Where Should I Honeymoon in Queensland?

Where Should I Honeymoon in Queensland

Queensland is one of the world’s most mystic and beautiful states in Australia. It is a magical place with lots to offer including various wildlife to experience, gorgeous terrain to sight-see, and islands speckling its coastlines I mean who does not want to have a honeymoon on an island in Queensland?

With so much to explore, what part of Queensland is best to honeymoon in? The answer to this is Fraser Island in Queensland, Australia! This eastern state of Australia is packed with once-in-a-lifetime experiences for those on a honeymoon and looking for some time together. Queensland itself has many small coastal towns with pristine and calming island beaches to explore while on your honeymoon.

However, when it comes to setting off on a honeymoon adventure it is important to know what kind of experience you want to have. Are you looking for somewhere to just relax?

Are you looking for somewhere that includes exclusive experiences? Luckily, Queensland has some prime spots to check out for spending time with your new wife or husband!

Some of the most popular spots to honeymoon in Queensland include resorts like Kingfisher Bay Resort on the famous Fraser Island (the world’s largest sand island!), the Whitsunday Islands, and Lizard Island.

Each of these areas offers some key features exclusive to their location. Moreover, these islands that are part of the state of Queensland make for iconic honeymoon spots!

What to do on a Honeymoon in Queensland

Honeymoons can transpire into any adventure you want them to be! The key to having a truly remarkable time is knowing all the fun that can be had during a honeymoon in Queensland!

Kingfisher Bay Resort is a popular choice for honeymooning couples. It lays on the western coast of Fraser Island, easily one of the famous islands in Queensland.

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It is a central resort for all sorts of exclusive adventures. The adventures are on the island itself and also in the beautiful waters for marine boat tours.

These boat tours can include the whale watching which is popular near Hervey Bay where humpback whales stop amid their migration. The island is home to lush rainforests areas and the crystal clear waters of Lake McKenzie, a perched lake.

The resort not only offers packaged deals for marine boat tours and various Fraser Island activities, but the resort itself has it’s own relaxing aspects to it, Some other popular packages from Kingfisher Bay Resort include spa deals.

Spa deals are a super relaxing way to enjoy a stay at the resort. These spa packages include massages and facials. These spa packages can be enjoyed by couples for a truly romantic experience.

While Kingfisher Bay Resort has lots to offer, so do the other idyllic island areas of Queensland. Whitsundays are extremely popular for romantic getaways and make for a great honeymoon destination.

Whitsundays is a cluster of multiple islands surrounded by white silica sands and teal waterways. Moreover, Whitsunday is an excellent romantic escape from the busy world of cities and life.

Some of the greatest activities to do on Whitsunday are exclusive to couples. A lot of the things to do are best done in a significant way and what better way to start off a marriage than head to Whitsunday for these activities!

The most exciting thing to do on Whitsunday is exploring the coral reef. Snorkelling to see these vibrant reefs and various marine life makes for wonderful memories together!

There are also romantic strolls on the soft sanded beach and sharing an end of day cocktail together amongst the peachy hue of a sunset on the Coral Sea horizon!

Kingfisher Bay Resort and Whitsunday Island both are fantastic honeymooning spots, but Lizard Island gives way to the best of the best! Lizard Island prides itself on complete seclusion from mainland life.

The comforting waves from the waters and private beach areas make for some of the best feelings of being the only ones on the whole island! With over 20 private beach areas, there is plenty of space for quite the experience!

Waking up to head out to a personalized beach experience is one of the best ways to enjoy a honeymoon. A honeymoon on Lizard Island is truly customizable with pre-selected full course meals with an Executive Chef making dinner something really out of this world for newlyweds.

They also provide sunset cruises for honeymooning couples with cocktails and breath-taking views of seascapes!

These island areas and resorts go above and beyond to create a honeymoon that is not only memorable but super relaxing! There’s so much to choose from and any couple will feel inclusive while spending time with their significant other!

Are Islands the Only Way to Have a Great Honeymoon in Queensland?

Honeymoons are such a bonding moment between a couple. It’s an iconic way to kickstart for many years together. The overall experience that is gained from a honeymoon is completely tailored to a couple’s likes and desires.

While islands are comfortable and offer great packaged deals, honeymoons can be just about anywhere! Queensland has other ways to provide a romantic adventure for newlyweds!

Food and wine festivals are immersive ways to try new things together. Queensland is full of fun food and wine festivals that feature local fresh produce and seafood giving way to some of the most unique tastes anywhere in the world!

Some of the festivals to explore Taste Bundaberg Festival, The Curated Plate, Crafted Festival (craft beer festival), and many others. Nothing is more exciting than seeing and tasting some of the eastern coast’s most delicious tidbits!

For those who are really into outdoor experiences, camping is another great honeymoon idea for Queensland. One of the best places to camp or set up a caravan in Queensland includes Tin Can Bay. Tin Cay Bay Tourist Park offers modern cabins and campsites for exclusive camping.

Moreover, it is close to lots of birdlife for those wanting to birdwatch! For a relaxing camping trip that offers lots of beaut wildlife scenery as well as fishing spots, it is perfect for a couple who love naturalistic settings!

From festivals, camping, and exclusive island settings, there is something for every taste in Queensland. Weddings are exceptional but the honeymoon is something that should be a total splurge and lifetime experience!

When considering the best places to honeymoon, you should definitely have Queensland, Australia at the top of the list!

Getting married is such a special way to celebrate the union of two people. While celebrating with your closest friends and family is incredible, the honeymoon is even more exciting!

It is such a romantic time to spend with your significant other and going somewhere really unique is the greatest way to relax and just enjoy each other.

However, choosing a location to honeymoon after the big party is over can be intimidating. There are so many places worldwide to consider as a honeymoon location. One of the top contenders to be highly considered is Queensland, Australia.

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