Whale Watching

Whale Links To Other Whale Sites

Discover Hervey Bay – Humpback Whales Links Animal Zone From the UK’s BBC some wonderful stuff on all sorts of animal species including whales. There is also a excellent world whale watching map that highlights whale watching world wide. Well […]

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Humpback Whale Breeding

Humpback Whale Breeding Humpback whales mature in less than 10 years. Birth of young and mating apparently takes place in the warmer waters of the Great Barrier Reef . The cold Antarctic waters are unsuitable for Humpback Whale Breeding or […]

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Whale Photo Gallery of Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay Humpback Whale Photo Gallery All of these photographs are © copyright by Mark Farrell 1997. Taken in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia during the 1997 whale season. Click on the thumbnail to view enlarged image. Press the back button […]

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Whalesong Cruises – Whale Watching

WHALESONG cruises Whale Watch Why not visit Whalesong Cruises web site For Whalesong Cruises, Whale &; Dolphin Watching is part of life, &; the sheltered waters between World Heritage listed Fraser Island &; the mainland, provides the best place in […]

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