Buying An Investment Property

Buying property

Investment properties offer a lot of benefits as well as a lot of risks. You must be willing to maintain the place, have the costs to run it, be fully committed and strive to work ethically.

As well as be aware of the exposure of economic ups and downs that may have an effect on the building. Depending on your financial situation, the type of buying an investment property is dependent on this.

Consult with an accountant, solicitor and financial advisor to discuss a range of property investment options which include managed investment, property offering a low return and property offering a high return. Each choice has advantages and disadvantages.

Do not just depend on valuations or appraisals; figure it out yourself by appointing an independent valuer and doing your own independent research.

When you begin to figure out your budget, consider fixed outgoings, variable costs, income returns, and capital gains and allow for increases in interest rates as well as unforeseen maintenance and repairs.

This will save you from future legal action from tenants who feel that you have not provided a secure and agreeable environment.

The opportunities to buy investment property differ from buying from developers directly and being approached by an investment marketing property to even being invited by legal, financial and accountancy companies who encourage investment schemes.

Never buy the property unseen and fully investigate to prevent misleading presentations and false conduct. Always seek professional advice from your accountant, financial advisor, real estate agent and independent valuer and also get some Investment Protection.

Another way is to invest in a timeshare. This scheme operates for no more than three years when contributors are able to occupy, possess and use the property for two or more periods. The risks are high as the resale value is low and it’s difficult to sell again.

In conclusion, when considering buying an investment property, you must research thoroughly and seek professional advice regarding finances, valuation and legalities. Read the contract meticulously and make sure you fully understand what is written, in particular the disclosures, before you sign.

Beware of the risks of timeshare investments and buying as a consequence of property investment seminars. Buying property for investment purposes is a complex deal as there are many risks involved and you must be fully committed to making it succeed.

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