Is Hervey Bay Full Of Old People?

Hervey Bay is a popular retirement destination and has a higher proportion of older residents than some other cities in Australia. However, it is important to note that Hervey Bay is a diverse community with a range of age groups represented, and it is not accurate to say that the city is “full of old people.”

According to the 2016 Census, around 26% of the population in Hervey Bay was aged 65 and over, which is higher than the national average of 15%. However, the majority of the population is still under 65 years of age.

Hervey Bay is a popular tourist destination, particularly for families and retirees, and offers a range of activities and attractions for people of all ages. These include whale watching, fishing, water sports, parks and gardens, and a variety of restaurants and cafes.

In summary, while Hervey Bay does have a higher proportion of older residents, it is a diverse community with a range of age groups represented, and it offers something for everyone.

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Why Do Old People Move To Hervey Bay?

Hervey Bay is a popular destination for retirees and older Australians due to its pleasant climate, relaxed lifestyle, and range of amenities and services tailored to the needs of seniors. Here are some reasons why older people choose to move to Hervey Bay:

  1. Climate: Hervey Bay has a subtropical climate with mild winters and warm summers, which is ideal for people who want to escape the colder climates in other parts of Australia.
  2. Lifestyle: Hervey Bay has a relaxed lifestyle with a range of outdoor activities, such as fishing, boating, and beachcombing. It also has a vibrant community with a variety of social clubs and groups that cater to seniors.
  3. Healthcare: Hervey Bay has a range of healthcare facilities, including hospitals, medical centres, and aged care facilities, making it a desirable location for seniors who require medical care.
  4. Amenities: Hervey Bay has a range of amenities and services, including shopping centres, restaurants, cafes, and cultural activities, making it a convenient and enjoyable place to live.
  5. Affordability: Hervey Bay has a lower cost of living compared to some other coastal towns in Australia, making it an attractive option for retirees who are looking to downsize or live on a fixed income.

In summary, the pleasant climate, relaxed lifestyle, healthcare facilities, amenities, and affordability are some of the reasons why older people choose to move to Hervey Bay.

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