Where Are The Most Food Trucks In LA?

Where Are The Most Food Trucks In LA

Los Angeles has an extensive food truck culture, with several food trucks dispersed all over the city. Locals frequent these trucks due to their flavorful, cost-friendly food options and friendly owners. However, where does one find these popular trucks?

There isn’t a fixed place for most food trucks in LA, but you can find famous food trucks such as Prince of Venice, Kogi BBQ, and Love Bird on the westside. On the eastern side, you can stop by Mariscos Jalisco, Dinas Dumpling, Pasta Sisters, and the 8E8 Thai Food Truck.

Whether you’re looking for a quick late-night snack or simply wish to enjoy excellent yet cost-friendly food options, there’s a vast network of food trucks across LA. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most famous trucks you can visit to satisfy your cravings. 

Best Food Trucks In LA

From Hollywood to Silicon Valley, LA is brimming with popular food truck networks that open almost 24/7 for many customers. Whether hot dogs or grilled cheese, these great food trucks provide plenty of delicious options when you’re looking to grab a bite. 

HollywoodNashville Hot Chicken, Pepe’s Red Tacos
Downtown LAEl Tauro Tacos Truck, Ricos Tacos
Silicon ValleyNamaste Nepal Food Truck, Euro Dish, Momo Grill Truck 

Food Trucks In East LA

If you’re looking for some great food at economical rates near the east side of LA, be sure to check these out: 

Mariscos Jalisco

Mariscos Jalisco

Mariscos Jalisco on the east Olympic boulevard is a famous old-school food truck with a dedicated line of customers. Their tacos are famous for good reason, as there’s a wide variety of fresh meat options that are all fresh and packed with flavor. 

Their most loved taco is the tacos dorado de camaron, with deliciously cooked shrimp meat wrapped inside a corn tortilla. The taco is topped with fresh, ripe slices of avocado and coated in complex salsa Roja. Another incredible option is the Poseidon, with shrimp ceviche, octopus, and hot red Aguachile. 

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Food Trucks In Westside LA

Craving for some dinner in Westside LA? Check these popular food trucks for an appetizing meal: 

Pasta Sisters

Pasta Sisters

Pasta lovers adore the Pasta Sisters food truck in Culver City, which holds an incredible rating of 4.82 on the Best Food Trucks website. They’re well known for their authentic old gnocchi recipe that powers some of the best gnocchi in the city. 

The owners are of Italian descent and offer rich, cultural Italian dishes, including a large variety of pasta. The truck also offers corporate catering services, participating in large-scale food truck events and private food truck parties. Some of their best, most loved pasta include Pasta Bolognese, Pesto Pasta, Meat Lasagna, Arrabbiata, and many more. 

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Kogi BBQ

Kogi BBQ

Located on West Washington Boulevard, Kogi BBQ food truck has been serving delicious food since 2008. The truck’s specialty is an amalgamation of Korean and Mexican flavors with several incredible options. Their signature is a short rib taco with juicy caramelized Korean BBQ, served with salsa Roja, chile-soy slaw, cilantro, onions, and grilled tortillas. 

Other famous flavors include the kimchi quesadilla and the blackjack quesadilla made from fiery pork and caramelized onions. Kogi BBQ is also known for its vegan options, as there’s always a choice to choose tofu instead of meat.

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Food Trucks In Downtown LA

Downtown LA hosts some of the finest food trucks which host a variety of meals guaranteed to never let you down. If you’re roaming the streets of downtown, here are a couple of popular eating spots you shouldn’t miss out on:

Dinas Dumpling
Dinas Dumpling

Dinas Dumpling

A vibrant pink truck, Dinas Dumpling has a wide selection of five different types of Chinese handmade dumplings that are made fresh daily. The flavors include beef-red beef, carrot-orange chicken, mushroom, and tofu dumplings made from spinach-spiked dough. 

If you’re not a huge fan of dumplings, you can still enjoy other authentic Chinese dishes from the menu, such as the infamous hand-cut five-spice noodle dish, the beef rolls, or a fresh cucumber salad.

You can find the truck at various locations throughout LA, including Hollywood, Culver City, Silicon Valley, and a few more places. You can even book them through their website hereOpens in a new tab..

Prince of Venice

Prince Of Venice

If you’re a pasta enthusiast, you’ll love this Italian-style food truck owned by an actual Prince,  Emanuele Filiberto, from the descendants of the last King of Italy. The truck features a combination of authentic Italian imports and locally produced Californian ingredients. 

The rustic sauces and handmade spaghetti create fresh Italian pasta dishes such as orecchiette in an almond-spiked pesto. The best part? you can take their rich and flavorful bolognese home in jars to create your own dishes! The truck is usually seen on the Westside, namely Santa Monica.

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8E8 Thai Food Truck
8E8 Thai Food Truck

8E8 Thai Food Truck 

For authentic Thai food on the streets of Los Angeles, you must experience the 8E8 on Abbot Kinney Boulevard. It is always packed with customers due to its wide selection of Thai food options, packed with flavor and decadence. 

The owners come from a long line of professional Thai cooks. The truck offers their infamous classic pad thai for the most flavorful Thai experience to project you into the Thailand experience. 

Drunken noodles, Pas Siew, and pineapple fried rice are some other customer favorites. You can choose the meat you prefer to guarantee that the food is best suited to your tastes, whether it be tofu, chicken, beef, or shrimp. Finally, sip on some Thai iced tea to prepare your meal on a healthy note.

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Love Bird

Love Bird

One of the most popular food trucks in the entirety of LA, Love Bird in Santa Monica is always surrounded by a massive crowd of customers. The truck offers crispy, tender, juicy fried chicken sandwiches from locally sourced chicken and produce. 

Created via an extensive process of using pickle brined, flour battered, fried, and seasoned chicken, the sandwiches are served with handmade slaws and sauces. The fried chicken is wrapped in toasted brioche rolls and topped with pickles, bacon, avocado spread, and cheese. 

Fans also suggest trying the Fire Bird, a spicy fried chicken sandwich coated in ghost pepper spice and served with jalapeno slaw, pickles, and Love Bird’s signature ancho chilli mayo. 

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When Did Food Trucks Start Popping Up In LA?

The food truck trend started gaining momentum after the 2008 elections. The Kogi truck was one of the first of its kind that inspired many others to start their food trucks to display their culinary skills.

Why Are Food Trucks So Popular In LA?

Since the city is always quite chaotic and bustling, there’s an abundance of hungry travelers looking for good food at odd hours. Food trucks at multiple points in the city allow the locals to grab a quick bite to eat at walking distances.

Are Food Trucks Sanitary?

Food trucks are usually relatively safe and sanitary since they must maintain a certain hygiene standard or risk closure. The workers wear gloves and caps to ensure minimal germ exposure, and the surfaces are cleaned regularly.


Food trucks are constantly in motion and have several trucks parked at different locations. To visit your favorite truck, keep up to date with the schedules generally posted online on the respective truck’s website or social media page. 


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