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swim with whales

Life presents really wonderful opportunities to get out and experience nature. Nature is truly quite alluring, whether it is being emerged in a forest, mountain terrain, or even beach scenery, nature has a lot offer.

This is even more true for immersive experiences like swimming with Humpback whales or boat tours of marine life.

While those two are the most commonly known marine like experiences, there is even the possibility of swimming with whales! Australia is well known for the humpback whales that flock to their coastlines during certain parts of the year.

During their migration period, these whales go mostly to the western and eastern coasts to enjoy the waters. Places like Hervey Bay, which is considered the “whale-watching capital of the world” offers some of the most iconic views of these majestic creatures.

Hervey Bay has some of the calmest waters in Queensland Australia. These waters provide quite an attractive place for humpback whales to frolic and relax. This is why the bay area has so many of them flock there.

It’s estimated that around 10,000 humpback whales pass by the bay during their migration and just about half of those stop in Hervey Bay to take a break. That’s an astonishing amount of whales!

Not only does it give way to seeing a lot of whales but also a lot to have a memorable experience with as well.

When it comes to swimming with whales in Hervey Bay, it is possible! Swimming with marine life is more than just “swimming“, it really gives way to a whole new perspective about the marine animal.

Everyone has heard of swimming with dolphins but swimming with whales is a totally different type of immersive experience. Humpback whales are much larger than dolphins, making them a much more interesting type of marine life to interact with.

Being alongside them in the water is surreal due to their overall size. Swimming with whales in Hervey Bay is best done when conditions permit. These conditions include the presence of whales and obviously good weather.

It is said the best time to swim with whales in Hervey Bay is from mid-July to early September, specifically in the mornings. However, the most important aspect to suitable conditions is that only adult humpback whales are permitted to swim with, not their calves.

Australia restricts swimming with the calves, therefore the conditions must ensure an adult is available for swimming.

Is It Safe To Swim With Whales?

Humpback whales are intimidating with their size. They are known to get up to 16 metres and somewhere around 29,000kg! This magnificent size makes for some really impressive sights.

However, even in their massive size, they are relatively calm to swim with. They are naturally curious in their behaviour, making them quite loveable on boat tours as they will come up to the boat.

Even with such curiosity, they are generally calm swimming in the water.

No matter how calm wildlife may be concerned, there should always be caution taken. This includes keeping a watchful eye out for others during a swim with whales.

Moreover, having easy access to return to a boat or another water vehicle is highly recommended. This ensures that all safety is being taken seriously just in case there’s an emergency. This shouldn’t scare off potential guests from swimming with whales.

It is just important to always keep a watchful eye out for ourselves and others during any wildlife encounter. This also includes dealing with any wildlife that is on land as well in Australia.

There is plenty of fun to be had in the waters as well as on land, just so that safety is always put first in any of these encounters. This will always mean a better time is had by everyone. Everyone likes to feel content and safe while soaking in all nature has to offer!

Where Can You Swim With Whales In Hervey Bay Or Elsewhere?

The most popular program in Hervey Bay to swim with whales is through the Hervey Bay Dive CentreOpens in a new tab.. This programme offers guests the opportunity to dive into Hervey Bay waters (once again during peak conditions!).

They pride themselves on providing a special experience for each guest. Every whale experience is bound to be different from the next one. This makes swimming with whales even more exclusive for people.

They even offer morning tea before heading out on the waters to see the whales. This particular experience will cost around $195 from mid-July to September.

Even though the peak season is suggested for the best possible whale swim, this company does operate during a “low season”, identified as being from September through October. This time frame will cost somewhere around $150.

While Hervey Bay is the whale-watching capital of the world, there are other places to experience a swim with whales. Another known programme is off the western coast of Australia near Exmouth in Coral Bay.

This specific area is known as the Ningaloo Marine ParkOpens in a new tab. and is known for seeing migrating whales as well. The whale experience here is predicated on the whale’s behaviour but it is possible.

What this means is whether or the whales are accepting of people within the waters. Moreover, this experience also gives guests excellent views of the Ningaloo Reef.

This programme is a bit more pricey compared to Hervey Bay’s option. This experience is said to range somewhere close to $400. If the price is an issue, Hervey Bay offers a similar, if not better, experience to swim with whales.

What To Bring When You Go Swimming With Whales

  • A fresh towel to dry off after a swim and your swimmers
  • Sun protection like sunscreen, a hat and your sunglasses.
  • Warm clothes or a jumper
  • Video Camera, phone or a GoPro.

Swim With Whales: A Lifetime Experience!

Swimming with whales in Australia is one of the best life experiences a person can have! Not only are guests experiencing marine life to its fullest extent but also the overall beauty that Australia has to offer.

These majestic creatures make Australia even more incredible! The overall experience emerges guests into Australia’s beauty and wondrous wildlife.

While some of Australia’s wildlife may seem a little dangerous to get close to, swimming with whales is a way to showcase how Australia’s wildlife can be truly amazing!

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