What Can You Not Do On A Balcony On A Cruise?

Are you going on a cruise and wondering if there are rules about what you can and can’t do on the balcony? This article will dive into what you must not do on a cruise ship balcony and what you can do.

When you are on a cruise ship balcony, you cannot stand or climb on the railings, throw things out, hang up clothes, sunbathe naked, or play loud music. It is also recommended that you don’t leave the balcony lights on if you are not using them or leave the balcony door open.

Many people go on cruises for a holiday and enjoy traveling along the ocean whilst enjoying all the amenities that the cruise ship has to offer. Let’s dive into the dos and don’ts of cruise ship balcony etiquette. 

What You Can Not Do On A Balcony

Cruises are great for taking a vacation if you want to be out in the ocean and hop off and explore different countries. There is no need to catch a plane or get a ride on a train. The cruise will transport you wherever you need to go and with more luxury than you could have on any other mode of transportation.

There are some general rules and cruise ship etiquette to honor when you are on a cruise. This is to respect the space, the staff, and other holidaymakers who are also on the ship. Even though you may have a room with a balcony, be mindful of what you do there because your balcony is also one of many.

Let’s discuss what you must not do on a balcony on a cruise.

CRUISE Balcony
Cruise Ship Balcony

Stand Or Climb On Railings

Standing or climbing on balcony railings on a cruise ship is dangerous and could not end well for you. You could fall off the balcony and go into the water or onto areas of the ship below, depending on where you are located.

You may also injure yourself in some way and damage the balcony. Keep yourself safe by standing behind the balcony so you can enjoy the rest of your cruise.

Leave The Balcony Door Open

You may want to leave the balcony door open in your room on the cruise ship because you enjoy the sound of the waves and want the fresh air. 

However, you should not leave the door open because you can affect the cruise ship’s air conditioning system. In addition to that, you could cause a wind tunnel to form if the balcony door is open and your main cabin door is open and things could go flying! 

Throw Things Off 

Throwing items off your balcony is something you should definitely not do. You can harm the environment by doing so and harm other passengers if you throw something that hits another person on the cruise.

There is no reason why you should want to or need to throw anything off the balcony, as you will have a rubbish bin in your room and around the ship. Don’t even think about trying to toss a cigarette butt off the balcony. If it blows back onboard the cruise ship, you will be in big trouble and could ruin the trip for everyone.

Hang Clothing Off The Balcony

It is not a good idea to hang clothes on the balcony either off the balcony rail or on chairs or tables in the area. It is understandable that you want your clothes or swimsuit to dry, but the strong gusts of wind can make them disappear very quickly.

Sunbathe Naked 

Your balcony is not as private as you may think. Often the rooms are tiered, which means some rooms will be able to see your deck. It is absolutely fine to get your tan on, but do it in a bathing suit. 

Play Loud Music

If you want to play loud music from your balcony, ensure you are wearing headphones so you don’t disrupt the rest of the passengers. Your cruise may have a nightclub or social area on board, so if you want to hear some music and enjoy it with other people, head over there.

Not everyone has the same music taste as you do, so honor that and keep your music to yourself and play it quietly if you are not using headphones.

Smoke Cigarettes

Most cruises ban smoking on the balconies and instead have a designated smoking area. You need to respect the rules and be mindful of other passengers. People do not want wafts of smoke hitting them as they are sitting on their balconies and marveling at the stunning scenery.

Keep The Lights On

Many cruise ship balconies have outdoor lighting. You should keep them off when you are not using them as it can affect the natural view of the night sky that the other passengers are looking out at and also is a waste of electricity. 

From this list of what you should not do on a cruise ship balcony, we can see that they are for your own benefit as well as the other guests on the ship. They are not anything too strict but instead, we can use our common sense and realize that we shouldn’t be doing certain things and the rules are very reasonable.

It is necessary for cruises to have rules and regulations put up in place as once you are on the ship; you are staying there until the cruise is over, so you want to be happy with your environment. 

View From Cruise Ship Balcony

What You Can Do On A Balcony

Although there are some rules about what not to do on a cruise ship balcony, there are plenty of things that you can do. 

Enjoy The View

When you are on a cruise ship, you have a beautiful view of the ocean and the sky. You may have the sun shining and waves and sea life to gaze at and enjoy. Spend time just enjoying the view. 

You will be able to see a stunning sunset and sunrise if you sit out on your balcony at the right time and you can look out at the stars in the night sky.

Eat A Meal

Sit out on your balcony and enjoy a delicious meal and glass of wine or enjoy your coffee and breakfast looking out from your balcony chair. 

You may want to avoid the main restaurant on the cruise ship and instead have some privacy and quiet time as you eat and have your own view out into the ocean.

Watch A Show

Depending upon where your room and balcony are, you may be able to watch a show. Cruises often have lots of entertainment going on and if your room is situated in the right location, you could watch it from your balcony instead of in the main area. 

These inward-facing rooms by the stern tend to be the most expensive, but if being entertained is your thing, then go for it and enjoy.

Take Time Alone For Yourself

Spend time alone on your balcony. You could read, just rest, meditate, draw, or do anything creative or nourishing. Use your balcony space as a place to go on the cruise ship to take time alone and to be by yourself. 

Other areas of the cruise ship can be full of passengers and there can be a lot of activity happening, so head to your balcony when you need time and space just for you.

From this list of the many things that you can do on a balcony of a cruise ship, you can see that the balcony can bring so much joy and peace to your trip. If you tend to be quite introverted, a balcony can be like an escape for you from a ship full of passengers. 

A balcony can be used for many different purposes and allows you to truly take in the beauty of the vast ocean around you while enjoying the salty scent and fresh air blowing through your hair. Enjoy the balcony however you like, just as long as it is respectful and safe for all people on board.

Open Balcony On Cruise Ship

The Best Balcony To Get On A Cruise Ship

Are you booking a cruise and wondering where the best room with a balcony is located? Well, the most desirable room with a balcony on a cruise is located at the back of the cruise ship. 

You get to stand or sit on your balcony and look out at the wake behind the vessel and look out at the vast ocean behind where the cruise has been.

Rear-facing balconies also tend to be some of the largest compared to any side-facing balconies. These balconies can give you plenty of room to move about and set up the area the way you want it. 

By having a bigger balcony and being at the rear of the cruise ship, you will also get more shade than other areas and get the benefits of having the sun shining in at you as well. 

If you like the sound of the ocean, especially the sound of the wake at the back of the ship, you can sit out on the balcony and enjoy it. Whether you close your eyes and listen or hear it as you are even in your room in bed at night, it can be a great touch that can make your time more peaceful and joyful.

A rear-facing balcony is also quite a quiet location as you tend to be further away from the other passengers. This makes it a great choice if you want some peace and quiet, too. 

You will have more privacy compared to the other rooms with balconies because you are less likely to be seen by other passengers who have rooms above or around you.

Although these rooms with large balconies situated at the back of the cruise may be more expensive than a standard side-facing room, it may be worth it in the long run if you are on a cruise that is quite long in duration and it is important to you to have a perfect spot to enjoy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Better To Be Higher Or Lower On A Cruise Ship?

The higher you are on a cruise ship, the rockier and swaying the boat may feel to you. Whereas, the lower you are, the more sturdy the vessel will feel. If you get seasick easily, then definitely consider getting a room in the mid to low area of the cruise ship.

What Is A Fully Obstructed Balcony Cabin?

This is a cabin that doesn’t have a very good view because there is something in the way such as a lifeboat or some other object. This can not only stop you from having a great view, but it can also limit the sunlight that is shining on your balcony.

These balconies may be less expensive, so it is up to you to decide if it is worth it to get a fully obstructed balcony cabin.

Is It Worth Getting A Balcony On A Cruise Ship?

It is known to be worth it to get a room with a balcony on a cruise ship because the rooms can be quite small and claustrophobic so a balcony is great to step out onto for some fresh air and to have your own outdoor space separate from the other passengers on board. 

Cruise Ship deck

Final Words

To conclude, there are things that you should not do on a cruise ship balcony and most of it is common sense. Do not climb or hang off the balcony railing, don’t sunbathe naked, and don’t throw things or play loud music.

If all passengers are mindful and considerate of both themselves and all other people on the vessel, everyone should have a great time.

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