What Should I Never Do While I Am On Vacation

Have you planned a vacation and wondered what you should avoid whilst you are on vacation? Is your vacation an international trip and are you curious about what things you should do or not do while you are there? In this article, you will learn about the things you should never do and how to prepare for your vacation.

While on vacation, you should avoid spending that time working and staying indoors only. Do not break the law, disrespect the local culture, expect everyone to speak your language, or assume all shops or establishments accept credit card payments.

Learn what you should never do while on vacation and how to prepare for one in order to have a fulfilling time away.

Top 6 Things To Not Do While On Vacation

Here are six things you should never do while on vacation. Some may be easier to avoid than others but do your best to ensure you have the best vacation that you can have.

Vacation To Australia

1. Spend Time Working

That’s right, that means no answering emails or taking work calls, or being available to your work colleagues or boss. Your vacation is not the time to do any work at all and not think about it either.

A vacation is for you to enjoy and relax away from your normal routine and from your stressful and busy life. You did not work hard to continue working while on vacation. Give yourself full permission to unplug and really spend your vacation doing things that you enjoy doing. 

2. Break The Law

Do not break the law while you are on vacation (or ever). You may be on vacation in your own country and so you are aware of the laws. Therefore, it is important to continue following them and not break them just because you are on vacation mode.

However, you may be on vacation overseas where there are different laws. If you are traveling overseas, it is best you become familiar with the laws that exist there, so you know what is acceptable and what is not. You do not want to get yourself in trouble while on vacation, as this will ruin your vacation and have serious consequences for your life moving forward.

3. Expect Everyone To Speak Your Language 

When you are on vacation, especially internationally, do not expect everyone to speak your language. Not everyone has learned your language and may only speak their native language, and this is to be expected.

Instead, you should ensure you learn some basic words and phrases from the country you are going to on vacation to make it easier to communicate with people if you need to. It is likely that staff in the hospitality industry, such as at your hotel or at a restaurant, may have learned common languages such as English, but do not expect it everywhere you go.

4. Disrespect The Local Culture

When on vacation, do not disrespect the local culture. It is very important that you are first aware of the culture in the local community that you may be traveling to for your vacation and respect it.

Even if the culture is different from your own and you don’t believe in it, you are the one coming into it, therefore you must accept it and be respectful. It would be great if you would even try to learn about it and understand it in order to have an informative and authentic experience at your vacation destination. 

5. Expect That All Shops Or Establishments Accepts Credit Cards

Do not expect all shops and stalls to accept credit cards while you are on your vacation. It is handy to have a credit card but know you should carry cash as well because not all places have credit card machines. 

You can take your credit card with you on your vacation, but be prepared to pay for things using cash as well. 

6. Not Go Outside And Never Leave Your Accommodation

What you do during your vacation is ultimately up to you, but to fully enjoy your vacation to its full potential, you would want to leave your home or hotel you are staying at and do things

Even if you go out for a meal, explore the city or go to the beach, take time to explore the land you are on. Spending time indoors can be nice, especially if you are in a change of scenery and may have a spa bath, room service, and other new things, but balance your time with going outside too, for your overall wellbeing.

3 Things To Do On A Vacation

On vacation, there are a variety of things you can do. Let’s explore what things you can do while on holiday to make it the best trip yet

1. Visit Tourist Attractions

When going on a holiday, be sure to visit some tourist attractions in the country you are staying in. They may be very popular ones that have a lot of history and significance to them, or you may go to ones that you are more passionate and excited about.

Just because a tourist attraction is popular, don’t let it deter you from going. Most of the time there is a wonderful reason why it is so attractive to tourists, so go and check it out or else you may regret it. If you want to avoid waiting in lines, go during quiet times.

2. Eat At A Local Traditional Restaurant

When away on a trip to a unique city or country, you must try the traditional food dishes. Head out to a local restaurant that offers traditional food related to the culture and country and give something new a try. You may be familiar with what the meal is or the ingredients may be totally new to you. 

Avoid eating foods that you can get anywhere around the world, especially the food that you normally eat back home. Try something new and delicious and experience the unique cuisine while you are there. Embrace the food that you can eat and want to get to know what it is like to live in the country and in the culture. 

3. Do What You Find Fun

When on holiday, ensure you have fun. For you, fun might mean doing lots of physical activity. Perhaps, walking, cycling, and hiking up trails. It may be going out to the nightclubs and enjoying the local nightlife. It may be laying on the beach, sipping cocktails, and reading a good book.

Whatever you do while on holiday, ensure it brings you joy. Do not go on vacation doing things just because other people may do them. Follow your joy while on holiday and be open and curious about the experiences that you can have.

These three things that you should do while on vacation will get you out and about having fun whilst also having an authentic and unique experience.

Things That Can Ruin Your Vacation And How To Avoid Them

You can learn about what you should never do on vacation and how to prepare for your vacation. However, let’s discuss the things that can ruin it and how to avoid them.

Getting Scammed By Locals

Scams targeted toward travelers, unfortunately, happen all around the world. You can feel violated and taken advantage of. You feel naïve about trusting someone and believing in their good intentions. 

To avoid getting scammed to the best of your ability, do a bit of research about your destination and become aware of any common scams that occur in the area so you know what to look out for. It is important to trust your intuition and to learn some tips for what to do in a situation where you do get caught up in a scam.

Get To The Air Port On TIme

Missing Your Flight To Your Destination

Missing your plane can feel so stressful and frustrating, especially when it cannot be helped, such as being stuck in traffic on the way to the airport. 

To avoid missing a flight, ensure you get to the airport extra early. It is better to be too early than too late, even if you do have to wait around for a couple of hours. If you do miss your flight, see if you can get rescheduled for the next one.

Getting Sick Or Being In An Accident

Getting injured from being in an accident or getting food poisoning from eating bad food or drinking bad water can definitely ruin your vacation. Instead of relaxing and exploring, you will be suffering and recovering.  

To avoid being sick for long, see a doctor or get help from a nurse at your hotel. Be aware of potential risks before you leave on vacation and ensure you have travel insurance.

Bad Weather

When going on vacation, most people desire a warm and sunny environment. Make sure you know what the season will be at the destination you are going to so you can ensure you are going in a desirable season.

Ultimately, you cannot control the weather. If it rains, it rains. You can still enjoy your vacation, but you may have to decide on different activities to do. Be flexible with any plans and have backup ideas in case the weather will not allow you to do the activities you originally planned to do. 

Pack a raincoat or buy a cheap poncho in case it does rain and perhaps check out the local cafes, museums, and galleries instead of lying on the beach or doing outdoor activities. Make the most out of your vacation, no matter the weather. 

Lost Luggage From Your Flight

Having your luggage lost can be so heartbreaking, especially if you had important things in there. There is not much you can do to avoid this from happening, but you can keep your valuable things in your carry-on bag so that way you will always have them with you. 

Ensure you have travel insurance and have a copy of your luggage claim ticket, so if your luggage does go missing you can use it for your insurance claim.

Over-planning Your Vacation

Too much over-planning can ruin your trip. Plan some things but also create space so you can be spontaneous and not feel rushed. Make sure you have days with nothing planned so you can discover places that you want to see while you are there and avoid being exhausted at the end of every day. 

Don’t Over Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Okay To Do Nothing While On Vacation?

It is okay to have days where you do nothing and instead rest and relax if that’s what is best for your wellbeing. Give yourself permission to stop doing so much and instead just be. Take time to be in stillness and take care of your mental health if that’s what you need while on vacation.

How Do You Leave An Empty House When Going Away?

When leaving to go on vacation and having nobody in the house when you are away, ensure every door is locked, and you put anything valuable out of sight from the windows. Ask your neighbor to keep an eye on your property while you are away.

Even install a camera at the front door to be a determinant to potential thieves and also to record if anything does happen. 

What Are The Most Common Forgotten Items When Going On Vacation?

Some of the most popular items that people forget to pack when going on vacation include phone chargers, warm clothing, underwear, certain toiletries, prescription medication, a swimsuit, and glasses.

Final Words

To conclude, on vacation, you should never disrespect the local culture, break the law, work, expect that everyone knows your language, and never not go outside and assume that you can pay with a credit card anywhere. Before you go on vacation, take time to get prepared so you can fully enjoy and make the most of your vacation.

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