Hervey Bay Glass Bottom Kayak Tours

Hervey Bay Glass Bottom Kayak Tours

Hervey Bay Glass Bottom Kayak Tours

Here is something for the ocean lovers who enjoy kayaking! Hervey Bay Glass Bottom Kayak Tours, its a glass bottom kayak which enables you to paddle around the oceans viewing everything from the surface as well as from way beneath. These brilliantly designed kayak’s were well thought out for the adventure loving – ocean fanatics of today’s society.

Turtles, dolphins, dugongs, sea life and sting rays are all interesting marine life that you can expect to see on your kayaking adventure on board Hervey Bay Glass Bottom Kayak Tours. You really will enjoy the beauty that is that of the foreshores of Hervey Bay as well as sighting some very playful marine animals that will captivate and amaze you.

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The Kayaks are safe and fun for people of all ages. Children (assisted with an adult) will marvel at the fun the kayaking adventure brings as they too can join in for a paddle around the Bay and try their luck sighting some sea life.

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