Can You Walk In A Motorhome While Driving In Australia?

Australia is the motorhome capital of the world because it has so much space and tons of motorhome infrastructure. There’s no shortage of parks, RV resorts, natural attractions, camping routes, and even dump points to utilize as you explore the country in your motorhome.

Getting used to living in a motorhome can be a huge change, though, and it’s common to have questions about whether you can do simple things like walking in your motorhome while driving.

You cannot walk in a motorhome while driving in Australia. It is against the law to walk in a moving motorhome, so you can get penalized for doing so. It’s also very unsafe to walk in a moving motorhome, and such behaviour puts you at risk of an accident.

This article will explain why you should not walk in a motorhome while driving and the safest position for avoiding accidents in a moving motorhome. Keep reading to also learn the best safety tips for motor homing across Australia!

Why You Should Not Walk in a Motorhome While Driving

The two major reasons you shouldn’t walk in a motorhome while driving: the legal reason and ethical reasons. We’ll discuss these two reasons below.

Walking In A Motorhome While Driving In Australia Is Illegal

In Australia, there are explicit laws against walking, sleeping, or doing anything that could cause you to take off your seatbelt and get out of your seat while your motorhome is in motion.

Legally, all passengers within a moving motorhome must be seated with their seatbelts fastened. It’s illegal even to lie down or use the bed while the motorhome is driving, let alone actively walk around. 

The Australian police force is well-known for strictly enforcing safety regulations on motorhomes. They keep an eye out for anyone out of their seat in a moving motorhome. If you get pulled over by the police, your motorhome driver will get penalized for it. 

The penalty for walking in a motorhome while driving includes a fine and driving demerit. The fine ranges from $330 AUD to more than $1500 AUD. The exact amount of the fine usually depends on the number and age of the offenders. Fines may also vary according to the state where the offence is committed.

Ethical Reasons Not to Walk In A Moving Motorhome

The law against walking in a moving motorhome exists in the first place because it’s not safe for you as a passenger. The motorhome is first a vehicle before it is a living space, and you shouldn’t be walking around in a moving vehicle for the following reasons: 

  • Walking in a moving vehicle makes you very unsteady. Because a driving motorhome is in motion, walking around in it will make you extremely unsteady, making it more difficult for you to walk properly. This gets even worse when you’re driving over a bumpy road or going around a corner. The unsteadiness puts you at a very high risk of falling and suffering an injury.
  • A motorhome has an increased risk of domestic accidents. The different sections that would normally be spaced out in a regular home are in a much smaller space inside a mobile vehicle. This means that all the risks of domestic accidents in a regular home are even higher in a motorhome. If you fall while walking in a moving motorhome, there’s a high chance that one of the items in any of these sections could break your fall.
  • You have a higher chance of falling and also a much greater risk of injuring yourself with items from the makeshift kitchen, bedroom, or any other area. This fatality risk is so high that it should never be worth the risk.
  • You’ll distract the driver. Driving any vehicle requires a lot of concentration, but driving a motorhome can be especially difficult. Maneuvering such a large vehicle on the road while keeping the people and items comfortable and secure takes a lot of getting used to. Even then, motorhome drivers need to stay behind the wheel for hours at a time. 

When you move around, especially in an obvious way like walking, it can be terribly distracting for the driver. Moving unsteadily, tripping, or falling will take their attention away from the road and put everyone in the motorhome at risk.

Alternatives To Walking Around In A Moving Motorhome

Walking around in a motorhome while driving is unsafe, but you’ll need to get things at different points during your trip. Here are some alternatives that will help you stay comfortable during your motorhome adventure without walking in a moving vehicle.

  • Keep everything you need for the journey within arm’s reach. Before you start driving, put your snacks and other items you will need close enough for you to reach them easily.
  • If you need to take a bathroom break or stretch out your legs, pull over. It could help to map out legal parking spots ahead before you start driving.
  • Coordinate your sleep and nap schedules. You can’t go over to the bed while your motorhome is in motion, so sleeping at the same time throughout the trip will ensure everyone is awake during driving time.  
  • Adjust your seat and seatbelt to make it as comfortable as possible. The urge to get up and walk is stronger when your seat is uncomfortable. A comfortable seat makes it easier to follow the rules.

Safety Tips For Motorhoming Across Australia

The road rules can vary across Australian territories and states, but these tips will help you remain safe while motor homing across any part of the country. You can check the road rules for the specific region you’ll be driving in on the official website of the Australian National Transport CommissionOpens in a new tab..

  • Drive on the left side of the road, and always keep your seatbelt on.
  • If you’re going on your motorhome trip with a child below seven years, get a child seat restraint for them.
  • Take time to get used to the size of the vehicle.
  • Pay attention to the road signs, and follow them. 
  • Watch out for animals on or near the road.
  • To map out your route and keep yourself from getting lost, implement a GPS tracker. For unstable internet, preload some offline maps onto it.
  • Don’t drive for too long at a time. It’s best to take a break every couple of hours.


Camping around Australia is an exciting experience! You can make the most of your trip by following the proper rules and staying safe. Prepare for your journey ahead of time to ensure that you’ll have everything you need for a safe and successful trip.

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