Is Newcastle NSW Worth Visiting?


A mere two-hour drive north of Sydney, Newcastle is an ideal tourist attraction with endless sightseeing opportunities. Established as a coal mine and steel town, the city has progressed into a beautiful, culture-rich tourist destination. However, is Australia’s Newcastle worth visiting? 

Newcastle is definitely worth visiting, the city is surrounded by warm, sandy beaches that are perfect for surfers and family weekends. The colourful streets, beautiful cafes, glamorous markets, and historical landmarks make Newcastle an ideal destination for a trip. 

Most popular tourist regions can quickly get over-crowded, which leads to excessive noise and litter, which might ruin your travelling experience. However, Newcastle is quite an undiscovered tourist spot with some of Australia’s most beautiful and significant natural attractions. 

What Makes Newcastle Worth Visiting

From the vibrant sceneries to the best markets, Newcastle packs it all. Here are a couple of attractions in the city which will make your experience memorable: 

The Wonderful Streets Of Newcastle

The vibrance and beauty of the city can be found everywhere in the city, even on the streets! The abundance of urban artists in the city has turned the streets into outdoor art galleries. 

These artists have adorned most of the walls around the city with colourful and insanely creative graffiti, while some corners are painted with massive murals that are sure to catch your eye immediately. The main street of Newcastle, Hunter Street, is not only rich in urban art but is lined with affordable yet trendy shops, aesthetic cafes, and incredible restaurants. 

Nobbys Lighthouse
Nobbys Lighthouse

Easy Commute

Tourists in the area have a significant advantage in commuting since you don’t need to rely on taxis or public transport to move around. The city is full of well-constructed bike routes that can take you anywhere, and most places also offer the option to rent or buy a bike to make the process even easier.

The Glenrock State Conservation Area is an infamous bike route that leads to Glenrock Lagoon: a beautiful freshwater coastal creek.

Coffee Paradise

Whether you require a classic cold-press or something fancier like a latte, you’re sure to find the best coffee fix within a short walking distance from wherever you are in Newcastle.

Of the multiple cafes that adorn the beautiful city, there are two that you must visit at all costs; One Penny Black and Good Brother Espresso Shop. 

One Penny Black 

Locals adore the One Penny Black cafe, and for a good reason. The coffee is incredibly rich in flavour, while the shop’s ambience provides optimum comfort with the laid-back and minimalistic aesthetic.

Good Brother Espresso Shop

If you want the best quality coffee with some great company and aura, you must visit the Good Brother Espresso Shop on King Street. The homely yet professional set-up is just fantastic, while the regular music nights and game nights allow for the perfect opportunity to enjoy the friendliness of the locals.

Excellent Wine Region

The city of Newcastle is notorious for Australia’s oldest wine-production valley, The Hunter Valley. The 7-hour trip from the city is the most remarkable wine tasting experience ever. 

With 150-odd wineries in the region, you will taste the best wines of impeccable quality and be provided with the perfect pairings to go along with your wine, such as chocolates and cheese. Of course, you’ll also be able to enjoy a wonderful feast to end the day properly. 

Rich In Culture 

Being one of the oldest cities in Australia, Newcastle is rich in culture and history, dating back to 1804. The fascinating historical landmark is Fort Scratchley, with its depiction of the city’s history. 

The solid structure of the fort protected the entirety of New South Wales during World War II. The first European coal mine in Australia was built here. The fort was also one of the first to have gun installations in the country. Guns are fired at 1 pm every day before the fort is opened. Best of all, entry is free as it has been re-decorated as a museum. 

The Best Markets

Every weekend, the locals set up the most incredible markets in the city. These markets are abundant with fresh, handmade goods encapsulating the area’s whole charm and appeal. 

Olive Tree Markets

Established in 2008, the Olive Tree Markets are one of the biggest in the city for art and design, making them ideal for buying excellent handmade souvenirs. This place provides the optimum platform for local artists to showcase their many talents.

Since its launch, the market has supplied around 800 stallholders to entertain tourists with their impeccable art and food. 

Hunt And Gather Markets

The Hunt & Gather Markets will excite you tremendously with the gourmet food trucks, live music sessions, and incredible surroundings if you’re more of a food and entertainment person. Stalls are abundant with unique, eye-catching souvenirs with unbeatable quality.

The beautiful location has lots of greenery and a lively yet peaceful vibe. 

Newcastle City Farmers Markets

You must visit the Newcastle City Farmers Markets to enjoy the wealthiest wines and the best-cooked meals for impeccable food and wine experience. Whether you wish to taste the most refined city’s fresh produce or need an excellent, high-quality feast, you’ll find just about everything here. 

Most stall-holders are the farmers that grow the produce that feeds the city, giving you a chance to interact and learn from some very skilled individuals. 

Newcastle Beach
Newcastle Beach

Incredible Beaches Of Newcastle

It is impossible to properly enjoy the city’s gifts without mentioning the beautiful beaches of the area. They’re known as a few of the most mesmerizing beaches in Australia, along with some of the most aesthetically pleasing ocean pools.

Newcastle Beach 

Newcastle beach is close to the city centre and is famous for being one of the best surf locations in Australia. Whether you want to take a dip after a long day or ride the waves as much as your heart desires, this is the ideal spot. 

Merewether Ocean Baths

If you’re more of a calm waters person, make the trip to Merewether Ocean Baths, the largest in the entire Southern Hemisphere. They’re free for entry and are regularly maintained for the best visiting experience possible. Different ocean baths for deep diving and shallow swimming are present to cater to everyone.

bogey hole ocean bath
Bogey Hole Ocean Bath

Bogey Hole

One of the fascinating natural wonders in the country is Bogey Hole, a naturally formed ocean bath carved within rocks. The locals urge all visitors to go for a swimming session here due to its unique and surreal experience.

The size and the shape are ideal for casual swimming, while the strong waves allow for fresh water and an adrenaline rush.


Is A Trip To Newcastle NSW Expensive?

Newcastle is significantly cheaper to visit than other major cities such as Sydney while providing a memorable vacation experience with endless beautiful sights. The average daily cost per person comes to around $79, including food, transportation, and accommodation. 

Is Newcastle NSW Safe To Visit?

Newcastle is quite a safe city, with exemplary cleanliness and scenic beauty. Extra security officials are posted near pubs and bars every weekend to avoid drunken brawls. The city is overall relatively calm and laid-back. 

What Is Newcastle NSW Most Famously Known For?

Newcastle NSW is famous for its coal exports. It is the largest coal exporting harbour in the world.


Newcastle is one of Australia’s most beautiful cities. Visit one of the wonderful beaches or get a taste of some fine wine, you’d be surprised to see the variety the city has to offer. With outstanding monuments and vibrant sceneries, it’s the perfect travel destination for your next trip!  

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