Coral Reef Tours Hervey Bay

Coral Reef tours

The bay offers a range of activities that are great to see the wonderful coral reefs that surround Fraser Island.

Why not try fishing Fraser Island this great part of the coastline you can view these magnificent sights through the glass bottom boats that Hervey Bay has to offer, with a day or night coral viewing available you will be amazed, at the natural beauty of these pristine waters they also offer you.

Coral reef tours allow you to snorkel the reefs and feed these magnificent fish and view the wonderful sights of the turtles as they swim calmly around the waters with some of the boats offering a bbq lunch on the fantastic Round Island these viewings operate daily.

Boating the Coral Reef

Boating, long been the passion of many locals and tourists alike in Hervey Bay. This growing city started out as just that, a small boating and fishing village before it became a big name on the Queensland map.

For many, many years, people loved the simple settings of the Bay’s waters for fishing on the shore, and out in their boats.

There are many different types of fish, and many different popular spots to fish in around the Bay area. The famous Pier is one of the hottest spots you will find various people fishing on day and night.

A long pier well lit up, and with plenty of room to move and cast your line, it is no wonder so many people flock to the pier to catch a fish or two.

There are also several ramps that you can put your own boat in if you wish. Plenty of clear areas to load your boat to the waters, and plenty of secure parking to keep your vehicle safe whilst you are out on the waters.

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If you prefer to go with a fishing charter boat, there is also loads to chose from. Professional fisherman, who know the best spots in the Bay to take you so you are guaranteed a good catch whilst on your half-day or full-day tour out on the waters.


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