What Is There To Do In Albury In The Winter

In Albury, you can easily keep yourself entertained throughout the year. Just because the weather is slightly colder doesn’t mean you need to sit inside and stare at your walls. The city offers several possible activities for you to do to make the most out of your winter!

In winter, you can visit Albury’s famous lookout spots to view some mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets. You can also grab a look at natural attractions like Wonga Wetlands which transform over the winters. If you prefer indoor activities, then you can pay a visit to some lively bars or fun art centres.

The Winter season is not even remotely restrictive when it comes to Albury’s bustling life. Be it exploring the artistic history of Albury or marvelling in the winter sun, there are several things you can do that cater appropriately to your mood and the weather

Activities In Albury In The Winter 

Watch The Winter Sun

Albury is famous for its many lookouts that are known to offer a view that encapsulates the beauty of the entire city. One of the most memorable sights you will ever experience is the winter sun rising from the mountain peaks and the glittery sunrays diffusing through the cold morning mist.

That is why we’ve listed some of the city’s most beautiful and famous lookouts for you to visit and enjoy the full viewing experience of the winter scenery. 

Eastern Hill Lookout 

From the Eastern Hill Rotary lookout just off East Street Albury, you can almost see the entire city. You get an excellent view of almost every landmark in the city, from the Lame Hume to the Murray River and the Tabletop Range. 

The Murray River is surrounded by river red gum trees to the east, extending to the Mungabareena Reserve. In early winter, the giant Poplar trees at the edges of Mungabareena Road display the most stunning hues of yellow. 

Huon Hill Parklands

Huon Hill, 263 meters above the Murray floodplains, is a stunning lookout point with a panoramic view of the city. The hill provides magnificent views of Lake Hume, the Kiewa Valley, the Alpine region, and the entire city of Albury. In winter, you can see the Kosciusko and the Bogong High Plains adorned with ethereal white snow.

The walking track is excellent for warming up during a cold day, while the excellent picnic setups, warm shelters, and barbecues make for an ideal hangout spot. 

Winter In The Wonga Wetlands

Wonga Wetlands, situated on the Murray River floodplain, is a wondrous sight throughout the year. The landscape is breathtaking and ideal for bushwalking or trekking. The scenery allows you to enjoy the surrounding wildlife and appreciate the canopy of river red gum trees.

In winter, the wetlands are swarmed with pelicans and swans, which add another breathtaking element to the scenery. The wetlands are open for visitors 24/7, so you can enjoy the many phases of the day unfolding at any time you please.

Warm-Up In A Bar

Unwind in perfect Albury fashion by walking into a bar and warming up with a classic glass of wine or some strong whiskey. There’s nothing better than cozying up with some friends over a handful of drinks to beat the chilly outdoor weather. Some of the beloved bars of Albury that you absolutely must try are the Two Fingers Bar and Public House.

Two Fingers Bar

Whether you desire a strong glass of whiskey to get your blood pumping in the evenings or you just require a quick caffeine fix to start your day, Two Fingers Bar is the ideal place to visit. With a selection of cocktails and wines, the bar hosts live music nights along with an open fire to ensure the visitors stay warm and entertained. 

Public House

With a homely and comfortable ambience, Public House is quite popular amongst locals due to its bright aesthetic and warm hospitality that will make you forget about the chill outside. The staff offers a wide variety of drinks to cater to every demographic, while the snack and lunch menu also remains unbeatable in taste and quality. 

Marvel At The Lights

Hosted at the Albury Botanic Gardens, the Aurora Albury is a light and sound show hosted in July. The area is lit up by dazzling lighting setups such as laser effects, interactive projections, mind-blowing holograms, spectacularly colourful glittering lights, and digital art setups.

The beautiful garden is lit up in a dozen different ways to highlight the trees, intricate pathways, and vibrant garden beds. It is the perfect winter festival to spark up your senses. 

Explore The Arts

If you’re more of an indoors person who prefers to stay inside in harsh weather conditions, you’re still in luck as Albury is also famous for its art, culture, and literature. The city proudly hosts several museums, libraries, and art galleries that you can visit. Two of the most famous venues include the Albury Library Museum and the Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA).

Albury Library Museum

The Albury Library Museum holds several awards for its impressive technological features, focusing on the city’s heritage, interesting interactive exhibits, and a seemingly endless collection of books and research material. 

The Library Museum hosts many treasured objects that hold years of sentiment. One such exhibit is the book, ‘Crossing Place: A Story of Albury’, which follows the timeline of the city from its origin to the present day. 

Murray Art Museum Albury

The Murray Art Museum Albury is one of the most frequently visited art museums outside of Sydney. It is famous for its creative and original setups that showcase the talents of some of the best local and international artists. 

The museum offers many services to make sure you remain engaged and have an optimized experience via guided tours, art lessons, workshops, artist lectures, and family activities. With free entry, it is the ideal place to get a break from the outside cold while sparking your inner artist and learning many new things. 


Are There Any Nearby Options For Ice Sports?

There’s a famous winter resort only a 1.5 hours drive from the city of Albury, called Falls Creek. The resort offers numerous winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, skating, and many more. The transport is quite cheap and there is a wide range of travel options. 

Are Winters Harsh In Albury?

Winters in Albury are usually cold, wet, and cloudy. The average daily temperature stays around 61°F, while the coldest temperature is usually in July, which drops as low as 39°F.

Is Albury Worth Living In?

Albury has one of the lowest costs of living and affordable property. It is also free of major traffic congestion. The people in Albury are quite welcoming, and the neighbourhoods are quiet and safe, so overall, Albury is a great place to live in. 


The city of Albury provides endless opportunities to enjoy your time not only in the summers but also in the chilly winters. Whether you wish to spend your time outdoors appreciating the many wonders of nature, or you want to escape the cold winds and enjoy some indoor time, you’re provided with many possible options to spend your time.

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