Fraser Island Beach Houses

When visiting a world heritage listed place such as Fraser Island, you really want to be nice and comfortable during your visit.

Fraser Island Beach Houses offer you two and three bedroom studio houses, and an unparalleled level of comfort.

All Rooms Included:

  • Washing machine
  • TV
  • Ceiling fans
  • Full kitchen
  • Balcony / courtyard
  • Refrigerator - full size

The studios are situated amongst 1.3 hectares of Fraser Island beauty, and are located conveniently to most of the features that the island has to offer.

If you choose to have the best, the beach houses are something that I would recommend. They have a large private balcony, and many of them also have stunning ocean views.

The accommodation is almost as diverse as the wildlife, you can choose from five different levels of comfort at Fraser Island Beach Houses.

Things To Do

Lets talk a little about Fraser Island, as mentioned it is a world heritage listed, and it is also the largest sand island in the world.

A multitude of attractions are waiting for you on the island, from the watersports, to the wildlife being bored is not something that happens on Fraser Island.

Take the family to one of the many freshwater lakes for a swim, marvel at the coloured sands, the choices are almost endless.

Other Offers

At Fraser Island Beach Houses we like to put you first, our family caring lifestyle is awaiting a visit from you. Being a guest in one of our beach houses, you get 24hr power, a pool and heated spa.

Relax in the barbeque area, then take the kids for a play in the playground, and enjoy the peaceful surrounds.

A trip to Fraser Island is really what you make it, many of our guests are repeat visitors, we often joke that anyone who's a first time visitor will soon be back for more.

That's the beauty that is Fraser Island, a magical place that's easy to visit, but hard to leave.

The staff at Fraser Island Beach Houses would love to have you stay with them, you can share in their knowledge of the Island, and maybe they might even tell you about the best fishing spot.

The range of things to do and see on Fraser is amazing, spend a week, spend more the choice is really yours alone to choose.

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