Hervey Bay Real Estate

Hervey Bay Real Estate

Hervey Bay real estate is one of the more stable real estate markets in Australia and it’s one that rarely seems to be troubled by the market forces that impact on real estate in other parts of the country. That’s undoubtedly due to the fact that Hervey Bay is seen as one of the major sea-change centres in Australia.

While other parts of the country have a large proportion of first-home buyers the real estate market in Hervey Bay mostly deals with cashed-up retirees coming north for a warmer climate and a better lifestyle than what they have experienced in the southern states. Obviously the real estate market in Hervey Bay does see some downturns but they’re usually of much shorter duration than the downturns that affect the market in the southern states.

Houses for Sale Hervey Bay

Housing and land prices here in Hervey Bay also tend to be cheaper than those in other areas and that means that people coming to Hervey Bay who have sold their houses Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne can afford a much better house here.

The demand for houses and land here is fairly evenly matched with supply and new housing estates are constantly being opened up to cater for the demand. There’s also a good supply of older houses too and houses don’t stay for sale for long.

Local Real Estate

If a house and land are more than you’re looking for there are also apartments for sale in a number of resorts around Hervey Bay. Many of these have perfect views out across the water to Fraser Island and an investment in one of these could certainly be expected to appreciate in value.

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