Fraser Island Fishing

For those that have long wanted to head to Fraser Island just to go fishing here are some tips to get those big fish on your line and on the dinner plate!.

The Island has many well-known fishing spots here are some of the best:

Sandy Cape, the most northern point you will find on Fraser Island

Waddy Point, on the north-east coast of Fraser Island

Indian Head, on the eastern (ocean) side of Fraser Island

Middle Rocks, just north of Indian Head on Fraser Island

Throw a line out here to attract many fish including, Whiting, Dart, Bream, Mackerel, Tailor, Trevally, Tuna, Flathead and even Sharks.

Many keen anglers head up the Seventy Five Mile Beach to the ocean side to wet a line, You will find that July to November is the best time to catch Tailor as they spawn in the beach waves.

Parts of the beaches are no fish zones in the areas of Indian Heads to Waddy Point from 1st of August to 30th of September each year.

You only may collect sand worms or pipis by hand during these closures, signs do show of all fishing closures so please look for the signs placed in the area.

Head up Wathumba Creek for some great mud crabs or a spot of fishing, all along the coast from Rooney Point to Moon Point you can catch whiting, nice size bream, dart and good size flathead.

With plenty of fresh bait around, there is a bit of fun in finding your own bait, be it worms, pipis or pumping some yabbies with the kids.

Some Fishing Tips

Please remember that there is no freshwater fishing on the Island its prohibited, there is plenty of ocean to fish in, so you will always catch something.

The best times to catch some fish are dawn and dusk but if the local conditions are safe and the gutters are right you can most likey catch a fish anytime.

The best gutters on Fraser Island for fishing are north from the Maheno wreak to Indian Head or close by to Waddy Point.

What To Look For

If your on the West side of Fraser, try around Wathumba Creek or Moon Creek, Also many keen anglers have had good luck fishing in Coongul Creek.

On the beach look at the waves for Tailor, you could even see a Mullet or a Dart in the waves.

It also can pay off if you can cast back to the back gutter, look for the white water for the larger Tailor.

Fraser Guided Fishing Go fishing with a Guided fishing expert on Fraser Island.

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