Lady Elliot Island


Located approximately 85 kilometres north of Bundaberg is where majestic Lady Elliot Island is situated, with around 45 hectares of beauty.

This particular section of the Great Barrier Reef is one of the highest protected areas, playing home to 1,800 species of fish, 125 varieties of sharks, 4,000 species of molluscs, 10,000 sponges types and 350 varieties of coral.

Whales and dolphins along with turtles in a variety of sizes are residents of these great waters and are fascinating to see up close and personal.

Magical waters await that prove perfect for scuba diving experiences like no other.

Snorkelling is another popular activity that tourists thoroughly enjoy as the views under the water of all the marine life, coral and tranquillity is something you just have to see in your lifetime.

This gorgeous place is also home to a huge breeding ground for turtles of every age.

Lady Elliot Island plays home to an eco-friendly resort and an airstrip that takes daily flights in from Hervey Bay, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Bundaberg, as the popularity and interest in this spectacular place became of top interest for people from all over the world.


Experience the beauty of Lady Elliot Island with a flight tour direct from Hervey Bay, straight to the Great Barrier Reef lands.

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Departing from Hervey Bay and taking you over this reef to Lady Elliot Island, you will enjoy an eventful day of snorkelling, glass-bottom boat viewing of the reef, buffet lunch, fish feeding, guided reef tour and guided island walk tours.

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