Why Should You Keep A Crayon In Your Wallet When You Travel?


There’s a well-known, universal list of travel essentials we’re always advised to keep in our wallets. However, a strange saying is often heard about carrying a crayon in your wallet when traveling. Is there any use in carrying a crayon, or is it just an elaborate hoax?

Carrying a crayon in your wallet when traveling can be pretty helpful for making notes, entertaining children or preventing your cards from bending in the wallet. A crayon can also help save a kidnapped child’s life since you could hand it to them so they can write a note or leave a trail after them. 

Carrying a crayon in your wallet along with the essential item may seem like an absurd idea, but actually, it is quite helpful. If you’re doubting the usefulness of a crayon, we’ve talked about some of the situations in which a crayon can be helpful. 

4 Benefits Of Keeping A Crayon In Your Wallet When Traveling

An underrated hack, keeping a crayon definitely has its perks. From drafting up notes on the go to saving a child’s life, here are some benefits of always keeping a crayon handy in your wallet: 


1. Entertain A Child

While traveling, you may often find yourself in situations where you’re forced to listen to a screaming child, or you’re responsible for watching one and keeping them entertained. Carry a crayon in your wallet, conveniently pull it out, and hand it to the child. 

The chances are that the child will either be mesmerized by the colorful little object or, if they are old enough, will start drawing onto arbitrary surfaces and keep themselves busy. 

Drawing on arbitrary surfaces keeps the child distracted and quiet. For this reason, restaurants also sometimes offer crayons to children, so they don’t disturb the rest of the customers.

Crayons for Kids
Crayons for Kids

2. Save A Child’s Life

If you’re traveling somewhere and notice a child acting uncomfortable and displaying concerning behavior and you suspect danger, a crayon can be a discreet way of assisting. 

If you’ve kept a crayon in your wallet, you can subtly hand it to the child as it is pretty tiny. The vibrant colors will catch the child’s attention immediately. 

While a child playing with a crayon won’t attract much attention, they could write you a note indicating danger. If that isn’t possible, they could leave markings along the walls or floors to make it easier to follow them. Carrying a simple crayon in your wallet could be the key to saving an endangered child’s life. 

3. Prevent Cards From Bending

Due to the soft, flexible nature of most wallets, it is often seen that credit cards or other essential business cards get bent easily in your wallet. While this may not seem like a massive issue, the constant bending of plastic credit cards may lead to them snapping in half.

A simple trick is to slip a crayon, wrapped in paper, into the card slot of the wallet. Since the crayon is stiff and rigid, it will prevent the cards from bending and losing their shape

Crayons For Writing
Crayons For Writing

4. Write On The Go

The most apparent use of keeping a crayon in your wallet is to use it to write whenever necessary. Unlike a pencil, which you often have to sharpen due to the lead easily breaking, the crayon doesn’t snub and does not require sharpening. 

You can also use the crayon to draw or doodle as an adult to relieve stress or anxiety. If you dislike traveling on planes, draw or write on a piece of paper to keep yourself distracted. You can also use the crayon to make creative pointers or write reminders for yourself.

Why Not Pens? 

You may keep pens, but pens are pretty messy and often leak ink and stain your wallet and valuables. Moreover, pens often dry out and stop writing, whereas a crayon always works. A crayon wrapped in paper is the most mess-free way of having a writing tool handy.

Other Wallet Travel Essentials 

We’ve learned about the numerous ways that keeping a crayon in your wallet can help you during traveling. However, there’s a specific list of essentials that you must also always keep in your wallet during your travels and in general to guarantee that your requirements are met.

Credit Card

The most apparent yet necessary item you must always carry on your travels is a credit or debit card. Traveling requires money on multiple fronts, including eating, shopping, and accommodation. Keeping a credit card with yourself is always handy to avoid inconvenience.

ID And Passport

Your identification and passport are essential documents you must always keep in your wallet. In case you forget to keep these items in your wallet, you won’t be able to travel and will face quite a few hurdles at every turn. 

Travel Documents

It is always handy to keep your boarding passes and luggage receipts in your wallet. These are necessary for any plane travel as you cannot board a plane without your pass and cannot claim your baggage if you forget the luggage receipts.



Carrying a card at all times might seem convenient, but carrying some cash with you is essential. You might often run into a situation where credit cards aren’t accepted or a hefty fee for card usage. Sometimes if you need cash, you might not be able to find a nearby atm and will be caught in a massive inconvenience. Make sure you carry at least $50 in your wallet with you at all times

Travel Itinerary

It’s always helpful to carry your travel itinerary in your wallet. A paper copy of your hotel number, virtual phone numbers, emergency contacts, and addresses not only helps you keep track of your travels but can also be quite handy in case your wallet gets lost, and someone seeks to return it. 

Some might argue that you can carry an itinerary on your phone, but phones can often die or break or simply not be able to find service, so carrying an itinerary in your wallet is always helpful.

Crayon melt
Crayon Melting


1. Can A Crayon Melt In My Wallet?

Crayons begin melting at around 105 degrees Fahrenheit, which is relatively high. Unless you’re in a scorching environment or standing next to a fire, you need not worry about your pockets dripping with wax.

2. Can A Crayon Stain My Wallet?

It’s best to always keep the crayon wrapped in a piece of paper so that it doesn’t rub against the insides of your wallet and stain them.


Although carrying a crayon in your wallet seems entirely counter-productive, it’s actually quite helpful to carry considering its many uses. Since it’s small and unnoticeable anyways, you won’t need time to adjust to it as well! 

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