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ocean lake

Fraser Island is one of the most iconic places to visit in the world! Tucked off the eastern coastline of Australia, the island is the largest sand island in the world.

Moreover, the island is an idyllic oasis of sand dunes, rainforest areas, perched lakes, historical sites and so much more! With so much to see, visitors will have plenty to explore!

This is particularly true for its lakes. There are 40 lakes throughout the island and some are more popular than others.

Ocean Lake is one of the most unique lakes on the island. Its waters are majestically coloured red (from tannin deriving from plant life around the lake) and this reddened colour deepens to darker areas making it even appear black!

The strange red hue is an incredible sight to see and the temperature of the water stays quite enjoyable due to the surrounding trees. The lake’s namesake, “ocean”, could be due its size.

The size of the lake is about 15.5 square kilometres, making it one of the largest lakes on the island. Additionally, the lake is about 1.6km in circumference.

With so much lake to explore, guests will find endless opportunity to enjoy the area.

While its colour and name are truly quite fascinating, its remote location is just as alluring. In fact, some would say that finding the lake can be a bit mysterious!

The best access to the lake is from the campsite nearby. Specifically, the lake area is about 730m from the campsite grounds.

Locals in the area can direct guests along the best routes that lead to the campsite area which would then lead to the lake area.

The elusive location makes visiting the lake even more of an adventure!

Even though the lake itself is a bit of a feat to find, there is a car park only 100m away for any 4WD vehicles that have been driven to the site. This car park has access to toilets and picnic tables as well.

The lake is surrounded by paperbark trees and giant white cypress trees which really add to the naturalistic side of the lake too. Overall, the lake is one of the more impressive ones on the island to visit!

Google Map Of Ocean Lake

Fraser Island Ocean Lake Camping

Camping on Fraser Island is a beloved activity for visitors. The various camping sites sprawled throughout the island are a great way to really feel submerged in the natural surroundings.

The camping near this lake is specifically called “Beach Camping Zone 8 – Marloo Ocean Lake, Duling”. The camping area is on the eastern side of the island situated between Waddy PointOpens in a new tab. and Ngkala RocksOpens in a new tab..

It is only about 8 minutes (driving) from the lake itself.

The campsite has tent camping, camper trailer camping (off-road permitted camper trailers only), generator use (conditions apply), and optimal fishing spots off the beach area.

The reason it is called a beach camping zone – Marloo, Ocean Lake, Duling is that there are three distinct areas for camping within this zone.

The zone itself is tucked along a sand dune that has trees like she-oaks, banksias, and wattles just to name a few. Guests can enjoy the views and truly feel like a part of nature during this camping experience!

The beach camping area near the lake features vegetation like spinifex grass and goat’s foot vine.

Fraser Island is known for having unique flora and plant life, so this beach camping zone offers guests a great look into some of those plants!

Moreover, the sight of the vegetation plays an important role in aiding with stabilising the sand dunes.

While it is open 24 hours a day, check-in and check-out are required at the site. Check-in is 2 p.m. and check-out is 11 a.m.

Ocean Lake Things To Do

Aside from camping, this lake area offers its guests plenty to do! Below are the top things to do while at Ocean Lake!

Go Swimming At Ocean Lake

Swimming at the lake is by far the best activity to do! The water’s colour sometimes scares people away from swimming, but its red tint is purely from the vegetation that is around the lake.

These deep, cool waters are perfect for swimming on a hot day. Moreover, for more daring guests, the lake features a rope to swing into the waters!

Try Ocean Lake Kayaking

Because of its incredible size compared to the other lakes on Fraser Island, kayaking is a great way to spend the day on the waters!

The waters are calm and peaceful which mean that kayakers will enjoy paddling around and taking in all the sights.

From the colourful waters to the plant life lining its shorelines, there is a lot to see while kayaking on the waters!

Visit The Ocean Lake Day-use Area

The lake features a day-use area, like other locations around the island. The day-use area offers shaded picnic tables that are ideal for having a little lunch on the lake!

This day-use area is really close to the lake’s shoreline, so guests can unwind after a swim in the shade!

Watch The Birds On The Ocean Lake

Fraser Island is home to over 300 species of bird making the island a bird watcher’s paradise!

Places like this lake and others that feature lots of vegetation and rainforest areas on the island are prone to having more birds in the area.

Moreover, waterbirds come here to swim in the lake’s waters as well! Not only can humans enjoy the water but also nature!

Variegated Wren
Variegated Wren

Take Some Photos Of Ocean Lake

Most anywhere in Australia makes for a great photo opportunity, however, the lakes on Fraser Island prove to be some of the most incredible sights!

With the sprawling forests, waters, and other plant life, there is a lot of landscape to snap photos of!

The waters themselves are interesting enough with their reddish tint but the surface is reflective of the surroundings which also makes for some unique photographs!

Go Beach Fishing At Fraser

Fishing is a beloved activity all over Australia and Fraser Island provides some great beach fishing!

Guests can go fishing from the beach camping zone 8 area. There’s nothing like enjoying the peaceful surroundings, serene ocean views and casting out a line to snag up a fish.

This lake is certainly one of the most interesting ones to visit while on Fraser Island. Its unique colours, various activities, and beautiful landscapes make for an oasis that is worth the trek there!

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