What’s The Best Place To Watch The Sunset In Hervey Bay?

Sunsets of Herveybay

The idyllic views around Hervey Bay range from thick rainforests, seascapes, mangroves, and other various flora landscapes. This large variety of ways to experience nature is quite incredible.

However, the sunset around the bay area is the true gem to be seen. Sunsets are more than just the “sunsetting for the evening“. They are romantic, tranquil, and have peaceful views.

The best place in Hervey Bay to watch the sunset is the Urangan Pier. Allowing you to walk the full 1,000 meters with viewing pleasure. Watching sunsets from this point are truly magical in any sense. You can see all the way from Fraser Island to Point Vernon catching magnificent views all around.

These moods or feelings are brought on not only from the blend of stark colours but also from the locations where the sunset is viewed. Around Hervey Bay, there’s no shortage of fabulous places to witness this natural phenomenon.

Sunset at Urangan Pier Hervey Bay
Sunset at The Urangan Pier Hervey Bay

No.1 The Urangan Pier Sunsets Are The Best

The Urangan Pier is one of many famous spots in Hervey Bay. It is a historical pier that once served as a means of transporting timber, coal, and sugar back in the late 1900s.

It was originally over 1,000 metres long, however, part of it was demolished leaving only around 868 metres left.

Throughout the years, this section of the pier has been preserved and it’s now known as a great spot for fishing.

While fishing is its primary usage now, the pier is still an iconic way to view the Coral Sea in which it sits. The sunset from the pier is the perfect way to unwind after a long day.

While standing on the pier, there’s a feeling of being encompassed by the surrounding waters. This is also true for the sunset. Being out on the pier during sunset really is an overall surrounding experience.

Much like the view from the water, being on the pier makes people feel like they’re in the actual sunset. It’s only a feeling that can be experienced by over-explaining!

Sunset From The Esplanade Hervey Bay
Sunset From The Esplanade Hervey Bay

No.2 The Esplanade Hervey Bay Sunset

The Esplanade is a 14km stretch of walking track that runs along the Hervey Bay area coastline. Specifically, it runs from around the Urangan area towards the northwest to Point Vernon.

This particular area is well known for its scenery which includes not only the local villages but also the beachfront areas as well.

An evening walk on the esplanade is not only an excellent way to catch some sea air wafting by, but also to see the sunset. The view of sunset from this area in Hervey Bay presents truly fantastic views of the vast, open ocean with a vibrantly splashed sky as a backdrop.

The melding colours of the sunset are generally hues of lavender, peach, yellow, or orange, and these come together to really make Hervey Bay sunsets spectacular.

Sunset From The Hervey Bay Beaches
Sunset From The Hervey Bay Beaches

No.3 Sunset From The Hervey Bay Beaches

Beaches in Hervey Bay are famously known for their calming and pristine waters, beautiful sands, and small headland areas. While the beaches themselves are beautiful, seeing the sunset from a beach in the area is simply breathtaking.

Standing along the shoreline and listening to the soft waves break shore while scanning the ocean waters and sky is the perfect end to any day. The horizon out at sea with the sun setting below its invisible line looks almost like a painted picture.

Another great reason to see the sunset from the beach in the bay area is also a more romantic one. There is something about the atmosphere that is created at the beach while the sun is setting that is simply romantic.

Any couple would enjoy a stroll along the shoreline at sunset.

Sunsets From Point Vernon

No.4 Sunsets From Point Vernon

Point Vernon is the northern tip of the bay area and is often known for its kangaroo sightings. However, the view of the sunset from Point Vernon is considered one of the most incredible ways to see the sun setting.

Viewing the sunset here is best done in Gatakers Bay. This location is still a beachy area, but the shoreline is shorter and rockier.

There are various trees lining the shoreline as well and while the shoreline isn’t large, taking a walk along its sands and seeing the sunset is relaxing and stunning at the same time.

Boating Sunset In Hervey Bay Waters

No.5 Sunset From The Water While Out Boating

Of all the ways to experience the sunset in Hervey Bay, the view from the water is easily at the top of the list. There are various boat tours around the bay area that provide sunset cruises.

These tours often include small snacks, wine or alcohol and plenty of picture opportunities of the sunset itself. The reason that the view of the sunset from the water is considered one of the best is that people can literally feel close to the sunset.

Being out on a boat, whether it’s a tour boat or a personal boat, brings people just a bit closer to the sunset.

The illusion of being closer gives way to feeling a part of the beautiful colours and experience as a whole. It is a truly exceptional way to see the sunset in Hervey Bay.

Sunset From Pialba Beach Hervey Bay
Sunset From Pialba Beach Hervey Bay

Sunset Hervey Bay A Unique View To Witness

No matter if the view of the sunset is from the water, a pier, a beach, a boat or even one of the tropical islands, Hervey Bay is a great choice. Moreover, the bay area and its various choices for viewing the sunset are unique ways to witness the evening sky.

Sunset in Hervey Bay is around 5:40 pm, so it’s easy to plan a place to see it at its best! With sunset tours, plenty of beaches, and more there are plenty of options to go on a date, grab some snapshots of the sunset, or simply have a peaceful evening walk. The possibilities are practically limitless!

Hervey Bay might be famous for its migrating humpback whales and islands like Fraser Island, however, the sunset views from the bay area should be just as famous.

Witnessing the sunset from Hervey Bay is just another idyllic way to enjoy all that this part of Queensland has to offer!

Queensland, Australia is one of the most popular places on the north-eastern, eastern coast of Australia. This is particularly true for the Hervey Bay area which draws people in looking for a sighting of humpback whales or one of the tropical islands offshore.

While there is plenty to explore in the bay area, one of the greatest reasons to visit Hervey Bay is for its picturesque views.

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