Lake Allom (Fraser Island)

Lake Allom

Fraser Island is one of the most iconic places in Australia. It is the world’s largest sand island that sits off Australia’s eastern coastline.

This unique island is known for its incredible sand dunes that harvest lush rainforests.

While the rainforests are certainly an incredible sight, Fraser Island is also home to various lakes, historical sites, beach areas, campsites, etc. Simply put, the island is a paradise for its visitors!

Some of the more fascinating spots on the island include its various lakes.

Fraser Island itself is considered a world heritage site due to its overall beauty on the island. It is also considered a world heritage site due to the various naturalistic aspects of the island.

These aspects are preserved to ensure that the island stays beautiful! Lake Allom is considered a part of the world heritage listing that makes Fraser Island so spectacular.

The lake is surrounded by a walking circuit that provides truly breathtaking views! Besides the walking circuitOpens in a new tab., the lake also features a day-use area for guests to enjoy the scenery all around them as well.

Moreover, this particular lake on the island is a little secluded, so it feels like a true oasis for guests.

While it is secluded, the lake is part of Fraser Island’s scenic Northern Forest Scenic Drive that stretches for about 42km one way.

People with access to a high clearance 4wd (and their proper permits to have it on the island!) will find this drive quite alluring.

Lake Allom Steps
Lake Allom Steps And Water Colour

Along the way, there are plenty of spots to check out and this lake is one of the treasures along the route!

Historically, the lake was named after Noel AllomOpens in a new tab. who was a forestry surveyor back in the mid-1900s. Throughout the years, his daughter contributed to the area’s conservation and is largely a part of why the lake is such a preserved spot.

This lake is one of the perched lakesOpens in a new tab. that are on Fraser Island. Perched lakes are a purer form of a lake because they are “perched up” above sea level and only receive rainwater, making them freshwater lakes.

Because of this, this lake (along with others) are absolutely stunning to see. Due to its location and surroundings, it has become an important part of Fraser Island’s world heritage site listing.

The lake is considered one of the only rainforested lakes on the island, meaning it is completely surrounded by the thick of the rainforest that grows from the sand.

The lake itself is a beautiful golden hue that makes it truly unique compared to other lakes on Fraser Island.

Between its overall look and its rainforest surroundings, it is easy to see why this lake is so treasured!

Lake Allom trees
Lake Allom Water View

Walk Lake Allom Circuit

Walking circuits are popular all over Australia, especially on Fraser Island. A lot of the walking spots throughout the island are located right in the depths of beautiful scenery, particularly its lush rainforest that grows out of the sand.

The circuit around Allom is no different and provides visitors will amazing sights to see.

The lake’s walking circuit is about 1.4km (with a different start and endpoint of return within the circuit) and takes about an hour to complete. It is considered a Grade 2 level of walking, meaning that it is generally easy for most people to walk on.

The track runs around the lake area and is best accessed from the lake’s day-use area. From there, the track spurs to the lake’s viewing deck which is used for overlooking the lake.

The shore’s edge can also be accessed from the circuit as well.

Throughout this track, guests can expect to see the rainforest trees specific to the lake’s areas including hoop pines and melaleuca trees.

The trees themselves are quite impressive but the area itself is home to spectacular sand formations that have been created over many years on the island.

These formations are a part of why the lake exists in the first place.

It is important to note that the circuit is separate from the inland track that brings guests to the lake. Considering the lake’s location nestled among the rainforest, the lake is only accessible by 4WD.

Most of Fraser Island’s key spots are accessible by these vehicles because the roads are all sanded. Only 4WD vehicles can navigate these areas due to the sand dunes that are stretched throughout the island.

The drive to the lake, the lake itself, and the circuit are all stunning ways to experience some of what Fraser Island has to offer!

Lake Allom Things To Do

While the walking circuit is certainly one of the main attractions of this lake, there is plenty more to see and do while visiting the lake. Below are the other things to do while heading to Allom!

Lake Allom water

Photographs Of Lake Allom Will Last A Life Time

Photographs are one of life’s most treasured possessions. They capture moments of serenity and absolute beauty.

When headed to a place like Fraser Island it is important to capture as many pictures as possible, especially at its various perched lakes.

This lake and its surroundings have many opportunities for some of the best naturalistic photography shots.

This is particularly true for its golden hue waters which sets it apart from other lakes on the island, including Lake McKenzie which is famous for its blue waters.

Photographs of Lake Allom will certainly be appreciated for years to come!

See The Wildlife Around Lake Allom

The wildlife that frequents Allom is one of its most incredible traits. Freshwater turtles come here, dubbing the lake as “Turtle Lake”, and spend plenty of time frolicking in the waters.

One of the best views of the turtles is from the viewing platform that sits along the lake’s walking circuit.

This spanning view from the platform makes seeing these turtles truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Feeding the turtles is absolutely prohibited, so guests should stick to photographs and simply watching them.

Other wildlife at the lake includes fish. Most of the perched lakes on the island do not have fish in them due to the purity of the water.

However, Allom is an exception and small fish can be found in the waters! Along with the turtles, the fish are a great thing to see while visiting this lake!

There are also birds in the surrounding area. In fact, Fraser Island is home to hundreds of species of birds that flock to the rainforest trees.

Because of Allom’s location, birds are also known to be speckled throughout the areas around the lake and its walking circuit. Birdwatchers will find this a true paradise as well as those who simply enjoy nature in its natural form!

Swimming At Lake Allom

Swimming is permitted here, although some people aren’t too keen about it. The water gets its yellow, gold hue from the tannin that enters the water via the vegetation that surrounds the lake.

While the colour of the lake is surely interesting, it does deter people from swimming. If the colour isn’t an issue for some people, then swimming in the water is a real treat.

The waters are cool and guests can swim right alongside the turtles. Most people find that simply wading in the water or sitting along the shoreline to be fine enough.

Visit The Viewing Platform For A Better View

The viewing platform is just a short distance from the circuit. This platform was constructed to help guests get an even better look at the wildlife and surrounding areas of the lake.

It makes for a great spot to take a break before heading further through the walking circuit!

Lake Allom Day Area

Check Out The Day Area

The day area at Allom is a great spot for visitors to really unwind and relax a little bit. The day area features picnic tables that are situated right along the beautiful sanded dunes around the lake.

Guests can enjoy the sights while snacking or eating a packed lunch. From the sights of the birds and trees as well as the lake, the day area has plenty to offer its visitors!

Lake Allom proves to be one of Fraser Island’s most unique lakes to visit. From the surrounding rainforest, wildlife, and waters at the lake itself, Allom simply has so much to offer its guests!

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