What Makes Tourism In Dubai So Much Better?


Have you been curious about what all the fuss was about regarding Dubai? Do you want to know why Dubai tourism is so popular? In this article, you will discover why Dubai is the tourist destination to be at.

Tourism in Dubai is so much better because it has the most luxurious hotels, large shopping malls, a variety of activities and experiences like indoor theme parks, and an underwater zoo. It has the best nightlife and an amazing culture.

Dubai is the country to go to if you’re after a luxurious holiday, want to go on a shopping spree, just want to party and enjoy the nightlife, or do a bunch of different activities. Let’s explore all that Dubai has to offer as a tourist destination.

6 Reasons Why Dubai Has The Best Tourism

Dubai is a luxury tourist destination and a global business hub and has a vibrant and diverse economy. Not only does it have a thriving tourism industry, but also does extremely well in other sectors such as finance, oil, technology, transportation, and trade.

In Dubai’s history, the ruler of Dubai knew that infrastructure was going to be the key to long-term economic success and that included having an international seaport and an airport. He knew he needed to develop innovative and transformative solutions. 

Dubai is such a vast and varied place. No matter who you are, Dubai will have something for you. However, Dubai is very attractive to the rich and famous, it doesn’t hide its wealth but instead flaunts it. It is the fourth-largest wealth center worldwide

Here are six reasons why Dubai has the best tourism compared to all other countries around the world.

Dubai Hotels
Dubai Hotels

1. Dubai Has The Most Luxurious Hotels

Dubai is filled with many luxurious hotelsOpens in a new tab.. It has the world’s only 7-star hotel which is called the Burj Al ArabOpens in a new tab. and it is also the tallest building on the planet at over 828 meters tall. It also has 163 floors and offers stunning views. 

However, there are also more budget-friendly options available. Nonetheless, as a guest in Dubai, you will be treated like royalty. Click here for the current prices on booking.comOpens in a new tab.

2. Dubai Has Large Shopping Malls

Dubai Mall has 100 million visitors per year, has over 1200 shops, and is the largest mall in the world. It is filled with luxury stores and all kinds of products. There is a 200m bridge that links Dubai Mall to an extension of the mall called The Dubai Mall Zabeel, which contains another 63 stores.

Some other popular malls in Dubai include the Dubai Festival City, Mall of the Emirates, Mercato Mall, Ibn Battuta Mall, and WAFI Mall. They are each unique in the architecture of the building and what they offer.

Dubai Bus Tours
Dubai Tours

3. Wide Variety Of Activities And Experiences

There is always something to see and do in Dubai. It is buzzing with life wherever you go.

When you are in Dubai, you can go on a desert safari and be astounded by the sand dunes and scenery there. Dubai has some of the best entertainment venues in the world, such as indoor theme parks, an opera house, an aquarium and underwater zoo, museums, and many malls to go shopping at.

Tourists can rent a luxury car and drive it around the city to explore Dubai during their stay. You can dive into the world’s deepest pool that looks like a sunken ancient city and watch a camel racing event.

Visit the spice market and enjoy the many sights and smells. When you are in Dubai, go see the world’s tallest fountain, which shoots 22,000 gallons of water up 500 feet in the air within Burj Lake, which spans 30 acres. 

Go on a hot-air balloon ride while seeing the falcons flying in the air and witness the golden desert below. Take your family to Global Village where you can have fun at the many kid-friendly rides and attractions. Or alternatively, take your kids to Legoland.

If you like the beach and sports, visit Kite Beach. There you will discover a stunning beach with gorgeous water as well as many different outdoor sports to play. Or if you enjoy snow sports, go skiing on the world’s third-largest indoor ski slope. Ski Dubai is located in the middle of a mall in the desert and gets filled with families. Find the best deals on local things to doOpens in a new tab. in Dubai here.

Dubai Night life
Dubai Night Life

4. Dubai Has The Best Nightlife

Dubai has the most exclusive and luxurious nightclubs that you will ever come across. They offer great services and have a wide range of amenities. You can party all night long or find a club where you can have a more sophisticated night out.

Some of the most popular nightclubs are Cavalli Club, Armani/Prive Nightclub, Base, Club360, and Billionaire Mansion Nightclub.

5. Dubai Has An Amazing Culture 

Dubai has a rich culture and history and there are many tourist attractions to visit, such as the Dubai Museum, Jumeirah Mosque, and Bastakia Quarter. You can visit the Al Shingdagha Museum, which is a perfume house where you can learn all about the ancient methods of Arabic perfume making.

You can eat a variety of foods in Dubai as there are restaurants catering to traditional or international food as well as ranging from luxury dining to more budget-friendly meals. You can even check out Dinner In The Sky Dubai, where you can eat your dinner nearly 165 feet in the air whilst being strapped in by a seatbelt.

Dubai Sun Shine
Dubai Sunshine

6. Dubai Has Year-Round Sunshine

Dubai always has hot, sunny weather, so if you like traveling to hot places and like to escape cold winters, then Dubai is for you. Generally, the temperature in Dubai varies from 14°C to 41°C. May to September is the hottest season and the cool season is from December to March.

Dubai Is An ‘In-Transit’ Hub

Dubai has the highest international tourist flow. The airport currently has flights to 71 countries. In 2019, Emirates served 144 destinations and the Emirates carrier had almost 58 million passengers 64% of this number used Dubai as a transition stop to get to their destination. Most people traveled to Western Europe and Southeast Asia.

Dubai has the infrastructure and innovation to be able to handle such high amounts of tourism and many people who don’t intend to go to Dubai for a holiday end up stopping there on the way to their next flight which is great for Dubai’s economy as well. It also enables tourists to see what Dubai has to offer and perhaps gets them excited to visit Dubai again and stay for longer.

The latest Dubai tourism report shows that Dubai welcomed 6.17 million overnight visitors in January – May 2022, which is a significant increase compared to the same time period in 2021, which was 2.08 million overnight visitors. The highest number of international tourists was from India, amounting to 707,000 people

Below shows a table of the top ten source markets for visitors to Dubai. It shows the numbers and the increase between 2021 and 2022 between January and May. We can see that India is a top visitor and all visitors from these countries have increased their visits. 

Top 10 Source Markets For Visitors To Dubai in Jan-May 2021 and 2022
Country20212022% Increase
India 39970777%
Oman 416881583%

SourceOpens in a new tab.:

Statistics from the Dubai tourism report also show that the number of establishments has increased from 715 in 2021 to 772 hotels in 2022. Occupied rooms went from 11.77 million in 2021 to 15.81 million occupied rooms in 2022. In both years, people stayed 4-5 nights and the average daily rate went from $359AED to $603AED

From this, we can see that not only has there been an increase in tourists to Dubai, but also in the number of establishments available, the number of occupied rooms, and the average daily rate. We can see that Dubai is getting more and more popular as it proves it is a top tourist destination.

Dubai Accommodation
Dubai Accommodation

What Tourists Want From Their Dubai Hotel

As so many tourists visit Dubai, whether it is for a night or for a longer duration, let’s find out what they are looking for when booking a hotel in DubaiOpens in a new tab..

A global travel surveyOpens in a new tab. showed that:

  • 19% of people dislike hotels with no personal touches
  • 36% of tourists in Dubai want to feel like they are visiting a friend’s home when they stay
  • 53% of people want to feel physically comfortable
  • 43% want to be able to have friendly conversations with hotel staff 
  • 33% of tourists said that an uncomfortable bed was the most disliked factor about staying in a hotel
  • 43% of people said that clean rooms and communal areas as well as having nice food and great experiences were most likely to make them book again
  • 37% of people prefer having a mix of cuisines available to eat at the hotel
  • 36% of people would prefer having a buffet-style restaurant option
  • 46% of tourists would like hotels to purchase more environmentally friendly products
  • 46% of people said that friendly staff service would be the top third experience that would make them re-book at the hotel. People also want hotel staff that are friendly, kind, caring, and approachable. 

Dubai definitely has a variety of hotels with a range of services and amenitiesOpens in a new tab.. Each hotel is unique and there is no doubt that Dubai’s hotel industry will keep on improving and take their customer’s feedback into consideration. 

Many people feel like kings and queens when they visit Dubai and they want that extra special touch, whether it be in the stunning architecture of the room they are in or in the services that the hotel provides. As everyone has their own preferences, Dubai definitely has the right hotel to suit you and your needs, and there are so many to choose from and to try out. 

Dubai breaks out of the traditional hotel scene and instead goes beyond anything other countries have created hotel and tourism-wise. Dubai will continue to expand its tourism industry and stand out as a luxury tourist destination compared to the rest of the world. 

Dubai Sand Dune Driving
Dubai Sand Dune Driving

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Dubai Unique?

Dubai is unique because it is so diverse. It is a very multicultural city and has such innovative ideas and infrastructure which is like no other place on the planet. The city is so rich and full of luxury hotels, cars, and people which can make it so attractive to tourists.

Is Dubai A Good Place For Tourists?

Dubai is a good place for tourists and is known to be safe for people to travel to. In 2020, it was ranked as one of the safest cities in the world, but you also need to ensure you understand and follow the laws and customs, as they are known to be quite strict. 

How Many Days Should I Spend In Dubai?

You would want to spend at least a week in Dubai to ensure you get to see and explore a range of activities and attractions. However, even if you stay for one weekend, you will not be disappointed.

Final Words

Dubai tourism is so much better than other countries because it has such a wide range of experiences to offer. Dubai is a city that is rich in culture as well as money and will provide you with the most luxurious holiday you could ever dream of.

Whether you want to shop and party or have fun experiences with the family, Dubai is the place for you!

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