Why Do Europeans Travel So Much?

Why Do Europeans Travel So Much?

Did you notice, Europeans always seem to be traveling? You may be wondering why they travel so much and how they can do it. You may even be a European yourself and not understand why other people don’t travel as much as you? In this article, you will discover why Europeans travel so much compared to those who live overseas.

The reason Europeans travel so much is that European countries are so close together, therefore traveling can be quick and cheap to do. Europeans also value a lifestyle where they can travel and explore different cities and take time off from work, due to their more explorative and laid-back nature.

There are many reasons why Europeans travel a lot. They travel within the European continent and overseas. They take short trips and longer trips. Find out where Europeans travel to most and why they always seem to be visiting different locations.

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The Top 5 Reasons Why Europeans Travel A Lot

Europeans are known to always be traveling and visiting different cities and countries. Many wish to do the same and wonder how Europeans can do it, because often traveling can be expensive. Let’s take a look at the main five reasons why Europeans travel a lot: 

Many Countries Are Close By

In Europe, many countries are very close to each other, therefore, often European people will travel within Europe. They will travel within their own country as well as the different countries that are part of Europe.

Within Europe, people may take a day trip, a weekend trip, or travel for a longer duration depending upon their own desires. They may just want to spend their time relaxing on a beach or going shopping in a different city, or celebrating a special occasion at a fantastic location.

It is much more convenient to take a trip within the European continent and experience different countries in that way than to travel overseas which takes a much longer time to travel there, plus there may be documentation that is required such as a visa which can make it much more of a hassle.

Europe contains so many beautiful yet diverse countries, so what a great opportunity Europeans have to explore so many countries in a short distance and short amount of time.

Culture Is Important To Europeans

Many Europeans enjoy traveling to experience a different culture or see historic places. This can be a contrast to many Americans that seek to be entertained rather than be a part of a cultural event or visit museums, art galleries, and spiritual sites

There is so much to be experienced through traveling, and Europeans know this. They thrive off traveling and see the value in it compared to some other groups of people.

Europe Has Fast Modes Of Travel 

In Europe, there are fast and consistent modes of transport, such as planes and bullet trains. This means it does not take long to get to different countries within Europe compared to other countries, which may take a much longer time to travel to different states or cities. 

These fast forms of transport are also known to be very cheap and affordable, so taking a short weekend trip away is not too expensive and doesn’t have to take days sitting on transport. It is easy to pack a bag and be on your way to another European destination, even at a last-minute decision.

Paid Time Off And Lifestyle

The countries within the European Union have at least 4 weeks of paid holiday per year, which can differ from other countries that may have only 2-3 weeks. Therefore, we can see that Europeans have the time and money to travel to different places if they wish, and they are definitely taking the opportunity to do so.

The New York Times reported that, on average, Germans work 1436 hours per year, whereas Americans work about 1804 hours per year. This can show us that Europeans can or would prefer to spend time traveling.

Taking time off work for travel is a generally accepted part of the European lifestyle, whereas other countries may be so conditioned into working hard and working all the time that you somehow need to earn a holiday.


It Is Cheap To Travel In Europe

Europe is known to be a cheap travel destination for European people because money can go a long way. Whether you are booking accommodation or eating out, it is much more affordable than other destinations, such as the United States of America or Australia.

Data shows that, on average, a European will spend around €85 a night when traveling within Europe compared to spending up to €129 per night outside of Europe. The cost would no doubt encourage Europeans to travel close to home.

European countries also share the same currency, which makes it easier and hassle-free when they spend money in other European countries.

Locations Europeans Travel To

Europeans travel a lot, so let’s find out where exactly they are traveling to. Are they traveling within Europe or outside their continent? What specific countries are they traveling to the most in particular? Let’s find out.

Europeans Traveling Inside Europe

Statistics from 2015 show that almost 90% of tourists staying the night in Europe were indeed Europeans and not tourists who have traveled overseas. Spain, France, and Italy are the most popular places that Europeans travel to. According to data from 2012, the most popular destinations that Europeans travel to include the Canary Islands, Paris, and Spain Catalonia

It is not a surprise that Europeans travel around Europe due to the affordability and accessibility and the range of cities and cultures they can experience is vast. 

Europeans Traveling Outside Europe

85% of Europeans who travel, travel within Europe compared to traveling overseas. However, the most popular countries for Europeans to travel overseas are the United States of America and Turkey. In 2015, approximately 15.4% of European tourists spent in non-European countries, which doesn’t sound like much at all. 

However, it is important to note that 1 in 4 Europeans didn’t travel and half of them said it was due to financial reasons. From this, we could conclude that if they did travel, it was close to home due to the affordability of it compared to a long-distance overseas trip

Ultimately, Europe contains so many countries that have their own unique essence, therefore, why would a European want to travel overseas if they haven’t experienced what all of Europe has to offer? Traveling within Europe could also give the Europeans more confidence in traveling to other overseas destinations. 

A survey showed that most trips that Europeans take are personal trips or holidays. This is closely followed by single-night trips away. 83.6% of all trips made in 2019 lasted a maximum of one week.

Europeans travel significantly less for business trips or for single nights away for business purposes. One in nine trips was for business or work means. From this data, we can conclude that Europeans want to travel to experience different cities and countries, and they do so often compared to traveling solely for work purposes.

Europeans’ Intention For Travel

A recent online surveyOpens in a new tab. that was done from 1st March 2022 to 9th March 2022 asked Europeans where they intend to travel in the next six months. There were 4606 respondents aged 18 years old and over. They were from Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, and Austria.

The results showed that the majority of Europeans intended to travel within their own country or to a neighboring country and only a slight dip to those that said they intend to travel to another European country.

It was no surprise to see that there were minimal people planning to travel to a destination outside of Europe, and even fewer said that they did not know yet.

Europeans Travel Intentions
I intend to travel within my country30.6 %
I intend to travel to a neighboring country30.4 %
I intend to travel to another European Country25.4 %
I intend to travel to destinations outside Europe11 %
I do not know yet2.7 %

Source: statista.comOpens in a new tab.

Ways To Travel Around Europe

There are a variety of ways to travel around Europe. Europeans are experts at using all different types of transportation to get to different countries and cities. This easy way of getting around Europe is also why Europeans do it more.

It is up to your own personal preference on what way you choose to travel as you explore the countries that Europe has to offer.

Flying East To West
Flights In Europe

Plane Flights In Europe

You can get cheap flights to and from Europe to get to different locations. The plane is fast and efficient, and you may prefer to fly than travel by a land vehicle

Train Travel Throughout Europe

Traveling by train is a very popular and common way to travel throughout Europe. It is safe and affordable. There are more than 220,000 km of railways in Europe and around 8,000 km of high-speed lines on popular routes such as from Paris to Brussels to Amsterdam to Cologne. There are many more railways being constructed for future travel.

Car Hire In Europe

You can drive around Europe yourself if you have an appropriate driver’s license and a car to drive. Ensure you have insurance and be prepared to pay road tolls. You can drive electric cars as there are many charging points available.

Buses Around Europe 

You can travel around Europe in a bus or coach to avoid driving yourself, or you may prefer it over going on the train or plane if you are traveling a shorter distance. This is a great way to meet new people while traveling alone

Cycle Around Europe

Cycling around Europe is a popular mode of transport. Cycling enables you to see the sights more intimately. Europe has a great cycle network which connects the whole continent together so you can visit so many places this way. You can hire a bike and be on your way.

Cycling can be a mode of transport that allows you to be more active and improve your fitness. Enjoy the local weather, stop as often as you need, and cycle at your own pace. If you do not want to be stuck in a vehicle with a bunch of people, then cycling can be a great opportunity to travel on your own or with a group of friends.

Travel Groups Are A Good Way To Travel

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Europeans Or Americans Travel More?

Both Europe and America are great travel destinations, but Americans do not travel as much as  Europeans do, most likely because Americans do not value experiencing different cultures as much and have learned to focus more on work.

What Is The Best Time To Travel Around Europe?

The best time to travel around Europe is during the summer season, which is from June to September. This is because you can enjoy the sunshine, head to the beach and enjoy other outdoor activities. However, you can travel around Europe at any time of the year, especially if you prefer a quieter environment and don’t mind colder weather. 

When Is The Cheapest Time To Travel To Europe?

The cheapest time to travel around Europe is during the winter months, which is from October to March. Many people prefer to stay home and keep warm during the colder months and would rather travel during the summer. This means that flights and other attractions are priced at a cheaper rate to get more tourists to visit. 

Final Words

Europeans travel a lot because of the affordability and accessibility they have to travel within Europe. Other countries that are further away may have the perception that Europeans travel a lot because it is much harder for them to travel to different countries due to the distance and the cost of doing so.

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