Does Incognito Mode Help To Save You Money On Flight

Save You Money On Flight

Whether trying to book a flight early or scouring through the internet for fare comparisons, we’re always trying to save money when we travel by air. One method that gained much fame for saving cash is booking flights through incognito mode, but does this trick actually work?

Incognito mode does not help you save money on flights. Airfares are incredibly volatile, the major factors contributing to the changing rates are the number of available seats and the demand for the given flight. 

There are several myths regarding how to save money on airline tickets. Some suggest you erase your cookies or browse incognito mode. Despite several attempts by professionals to dispel this rumor, many people still believe it.

Why People Think Incognito Saves Money On Flight

Fluctuations in airfares can be mind-boggling sometimes. Even if you understand the factors behind a price, there is never a convincing answer for why a ticket for a flight is now $700 when it was only $400 the other night.

Since the authorities don’t give us the exact reason, it has given rise to multiple myths about why prices fluctuate and how to avoid them before booking a flight. You might have heard of one particularly famous theory that states that websites track our travel searches and raise costs when we check for the same flight again. 

Some unauthentic websites and sources claim that by utilizing our internet browser’s incognito mode, you can appear on the airline website as a new user and receive a reduced ticket price. However, this claim is a complete myth, and there is no factual evidence to back this up. 

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But Don’t Airlines Access Your IP Address?

Yes, OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) routinely access your IP address, which is probably where part of this misconception arose in the first place. However, these agencies only access your IP address to determine your location so that they can provide you with the information in your language, not to alter rates depending on your recent searches.

Why Incognito Doesn’t Help You Book Cheaper Flights

If you’re still unconvinced, let’s discuss why incognito mode won’t help you book cheaper flights. This misconception has been around for some time but always fails when you scrutinize the idea with logic.  

Fares Are Constantly Updated

The most significant reason behind price fluctuation is that the average flight varies from 60-70 people daily, and airlines use complicated algorithms to regulate fares in response to the demand of that particular flight

Moreover, airline tickets are visible through hundreds of third-party websites, resulting in millions of individuals looking at the same flights at any given moment. That is why prices are updated regularly depending on the demand and the number of sales generated.

Web Searches Don’t Affect Price Rate

Airlines do not change the cost of their flights based on past web searches. If they did, they wouldn’t be in business for too long. It is not the searches that affect the price rates but the bookings themselves. The more bookings there are, the higher the prices will shoot up. That is why prices are high, especially during the holiday season. 

2 Common Myths When It Comes To Saving Money On Flight 

There are multiple misconceptions about saving money while booking plane tickets. Going incognito on your web browser is only one of them. The chances are that you’ve come across numerous other myths and have blindly trusted them without investigating their truth. 

Read on more as we debunk two of the most common myths out there: 

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1. Websites Can Accurately Predict Prices

Price prediction websites are just making informed guesses based on the previous pricing. Don’t place too much faith in their forecasts. A surge in demand can cause the price of a ticket to rise above its original range. Therefore, any website that suggests you wait until the prices fall is often misleading. 

2. Booking On A Tuesday Is Cheaper

Several years ago, some airlines offered flight bargains on Tuesdays, which other airline companies also copied. However, this practice is not very prevalent today. 

As we already fact-checked, airlines now employ dynamic pricing and machine learning to adjust their pricing continually. The algorithms consider various factors, including historical and present demand, weather, specific events, and so on. Therefore, booking a flight on a Tuesday is no different than booking a flight on any other day of the week.

How To Save Money On Flights

If you’re looking to save money on flights, then the best way to do that is to book in advance. The perfect time to book is four to three weeks before your trip’s date, but you should carefully check the pricing before buying a ticket. 

For tracking the prices, multiple automated tools can help guide you through this process, including Google’s Airflight toolOpens in a new tab. and Airfare WatchdogOpens in a new tab.. Here are the key features available in both tools: 

Google’s Airflight ToolAirfare Watchdog
Allows you to view the current flight pricing for a location quickly,Sends an email alert when the fares drop
You can search from multiple airports to determine the cheapest flight priceAllows you to compare flight deals
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Booking Directly With The Airport


What Discounts Can I Avail While Buying Flight Tickets?

American Airlines offer various discounts, including military, college students, group, and travel website discounts. To avail of the discounts,  they require your identification in the form of a college or military ID. 

Will Purchasing A Round Trip Give Me A Better Price?

This isn’t necessarily true for most airlines. Most low-cost airlines sell one-way tickets for half the price of a round-trip ticket. However, there are some exceptions where an airline will charge you less for a round-trip ticket. 

Will Booking Directly With The Airline Get Me A Cheaper Ticket?

Not only is this untrue, but it’s also an unwise decision if you’re low on budget. When you book directly with the airlines, you lose the ability to compare fares with another carrier that might offer you a much cheaper service. 


Going incognito on your web browser or deleting your cookies won’t help you get lower prices on a flight. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, always book early and compare the flight prices using online flight comparison tools. Have a safe journey

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