Wide Bay Burnett

Wide Bay Burnett

The Wide Bay Region, home to well over 273,276 people is located in the south-east of stunning Queensland, with this growth expected to expand to an astonishing 430,000 people calling the Wide Bay ‘home’ by 2031.

Spanning a huge 48,598 square kilometres of country-side to coastline towns and cities, you will enjoy exploring the rustic country landscapes surrounding timeless towns or taking a short drive and visiting sea-side cities – the options and enjoyment to be had are simply endless.

Travelling to the Wide Bay Region from Queensland’s Capital city of Brisbane is around 400 kilometres, depending on where you are travelling to in the region.

With four large airports located in Hervey Bay, Kingaroy, Maryborough and Bundaberg, you are able to sit back and enjoy approximately an hour flight over some of the vastest and beautiful areas as you come into the Wide Bay Region.

Another popular choice of transportation to the area has been in the introduction of the comfortable Queensland Rail tilt train facility.

Manoeuvring passengers on an approximate 4-hour journey from Brisbane to Gympie, Maryborough and Bundaberg, with the ability to venture to connected towns and cities via the provided bus facility services of Wide Bay Transit, Polleys Buses and Duffy’s City Buses.

Through these bus companies, you can also obtain information regarding other timetables to make your booking to other surrounding areas within the region.

As a local who has resided in the Wide Bay area for almost 29 years, I have a vast knowledge of the great area we love to call home.

Over the years I have developed an interest in many places that are surrounding the region and some of the places we have discovered accidentally in our travels have inspired me to create this page for you.

Woodgate Beach
Woodgate Beach

Things To Do In Wide Bay Burnett

One of our first trips was to a small place called Woodgate, which is south of Childers. Here, we would discover a small slice of heaven. Friendly locals that are lucky enough to live in the area are literally only a few short meters from the most magical waterfronts we had ever seen.

After our overnight stay in this beautiful town, we became increasingly interested in what other remote towns were surrounding the area and began our quest to seek out all the places we could possibly stumble upon.

We would be surprisingly delighted on many occasions as we set off on a mission to discover more pieces of hidden treasures located to the east of Maryborough in the Wide Bay region.

Beautiful places such as Tinnanbar, Poona, Maaroom, Big Tuan had us captivated and intrigued by their tranquil environments and complete untouched surroundings. They are places to escape to from the everyday.

Places you could totally enjoy relaxing in the peaceful atmosphere. Somewhere to take the whole family and discover hidden beauties.

It is without saying, that we completely fell in love with all these amazing places. So much so, we decided that we had to bring this delightful information to you via a website specifically designed to introduce you to something quite magical.

We hope to open your eyes and open your imagination to the knowledge that there are some remarkable remote places within the Wide Bay that are just waiting to be discovered for your next day away or holiday destination.

These are places the entire family, of all ages, can go to and explore, be amazed and completely lose oneself in. A place of relaxation and memories that can be created. A uniqueness quite like no other.

From here, you will find all the information on the unique features that we have compiled about each town, holiday rental information, interesting things to do and see, our personal photographs we have taken along out journeys, fishing within the areas along with information on how to arrive at these hidden slices of heaven.

If you are wishing to travel via vehicle, you should find yourself on a pleasant journey along some of the most newly refurbished bitumen roads upon the Bruce Highway stretch.

This 3-hour trip is enjoyed upon smooth roads that offer picturesque scenery and plenty of convenience service station stops along the way where you can enjoy stretching the legs as you unwind over an enjoyable roadside café menu.

Travel Vacation Ideas For Wide Bay Burnett

There are many places within the region of the Wide Bay to explore and stay for a unique style vacation. Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, Gympie and Maryborough are the major cities that are high on the travel destination agenda.

Hervey Bay and Bundaberg boast the most populated areas at 54,674 and 70,921 – respectively.

Both these divine destinations not only provide perfect weather all year round with the average lows in winter of 16 degrees and 26 degrees in the summer months, but they are also surrounded by a pristine coastline that attracts many visitors to the areas all year round.

Travel slightly inland towards Maryborough where the ‘Mary Heritage’ city- home of Author P.L.Travers– plays home to over 27,282 locals and attracts new visitors to the area yearly with this city being noted many times over as the ‘tidy town’.

Weather within Maryborough sits at an average of 15 degrees in the winter months and a pleasant 26 in the summer season.

Gympie, the city well known for the gold rush experience plays home to a comfortable 21,599 residence and cools down to 13 degrees in the winter and warms to a pleasant 27 degrees when summer approaches.

Other Beautiful Destinations That Await Your Arrival:

Rainbow BeachTin Can Bay
Little TuanBig Tuan
ToogoomBurrum Heads
Burnett HeadsGin Gin

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The website is run by myself Daniel Clarke, I’m lucky enough to have been living in Hervey Bay, for 29 years so I’m classed as a local I have seen many changes over this time. I have been running websites since early 2000 and also have a tech business in Hervey Bay.

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