Hervey Bay Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens

Hervey Bays Botanic Gardens is a great place for a leisurely stroll, or to see the bush tucker of the Fraser Coast region. Find a peaceful spot to sit back and enjoy a book, or enjoy a bit of pilates or yoga. The botanic gardens feature five key spots that are most attractive to those who visit, which include: Please click here to view the mapOpens in a new tab.

The Gardens are located at:

62-105 Elizabeth St, Urangan QLD 4655, give them a call for any extra information (07) 4125 9700

Google Map Of Hervey Bay Botanic Gardens

  • Warun Bush Tucker Garden
  • Tranquillity Garden
  • Japanese Bridge Garden
  • Woodlands and Wetlands Area
  • Orchid House

You also won’t want to miss out on viewing the Bush Chapel which is out in the open for any special occasion. Another new addition to the Botanic Gardens is the orchid house which does not disappoint.

Here you can find a variety of orchids to add to your collection, with more than 15,000 varieties to view, the bonus is some are available for purchase.

The Great Sandy Strait Botanic Gardens is situated on 26 hectares, and it was started by two retired people who wanted a project to work on. It turned out to be a great success among many of the locals and visitors to the Fraser Coast.

What To Bring When Visiting The Botanic Gardens

Things you should bring when visiting the gardens, it is recommended that you wear closed-toe shoes while walking through the wetlands and bush. Please note that some visitors may need to bring bug repellent as this area is known for bugs.

It’s a great place to have a family picnic as there are plenty of facilities to do so. If you want to have a sausage sizzle don’t worry there are several BBQ facilities available with an undercover area for cooking and seating, but please be sure to clean up after yourselves.

Why not bring along some binoculars to get a closer view of the birds that inhabit the area. Or if you are coming with a group of children or even a retirement group, a favourite of the community is to hide painted rocks around the gardens for others to find or pick one up for yourself if you find one.

Many say that the botanic gardens are a must-see, taking roughly two hours to stroll through the whole grounds. With no fee required for entry, a must-do, it’s a great place to feed the ducks and turtles that live in and around the pond.

Botanic Gardens Wild Life

Some Species of Animals and BirdLife you may see are:

BeesNative Australian Bees
Sugar Bag Bees
TurtlesKrefft’s Shortnecked Turtle
FrogsBufo Marinus (Cane Toad)
Striped burrowing Frog
Short Footed Frog
New Holland Frog
Green Tree Frog
Red-Eyed Tree Frog
Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog
Dainty Tree Frog
Flood Plain Frog
Broad Palmed Frog
Rocket Frog
Whirring tree Frog
Roth’s Tree Frog
WildlifeRingtail Possums
Micro Bats
Fruit Bats
Bird SpeciesPurple Swamphen
Australian Bush Turkey
Australian Magpie
Grey Butcherbird
Crested Pigeon
Little Wattlebird
Spotted Dove
Lewin’s Honeyeater
Dusky Moorhen
Torresian Crow
Willie Wagtail
Eastern Whipbird
Noisy Miner
Rainbow Lorikeet
Fairy Wren
Laughing Kookaburra
Pied Butcherbird
Pacific Black Duck
ButterfliesLarge Grass Yellow
Blue Tiger
Lesser Wanderer
Lemon Migrant
Orange Lacewing
Common Crow
Gypsy Moth
Hawks Moth
Red Lacewing

The gardens are open daily from 6 am to 8 pm, so plenty of time for a morning or evening jog/walk. With off-street parking and on-street parking available, there are two entrances to the park off of Elizabeth St, but only one with parking facilities.

There is a front office open on Tuesdays and Thursdays where you can volunteer to help plant new fauna into the gardens, making a great opportunity to ask questions about your own home garden.

Before you take a stroll through the park be sure to visit one of the cafes located on either Elizabeth street or on the Esplanade, as there are no cafes located in the garden areas.

Weddings And Events At The Botanical Gardens

  • No Amplified music to be used without prior approval.
  • No pegs or Poles to be driven into the ground, you may use sandbags or water cans to secure marquees or tents.
  • No seating is provided
  • Must give 4 weeks’ notice prior to event or wedding
  • Bin hire is available otherwise must remove your own waste while in use of the facility.
  • Area to be maintained and cleaned by event holder/ applicant.
  • Parking is limited and must only park in Botanic Garden’s assigned parking areas.
  • Must be 18+ years old to book an event.
  • Must Provide a Plan layout of projected use of the facility.
  • All permits/licenses must be obtained by the applicant, unless using a food truck or catering business therefore they must provide a permit/license.
  • Alcohol License must be obtained to be used on grounds, only cans are permitted.
  • Tree Conservation is to be observed, so no pinning or hanging of signage or banners on trees, or leaning objects on trees.
  • No electrical equipment to be used across walkways or hindering walking areas. Short term power supply can be provided.
Wedding100 PeopleBooking Cost $100
Commercial EventAny NumberBooking Cost $1000
Non CommercialUnder 100 PeopleBooking Cost $140
Non CommercialOver 100 PeopleBooking Cost $420
Click here to view PDF File RegulationsOpens in a new tab.

Botanic Gardens Photos

If your looking for a place that has great photo opportunities then the botanic garden is a perfect place for it. With several different themed areas around the park, it will not disappoint.

With options like the Chinese garden, the surrounds of the orchid house, or try by the pond with the beautiful bridged area. If you want to go with a peaceful outlook then check out the tranquillity garden, or for a more rugged experience journey through the bush of the gardens.

No matter where you choose you are guaranteed the perfect shot.

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