Fraser Island Fishing

Fraser Island Fishing

There are many areas around Fraser Island to go fishing. Each angler will usually find their perfect fishing spot and keep it a secret amongst others. For those that have long wanted to head to Fraser Island to go fishing here are some tips and places to reel in a big catch and on the dinner plate!

Fraser Island Fishing
Blue Fin Tuna

Fraser Island has many well-known fishing spots here are some of the best:

  • Sandy Cape, the most northern point you will find on Fraser Island
  • Waddy Point, on the north-east coast of Fraser Island
  • Indian Head, on the eastern (ocean) side of Fraser Island
  • Middle Rocks, just north of Indian Head on Fraser Island

Throw a line out here to attract many fish including, Whiting, Dart, Bream, Mackerel, Tailor, Trevally, Tuna, Flathead and even Sharks.

Many keen anglers head up the Seventy Five Mile Beach to the ocean side to wet a line, You will find that July to November is the best time to catch Tailor as they spawn in the beach waves.

Parts of the beaches are no fish zones in the areas of Indian Head to Waddy Point from 1st of August to 30th of September each year.

You only may collect sandworms or pipis by hand during these closures, The signs will show you all fishing closures so please look for the signs placed in the area.

Head up to Wathumba Creek for some great mud crabs or a spot of fishing, all along the coast from Rooney Point to Moon Point you can catch whiting, nice size bream, dart and good size flathead

With plenty of fresh bait around, there is a bit of fun in finding your own bait, be it worms, pipis or pumping some yabbies with the kids.

Some Fishing Tips While Fraser Island Fishing

Please remember that there is no fresh water fishing on the Island, as its prohibited, there is plenty of ocean to fish in, so you will always catch something.

The best times to catch some fish are dawn and dusk but if the local conditions are safe and the gutters are right you can most likely catch a fish anytime.

The best gutters on Fraser Island for fishing are north from the Maheno wreck to Indian Head or close by to Waddy Point. Anglers arrive by barge with their 4WD and have over 126km of ocean beach on the eastern side of the island to fish.

Sandy Cape, Waddy Point, Middle rocks and Indian head attract tailor, bream, mackerel and shark.

It is the beach fishing on the eastern, ocean side of the northern half of the Seventy Five Mile Beach that lures many anglers, particularly between July and October when the tailor run.

It is worth the long trip to Wathumba on the western side, and the coast between Rooney Point and Moon Point can yield whiting, bream and flathead, and there are plenty of yabby patches along the entire coast.

What To Look For At Fraser Island Fishing

If you’re on the West side of Fraser, try around Wathumba Creek or Moon Creek, Also many keen anglers have had good luck fishing in Coongul Creek.

On the beach look at the waves for Tailor, you could even see a Mullet or a Dart in the waves. It also can pay off if you can cast back to the back gutter, look for the white water for the larger Tailor.

Hervey Bay Sport Fishing Go fishing with a Guided fishing expert on Fraser Island.

Reading The Beach When Fraser Island Fishing

It’s important to be able to read the beach to find the gutters. Weather and tides combine to alter the beach producing low tide and high tide gutters where you will find fish.

These surf gutters form between the beach and sandbanks. It can be open at one or both ends, and shorter, narrower gutters with both north and south openings, generally provide better results.

As the surf breaks over the sandbank, holes are formed in the gutter and food is stirred up. The stirred water also provides cover for the fish.

Dawn and dusk are probably the best beach fishing times, but if the conditions and the gutters are right, anytime is good fishing time. The best gutters can be found north from the Maheno wreck to Indian Head and Waddy Point.

On the west side of the island, the best areas are Wathumba Creek, Moon Creek and Coongul Creek.

Popular Local Species


The most sought after fish on Fraser Island is the tailor. Each year between late July and October, thousands of anglers make their way to the island for ‘tailor season‘. Huge schools work the ocean beaches during these months.

Gutters open to the south are best to retain the schools and the Indian Head and Waddy Point areas provide the best tailor fishing. Bleed fish upon capture.

Bait: Pilchard – usually on a 3 hook gang, lure, sometimes gar and pike.


Sometimes called swallowtail. Caught all year round generally on the eastern beaches. It’s an excellent fighting fish, and like a tailor, should be bled upon being caught. Normally caught during the day, but better quality fish will be caught at night.

Bait: Pippies, worms, cut flesh.


Sometimes called tarwhine. Main catches between May to September. Best fish from the rocky outcrops on the ocean side or in the creeks on the western side.

Bait: Strips of flesh, mullet gut, fowl gut, pippies.


Caught all year round. Fish at low tide on the ocean side. The creeks are best on the western side usually providing larger catches. The outgoing tide in shallow waters where the current is slow-moving and discoloured is best.

Bait: Worms, yabbies, pippies and prawns.


Caught all year round. Main catches between September to March. The best areas are the rocky outcrops on the ocean side and any of the creeks on the west side. Large fish are generally female and should be released.

Bait: Live baits, lures, pilchards, strip baits, hardy heads.


Requires lots of patience. Best places are deep surf gutters, and rocky outcrops, fished at night on a new moon, on the low or high tide. Usually May to September.

Bait: Whole mullet, tailor fillets, beach worms.

Other Species

Many other species are caught off the island including mackerel, tuna and reef fish. Reef fish are usually caught at Ngkala Rocks, Browns Rocks and Poyungan.

You’ll sometimes see larger boats being launched from the beach at Waddy Point to fish the Continental Shelf and the local reefs. Here they’ll catch red emperor, coral trout, Maori cod and parrot.

On the western side, Roonies reef is popular usually providing a good catch. Wathumba Creek sometimes offers mangrove jack and trumpeter. Don’t forget your crab pots if you’re in this area too.

While you are at Fraser Island, be sure to wet a line and try Hervey Bay Fishing as there are lots of great places along the shoreline to fish.

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