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When the time comes for you to start thinking of property, whether it be to buy, sell or lease a property, you will need to know the right real estate agents to deal with.

It is important to pick the right real estate agent to deal with, one who is licensed, and appoint them using the approved form in writing.

Researching thoroughly to find an agent who follows the code of conduct and doesn’t make ambiguous or false representations, will give you the best results to manage your home, or make the experience of buying or selling property as smooth and as stress-free as possible.

It is crucial to have a reliable and honest real estate agent to get the best deals and be protected from scams, hidden costs or damage to the property.

When appointing an agent, keep in mind they are not legally allowed to act for you unless they have been formally appointed in writing on the appropriate form.

When selling a property, research and become knowledgeable on the different types of appointments.

It is always smart to write out a list as to what you’re looking for in an agent before interviewing agents, feel free to shop around and don’t sell yourself short, after all owning, purchasing, and or selling/leasing a home is a lifetime commitment, and should be an enjoyable experience.

If you are not dealing with a Hervey Bay Real Estate agent, you will probably be dealing with a representative from the industry in the form of an auctioneer, salesperson, property developer or a restricted letting agent.

Each of these persons must be licensed by the Office of Fair Trading and if they are not, consider your business with them as you will not have the same level of consumer rights protection if things go haywire.

Your protection should be of the utmost concern, if it sounds too good to be true chances are your best interests are not in mind.

Ask to see their license to ensure that you are dealing with an authentic licensee. If not, visit the Office of Fair TradingOpens in a new tab. to inspect and receive copies of license information at a small price.

You can also look up their ABN number, and every agent should have their card on hand with their full business details and license number is shown.

The representatives and agents are required to conduct their business according to a Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct ensures that there is a complaint handling process as well as a requirement of a license to deal professionally, honestly, fairly and ethically to all clients.

This Act also prevents money from being misused by requiring agents to bank money received from real estate transactions into a trust account and to provide receipts.

Furthermore, agents must provide payment by trust account cheque or through an Electronic Funds Transfer. Cash refunds are prohibited. Money should always be contracted through conveyances of your choice and through your trusted bank.

If a problem occurs regarding an agent’s conduct, it must be sorted out personally first. If the dispute remains unresolved, following the complaint process it is critical to determine the matter at hand.

If worse comes to worst and you are not satisfied, file a written complaint to the Office of Fair Trading where officers will investigate.

Protection is assured if an agent makes misleading or false representations regarding a property. As well as this, you are protected if an agent provides information regarding the transaction including the property value, sales history, income tax benefits and income potential.

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