Where Is The Best Level To Stay On A Cruise Ship?

Vacationing on a cruise ship is not a cheap venture, as it can cost you thousands of dollars. Everyone dreams of going on a cruise ship voyage, but only a handful are aware of which things they need to consider while planning their trip.

While there are many things, you need to consider while booking your cabin on a cruise ship, the most important one has to be at which level you book your cabin. 

Top levels are undoubtedly the best level to stay on a cruise ship, and there are many reasons why that is the case. Aside from the fact that you get the best views from the top level, it is also where the best cabins and suites are located. Also, the top level offers endless amenities, some of them being free for top-level passengers. 

Although the top level is the best level to stay on a cruise ship, the rest of the levels also have their own unique plus point – it all depends on your needs and expectations. When you are booking your cabin, you have to consider multiple things which are essential and vital to you.

So, let’s dive into which level is the best level to stay on a cruise ship, both generally and if you have any specific requirements.

Best Level To Stay On A Cruise Ship

Cruising is a unique form of traveling as it differs significantly from more common modes of transportation, like driving a car, riding a bus or train, or even boarding a plane. As such, it is important to determine the level which is ideal and suitable to your needs.

However, if you don’t have any specific requirements or budget constraints, then opting for a top-level cabin can be a very favorable choice. Let’s look at why that is the case.

You Get The Best Views

Cruise ships are meant for vacationing, relaxing, and enjoying nature. Particularly, if you are a sea lover and prefer the view of the sea over spa treatments or playing games, then staying on the top level is a decision you will never regret.

No matter where you are standing, whether it be the bow or the stern, the mesmerizing views will leave you speechless.

Staying on the top level gives you easy access to the upper deck. The upper deck is usually situated on the top level and is the biggest deck on any ship. So if you feel cooped up in your cabin and want to get some fresh air or just want to appreciate the sea at its fullest, then going to the upper deck is the best option. 

Best Cabins To Stay In On a Cruise Ship

The top level has the best cabins of any cruise ship. These cabins are mostly suites that are perfectly curated to enhance the stay of the guests. The major perk of staying in a top-level suite is having a large balcony.

Instead of going to restaurants or eating in your bed, you can enjoy a private breakfast with your partner on the balcony while also appreciating the views.

Furthermore, when you wake up in the morning, you get to have the best possible view of the ocean right from your bed.

Suites are known for having the softest, comfiest, and most cozy beds. The mattresses used in suite beds are top-quality mattresses and only high thread count bed sheets are used to increase their quality.

Most of the suites give multiple pillow options, including the feather one, which helps in making your stay as relaxed as possible.

Top-level cabins have the best bathroom you will ever see. If you have never been on a cruise ship, you might think that cruise ships have small bathrooms, just like trains, but that is not true. In reality, top-level cabins on cruises have highly functioning bathrooms with separate showers, bathtubs, toilets, and bidets. 

Endless Amenities

Cruise ships are full of amenities. On every level, you will find different restaurants, lounges, or decks, but the top level has the best of the best. First of all, in many cruises, staying on a top level makes you eligible to use different amenities of the ship free of charge.

While the other guest will be paying for them, you will not have to pay a single penny to use these amenities. 

The amenities may include state-of-the-art fitness centers, executive lounges, couple spas, private pools, etc. Top-level guests can book their spa treatments and private pools. Since these amenities are privately booked, you can have the most relaxing, comforting, and special experience with your friends and loved ones.

Top-level guests are most of the time allowed to use these amenities for free, but if in some cases they are not, they are given exclusive access as guests from the other levels are not allowed to use these facilities.

Although the top level has a lot of luxury and comforts, the amount charged by these facilities is quite high when compared to the facilities on the low level of the cruise ship.

Best Level To Stay On A Cruise Ship On A Budget

The top level of the cruise ship is generally the most expensive one, as it has the best cabins, including suites. However, if you want to stay on a cruise ship but have a tight budget, then rather than staying on the top level, opt for the mid-levels. 

One of the reasons mid-levels are cheaper is that they have cheap rooms. You get to have all the facilities a cruise ship cabin has but at an affordable rate.

Yes, there will be a few drawbacks; for instance, a smaller bed, a smaller balcony or not at all, smaller and compact bathrooms, etc., but this doesn’t mean that you miss out on any amenities because most of them are offered to mid-level guests as well.

Mid-level also has more family-friendly activities, such as free pools, arcades, cinemas, and in some ships, even live performances. These activities are more fun and, at the same time, cost you less than the ones at the top level.

Moreover, the restaurant and bars in mid-levels are more casual, with an affordable selection of food and drinks. 

Best Level To Stay On A Cruise Ship For Privacy Lovers

If you are not a big social person or value your privacy, then staying on a cruise ship can be quite a pickle. It is very difficult to find quiet spots on a ship as thousands of people are on board. Luckily, every cruise ship has a few low levels, which people normally do not prefer. 

People generally dislike low levels as they have smaller cabins with small or no windows. Now this might not be an ideal room for someone, but for those who prefer privacy, then staying on the low level is the best option.

Another benefit of staying on a low level is that you can get to have less foot traffic in the hallways, as there are very few to none of the amenities and facilities on the level. 

The added bonus benefit of staying at a low level is that you get to pay less for these cabins. Given that low levels are undesired by most of the guests, they are significantly cheaper than the other levels.

Also, if you are an older couple and don’t like waiting in line for elevators, then staying on the low level is perfect for you, as most of the time, you don’t even need to take a lift to your deck. 

Best Level To Stay On A Cruise Ship For Pool Lovers 

If you love swimming or just enjoy having a drink in a jacuzzi, you have to stay on the levels with free pool access. The pool deck, also known as the lido deck, can be located on any of the levels, but most of the time, it is located on the top level of the ship.

The pool is free for all guests, but you have to make sure about it as some ships charge separately for their pools. 

So, the “water babies” who start their day by jumping into a pool should stay on the top levels of the cruise ship. This will allow them to access the pool before anyone else, as other guests will have to take the busy elevators to the topmost level.

Since you will be staying on the top level, you can access the pool within minutes of your cabin.

Best Level To Stay On A Cruise Ship If You Have Motion Sickness

If you have motion sickness, then traveling can be a bit of a problem for you, especially if you are traveling on a ship. Cruise ships tend to move a lot in the ocean because the deeper the ocean gets, the stronger the current is. 

To avoid getting motion sickness on your cruise trip, always stay in the mid-level. The Mid-level is closer to the pivot point and has reduced rolling and swaying motion. This does not mean that you will not feel any swaying motions only slight ones. 

Never book your cabin near the bow or the stern. Both of these points are situated at the most end tip of the ship. That means they have a larger distance from the pivot point and have increased swaying motion. So, to avoid motion sickness, always stay in a mid-level cabin which is located in the center of the level.

Best Level To Stay On A Cruise Ship For Older-Aged Passengers

As people get older, it gets harder to climb stairs or stand in elevators. This can pose a serious problem if they wish to visit a cruise ship as they are almost always multi-leveled, forcing you to climb various flights of stairs.

That is why the best level for old-aged passengers is the base level. The base level is the level you’re on when you board the cruise ship. Since their rooms will be right there, they won’t ever need to use the stairs or elevator.

They can obviously explore the rest of the ship, but that is up to them and not mandatory. This can drastically increase the accessibility of cruise ships for older individuals.


Which Level Is Best For Sleeping On A Cruise Ship?

Mid-levels are the best ones to stay on when it comes to sleeping on a cruise ship. It is because the top level has the most sway in the ship, whereas the low level has a lot of noise from the engine.

The mid-level has the least sway motion and significantly lower engine noise which is why they are the best ones to sleep on. 

Which Balcony Has The Best View On A Cruise Ship?

The rear-end balconies have the best view on a cruise ship. Located at the ship’s rear end, these balconies have the most scenic, mesmerizing, and undisturbed view. Furthermore, the rear-end balconies also have extra space, which none of the balconies have.

So, always choose a rear-end cabin to enjoy the views and extra space.

Is It Safe To Sleep On The Balcony Of A Cruise Ship?

Yes, it is safe to sleep on the balcony of a cruise ship. Although there are no rules which prohibit guests from sleeping on the balcony, the management usually advises the guests against sleeping on the balconies. However, we hope this should go without saying that you should not try this.

Final Thoughts 

Every level on the cruise ship has its significance. Some of them are best for enjoying views, whereas some of them have the least sway. The topmost level is hands down the best level to stay on a cruise ship, but it is vital to choose the level which is perfect for your needs and personality and, at the same time, fits into your budget.

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