Humpback Whale Research

The Department of Environment and Heritage in conjunction with other research organisations continues to study humpbacks to learn more of the fascinating ecology of these marine giants.

The undersides of a whale’s tail (its fluke) can identity individuals. Like human fingerprints all flukes are slightly different, They vary in colour pattern and shape. The best opportunity to take photos is at the beginning of a whale's dive when its fluke is raised in the air, exposing its ventral surface. Humpbacks in the Southern Hemisphere can also be identified by their lateral body coloration. If possible, please send photos of these to the Department of Environment and Heritage office in Maryborough.

For further information contact:

The District Ranger
Department of Environment and Heritage
Wharf and Richmond Streets
PO Box 101

(07) 4123 7100

or your nearest DEH office.

INTROhumpback INTROhumpback whale - feeding

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