Is Perth Dangerous At Night?


You are finally free from work for a few days, and all you want to do is travel and explore a new city as part of your vacation. Surfing through multiple choices online, you find yourself mesmerized by the beauty of Perth in Western Australia.

However, before you start packing your bags and booking your ticket, you must be wondering whether the city is safe enough, especially at night. Let’s find out!  

For safety, at night in Perth, you should avoid the Armadale line, O’Connor, Osborne Park, and Victoria Park due to their high crime rates and frequent mugging reports. Also, be wary of Perth’s untamed wildlife which tends to come out when the sun goes down. Perth is mostly safe to travel to if you’re visiting crowded places and popular tourist spots during the daytime. 

Fret not, all of these dangers can be avoided by following some safety tips and steering clear of a few ‘shady’ areas at night in Perth. So, keep reading to find out what to look out for and how to stay safe in Perth.

Perth City
Perth City

How Dangerous Is Perth?

In general, Perth is a safe city – safer than Sydney and Melbourne, according to statistics. The crime rate in this city is also low, and therefore, there isn’t much you should be worrying about, especially during the day. 

When we talk about how safe it is during the night, there are a few warnings you should be alerted of before you decide to travel to the city. However, don’t worry, as almost every city becomes a little unsafe at night compared to the day, and of course, there are certain areas in every city you might need to avoid as a precaution. 

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a table of the possible dangers and the risks associated with each.

Perth Western Australia
Perth Western Australia
Travelling by Train and public transportMedium
Natural DisastersMedium
Terrorism Medium
Suburban AreasMedium
Poisonous AnimalsLow

List Of 5 Areas To Avoid In Perth At Night

Googling Perth brings up beautiful images of its skylights and metropolitan landscape, but that’s not to say that all of Perth is just as lovely. Every city has its share of dangerous locations that should be avoided at all costs, and as a tourist, you should be aware of these areas beforehand to have a pleasant experience. 

1. Armadale Line

Armadale is a neighbourhood in Perth that is regarded as exceedingly violent and crime-ridden; especially at night. In just 2022, Armadale reported 3395 crimes! The neighbourhood is so dangerous that the Armadale line, which takes passengers to Armadale, has long been considered Perth’s most violent and dangerous line with a high assault rate. 

2. Victoria And Osborne Park

These districts in East and South Perth are considered dangerous owing to crimes such as burglary, break-ins, theft, and car wrecks, which increase when the sun goes down. In 2022, Osborne Park alone had 813 criminal cases

Although people are taking measures to make these regions secure, it is still better not to visit, especially at night, if you are not a local who is familiar with the area.

Perth beach

3. Fremantle

Fremantle is a suburb in Perth that has unfortunately evolved into a crime hotspot over the years. It has the highest crime rate in Perth, with 3,413 incidents in 2022 alone! Hence, even if you’re travelling in a group, it’s best not to visit this area, especially at night time.

4. Northbridge

Northbridge has an extremely high crime rate and is known as Perth’s most crime-infested district. Unfortunately, this suburb has a history of attacks on women, murder, and other crimes, as well as frequent conflicts between competing street gangs and their rival groups. Even residents of Perth tend to avoid the area when it gets dark.

5. Midland

Midland is a very violent suburb in Perth known for its horrors of burglary and assaults conducted mostly at night. Even the Midland Railway Service, which takes passengers to and from the region, is deemed particularly dangerous and risky. The train is so unsafe that women have been reportedly stabbed while travelling alone at night! 

How To Stay Safe In Perth? 

From relaxing in the beautiful Swan Valley to admiring the beautiful architecture of Fremantle prison, Perth has various activities for a tourist to indulge in. However, it’s equally important to be safe and comfortable while exploring the city; which is why you should be wary of the threats mentioned below: 

Perth Station
Perth Station

Perth Public Trains

Even though during the day the trains of Perth are efficient in getting you from one place to the other, it is best to avoid travelling via trains at night, especially when you are alone. There have been some reports of fights breaking out in the trains at night, amongst other violent things.

Similar to what goes down in unsafe suburban areas, there is a risk of getting mugged or robbed on the trains at night.

Stick to taxis for travelling at night or use apps like Uber. Furthermore, try to travel in groups and avoid travelling alone at night.

Perth kangaroo
Perth Kangaroo

Wildlife In Perth

Perth is known for its wildlife, including the kangaroos, possums, and wombats. At night, the city gets cold, and these wildlife animals tend to come out on the roads to sleep and roam around. If you are driving around at night, it is very likely one of these animals will come in your way, in which case you can get into an accident and harm an animal in the process.

Your best bet is to avoid driving at night, especially since you are a tourist and unaware of the roads and animals there. However, in the unfortunate instance that you do hit something, rush it to the vet as soon as possible, or call the local rescue service.


Can I Take My Pets To Perth?

Yes, you can! However, do not take them out at night, for their safety. There are certain wildlife animals, such as spiders and snakes, that can be poisonous to your pet. 

Can Poisonous Animals Harm Me?

Typically, poisonous animals steer clear of humans. They may attack other animals, like your pets, and are fatal to them.

Can I Visit The Suburban Areas In The Morning?

Yes, visiting all the areas mentioned in our article above is safe during the day.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Perth is a safer city than most, and the dangers you might encounter here are easily avoidable if you follow the safety tips associated with each. If you plan on visiting this beautiful place, simply avoid such unsafe spots and look for crowded tourist places instead. Happy Traveling!

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