaches, the waters here known as safe beaches but it’s still best to practise beach safety.

Torquay Beach is a hot spot for a relaxing swim or a quiet fish with its 800-meter long stretch. This gives plenty of room for beach dwellers to enjoy the sun and sand! Fishing enthusiasts will especially appreciate this area for a relaxing day of trying to catch something interesting!

Not too far away from this location is the Toogoom 08 Beach Access area. This is known as a dog park and provides a safe and exciting area for dogs to play and swim.

Dog lovers will enjoy giving their special buddies a dip in the sea away from the bustle of other swimmers. There’s nothing more than a dog loves than a long stretch of sand to run on and water to take a dip!

6. Visit The Botanic Gardens In Urangan

In Hervey Bay, the Botanic gardens are simply breath-taking. It has an impressive 26 hectares to explore within the Urangan region. While much of the area could be considered as overgrown, travelling through it is greatly rewarding.

The plant life at the gardens are gorgeous displays and the location offers different events throughout the year like pot planting, tours, etc. One of the most beautiful spots in the botanic garden is a quaint Chinese garden featuring an orchid house and pond.

This gem really gives nature lovers a sight to behold! However, as beautiful as this location is, there are also a variety of bird species that call the botanic garden home. Catching a glimpse of these birds truly adds to the special nature of the garden!

7. See The Point Vernon Kangaroos

Point Vernon sits right along the coast in Hervey Bay and was first founded in 1861. This location offers a different kind of experience for guests as it features Australia’s most famous animal: the Kangaroo.

While it is not safe to approach kangaroos, just seeing these incredible animals make for something memorable. Point Vernon is also known for its rocky landscape and views of the Pacific Ocean.

There are also opportunities for visitors to snorkel among stingrays, subtropical fish, and other interesting marine life in the waters.

8. Visit the 868 meter Long Urangan Pier

The Urangan Pier is a historical landmark that juts into the bay towards the Coral Sea. It’s been held dear to the locals since the mid-1900s and when it was temporarily shut down for partial demolition in the 80s, the community banded together to save this critical piece of history.

Hervey Bay just would not be the same without this iconic pier. Whales can be seen from here as well during whale watching season, although they generally do not get very close to the pier. There are also schools of fish and stingrays that can be seen at the end of the pier.

The pier is approximately 868 meters long, giving plenty of space for all sorts of activities. The residents are serious fishers and the pier even has an annual fishing competition.

This location makes for a great way to spend the day trying to catch all types of fish. It’s a peaceful atmosphere and is truly enticing along with its beautiful views.

9. Fun at The Wetside Water Park Pialba

Wetside Water Park

This family-friendly business is an educational water park that also provides tons of fun for all. Their main attractions include water slides, a water play area, water slides for children under 5 years of age, a FlipSide Board Rider, and fountain light shows (Saturdays only!).

Even with all those exciting things to do, they also have a coffee shop, restaurant and a fish and chip booth. While the entry into the Wetside Water Park is free, there are fees associated with the slides and board rider attractions.

The park’s hours of operation are Wednesday through Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm and they are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. For more information regarding prices or general questions, they can be reached at +61 406 451 472.

10. Hervey Bay Historical Village and Museum

There’s no argument that Hervey Bay is rich with historical facts. The Hervey Bay Historical Village and Museum offers visitors a unique experience into the bay’s history.

The museum and village feature 21 buildings to explore from the old days, set up as exact replicas of that specific time. There are also over 12,000 items on display to examine.

They also offer live demonstrations and re-enactments of settlers from the past and how they survived in harsh conditions and lived their daily lives. This adventure is not only interesting but truly educational.

Their hours of operation are only Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Friday and Saturday they are open from 1 pm to 4:30 pm and Sunday they are open from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm. Demonstrations are done precisely from 1 pm to 3 pm. For any questions or concerns, they can be contacted at +61 7 4128 4804.

11. Take a Trip to Fraser Island Queensland

Hervey Bay is not far from Fraser Island where there are crystal clear lakes to swim in and gorgeous sanded beaches to explore. The island is home to many wildlife species and there are tours that run from Hervey Bay to Fraser island to give guests a taste of the wildlife.

There is also the Rainbow Beach that has different coloured sands to give its namesake.

12. Dine Out At The Local Restaurants

Part of travelling is finding new and exciting cuisine to try. Hervey Bay has a few eatery options for delicious foods to try. Considering the hefty amount of fishing done in the region, the food is exceptionally fresh.

Some of the most popular restaurant’s in Hervey Bay include Wild Lotus Restaurant and Bar, El Puerto Brazilian Bbq, and The Dock Hervey Bay. These stunning restaurants offer guests chic atmospheres with tasty foods to really showcase all that Hervey Bay has to offer.

13. Visit Dayman Park in Urangan

This recreational park is great for family gatherings, picnics, and even has been known to have weddings on the grounds. There are bbq areas, picnic benches, playgrounds for children, etc.

This wide range of options makes it a great place to enjoy Hervey Bay’s wonderful weather and spend time with loved ones.

14. Visit the Sun Lodge Oceanfront Tourist Park

The Sun Lodge Oceanfront Tourist Park is a caravan park with cabins for camping amenities. It is in a great location near Point Vernon and just a stone’s throw away from many shops and restaurants.

It prides itself on being a clean and safe environment for all who stay at the park. It has great views of the Coral Sea as well. They are pet-friendly as well, so guests can have their dogs tag along.

Some key features of the caravan park include modern motel-like cabins as well as a swimming pool. They are also not far from a boat ramp for those who want to take their boats out onto the water.

15. Head Out For Water Sports, Swimming

With so much access to the pristine waters, there are tons of water sports to partake in. This includes swimming, sailing, boating, jet-skiing just to name a few. There is no shortage of fun water activities to discover at Hervey bay!

16. Go Fishing On The Beaches

Hervey Bay is a fisherman’s paradise with ample opportunity for the next greatest catch! From the beaches to the pier to boating, the options are practically limitless.

The area is full of fishing lovers and enthusiasts alike. With so many diverse species of wildlife, marine life is truly exotic for fishermen. Visitors to the country who take up fishing may experience some interesting catches which make the fishing scene even more enjoyable!

17. Take A Boat Visit To Woody Island

Hervey Bay is lined with some islands that are not far to travel to. While Fraser Island is the main attraction of these islands, Big Woody Island is a great location as well.

Woody Island features two lighthouses in the Great Sandy Strait and was built somewhere around 1866 to 1870. In 2001, they were considered to be a heritage site and deemed as such.

Respectively, each lighthouse is named the Middle Bluff Lighthouse and the North Bluff Lighthouse due to the location of where they are positioned. These grand structures are quite intriguing to admire and really immerse visitors in historical experience.

18. Try Bushwalking in Vernon State Forest

The Vernon State Forest is a step away from the beach scenery. It features walking trails and biking trails through the wooded landscape that is more than pleasant to travel.

The wooded area has eucalypti trees lining the paths for guests to enjoy. The forest also has a hilly environment great for hiking and exploring. Once again, the wildlife is something to truly be in awe of when it comes to exploring Australia’s terrain.

Vernon State ForestOpens in a new tab. has been known to have various species of animals and plants.

19. Adventure Park

Featuring the newly built skate park for kids young an old to get out their skills, or just to have a ride down the ramps. Loved by many in the community as it offers so much for all ages and abilities.

There is a disability friendly park, right next to what many locals call “Big Slide” park, which once you see, you will understand why it has this name.

With quick access to the beach a wrap around bike trail surrounding the park and BBQ’s with picnic table and coverings, its no wonder so many locals flock to this Park. Come see for yourself all the park has to offer.

20. Visit The Hervey Bay RSL For Lunch

While there is much to see in nature at Hervey Bay, sometimes a break from the great outdoors is needed. The RSL is a quiet environment with plenty of gaming for adults to enjoy.

They even feature kids play centre, restaurant, meeting rooms, bars, and a special experience known as High Tea. At High Tea, up to 4 guests can enjoy tea and sweet snacks amid friendly chatter with each other.

For more event information and location information, RSL can be reached at +61 7 4197 7444. Their hours of operation are Sunday through Wednesday 9:30 am to 11 pm, Thursday 9 am to 1 am, and Friday and Saturday 9:30 am to 1:30 am. Website in a new tab..

Free Things to do in Hervey Bay

  • WETSIDE Water Park Located between Pialba Caravan Park and Seafront Oval. Phone: 0406 451 472
  • Walk or ride the Esplanade (this is about 17 km).
  • Feed the Lorikeets at the Botanical Gardens.
  • Visit the Regional Art Gallery at 161 Old Road, Pialba
  • Visit Australia’s FIRST Immigration and Family Wall of Honour.
  • Visit Hervey Bays “MARKETS” held every Sunday with Arts, Crafts, everything you might need and a lot you won’t.
  • A scenic drive to Toogoom or Burrum Heads.
  • Visit Torquay Beachside Markets at Torquay Esplanade, near tennis courts and Aquavue Cafe every 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month from 8 am to 2 pm.
  • Fish off one of the small jetties along the Esplanade or walk out to the end of the Pier (approx. 868 m long). Drop a fishing line into a deep shipping channel where they catch all sorts of fish like garfish, whiting, bream, flathead and big fish like “Golden Trevally”.
  • Feed the Pelicans.
  • Have a BBQ on the foreshore. There are gas BBQs all along the Esplanade.
  • Things to do at night time.
  • Things to do when it’s raining.
  • Go swimming
  • Collect shells on the beach
  • Walk on the beach

No matter where tourists or residents decide to go to Hervey Bay, there will be fun to be had! There is a wonderful blend of free and paid things to do and something to suit all hobbies and interests. Discover Hervey Bay to its fullest and all it has to offer!

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